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 "Hello there..we are just a wondering group of friends trying to get out of the city we don't mean any harm"-LUTHER

"To say this is a weird encounter is not far of from true but it's not like were an easy pill to swallow"-ZACK

"Shut up zack not the time you twit"-ALEX

Whilst they were muttering to each other and luther was trying to communicate the group just stood silently.Guns and bows on the ready which showed they had also been doing some midnight looting of the shops.

Finally a man in his mid-forties spoke to two of the younger men"Go take their supplies"-?

"Yes sir"-?

"Well this is nice"-ZACK

"I hope they eat you"-ALEX

"Nah that's more of Bob's style ain't it bo-"-ZACK

Zack turned to what he thought would be Bob next to him only to find nothing which he found strange since he was very hard to miss.

"Hey luther"-ZACK

"Not the time zack-LUTHER

"It is trust me"-ZACK

"What is it then and hurry this isn't exactly a meet and greet"-LUTHER

"Wheres bob?"-ZACK

"What do you mean hes right there..Alex where the hell is bob?"-LUTHER

"How should I know hes yours not mine!"-ALEX

Whilst this was all happening bob was currently sticking his finger in an ant hill which he saw from the window.Before they left and decided to investigate the strange mound in the ground which had hundreds of ants pouring in and ount of their mini-kingdom.

Sadly the ants didn't feel the same curiosity as Bob and where quickly shomping on his thick zombie finger.Luckily bob not only couldn't feel the pain but also couldn't care since they weren't exactly piercing the skin.


"Holy shit we need to get this sorted now or else were gonna get a 7ft zombie rampage and an arrow in our faces!"-ALEX

"Oi..what's with all the bloody talking"-?

"We were just wondering who you are we don't even know your names kind sir"-LUTHER

"Well guess it won't kill us..my name is reynold and lead this group of young men and women"-REYNOLD

"Well reynold my name is luther and these two are zack and Alex and as we said we just want to leave the city we mean no harm"-LUTHER

"Oh really is that why your eyes are brighter the my teeth and purple at that..don't play stupid boy I know what I'm doing and I can tell a lie when I hear one"-REYNOLD

"Ur..well we do admit we may be slightly different than the rest but we do truly want to leave peacefully"-ALEX

"Sir they just have some canned food and equipment but they also have two ps4s and some other random pieces"-?

"Good job alright give them they're stuff they may be a bit weird but we've seen weirder and you Lot can lower your weapons they ain't harming us."-REYNOLD

"Thank you very much we are sorry for the misunderstanding:?"-LUTHER

"No problem it ain't all bad we haven't see much of what you could call friendly faces around here"-REYNOLD

"Thanks also may I ask something"-ZACK


"Were you apart of the militray?"-ZACK

"Ha ha good eye on ya boy yes I was apart of the sas but that was way back but yea I managed to leave my house with my life.So I went to the nearest military outpost to only find those two lads over there left so I bought them back to the city and started helping people."-REYNOLD

"Oh wow that's amazing the sas you must of been the big balls of your group but why are you wearing camouflage in the city it's kinda usless"-ZACK

"Well we can still hide in some parts and it helps us know who's who and helps with the zombies if you get the right paint and guts on ya. But it's just an extra layer of security and it keeps people calm and safe even if it doesn't physically protect them."-REYNOLD

"Can I ask you aswell..what's with the eyes and the zombie"-REYNOLD

Now this was a topic that would be hard to explain without seeming crazy and evil or any of the above but It would still be bumpy.

"Well first the zombie is absolutely harmless and his names Bob"-ALEX

"As for our eyes i touched a weird plant and got them and then gave these two them aswell I know it sound ridiculous but I swear it's true and if your lucky you might be able to find one"-LUTHER

"Wow that would be very nice but I doubt it's just given to you also what do you get from it beside a giant zombie named bob?"-REYNOLD

"Well I don't know about consequences but I guess their rare and you can kinda control plants and it make you stronger and faster that's kinda it and also bob came with the package"-LUTHER

"You know its weird how I used to work for the goverments best and I didn't even know this but dame I can't lie I would mind grabbing one if I can maybe it can put a couple years on me if I'm lucky"-REYNOLD

"Why are you so accepting aren't you a bit distrustful of us"-ALEX

"well your right in front of me so i can believe it and knowing those assholes up top they probably made the apocalypse on purpose but it's not like I can disprove you but I'll admit its weird."-REYNOLD

"Thank you reynold your very kind and brave man to not only trust us but accept aswell especially bob"-ZACK

"Just because there's no more civilization doesn't mean we need to become animalse there's still family out there who needs help"-REYNOLD

At that moment the big green lump came by the corner and over to the group with a few ants crawling over his arm.


"What the hell were you doing?"-ALEX


"Jesus christ hes gonna kill us"-ALEX

"He's just curious at least he isn't attacking random people"-LUTHER

"So then bob this is reynold his a nice man say hi"-ZACK



The group just kinda stood there looking at the huge zombie and the three glowing eye guys whilst whispering to each other.

"Well then I think this is our time to leave its was lovely to meet you I hope we can again and make sure to keep safe"-LUTHER

"Oh yes well i do hope you will be ok and if your ever in need of help do come i heard from some wanders that.Groups of criminals and that lot have started causing some damage so watch out for them on your way."-REYNOLD

"Ues well once again thank you and well be going now so see ya"-LUTHER

After there last few conversations was over and the two groups left the three musketeers and Bob went back home.

"Hey luther"-ALEX

"Yea alex"-LUTHER

"Why did you tell them so much isn't it dangerous"-Alex

"You were kinda spilling the secret information"-ZACK

"Oh that's just simple because if were lucky and they like us enough they can join or allie with us and if they do find a plant.In a way they owe us a favor for the information and also it's good to help them with some knowledge and show them were not to be messed with.Aswell overall it's better for us if we can get someone from the military with powers on our side and it's not like we didn't get anything from it"-LUTHER

"Yea I'm not to thrilled about those groups forming but its was bound to happen but it's not like we told them about the zombies or our own group"-ZACK

"Well ethier way today's been along day and we need to pick the ants of Bob's arm and get back to base"-ALEX