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 Once the Connor situation was over Zack,Luther and Alex quickly went towards the gates.Once they reached the gate,zack quickly shouted to the gate guard to open the gates.

"is it just me or is it all happening so quickly?"-ALEX

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"it's the apocalypse ofcource we'd be playing on a faster game"-ZACK

"well anyway does anyone know how long it will take on foot?"-LUTHER

"probably 3 hour more or less so we can get to the city with some daylight left"-ALEX

They continued to walk further away from the gate as they continued to talk until they came upon a familiar friend.


Next to a tree with a sparrow nest laying inbetweenb two branches was Bob who was staring at the little birds and it's mother who surprisingly didn't attack Bob.

Bob slowly turned to see his master and his friends and gave his usual "rahw"

"we didn't know you were out here so do you want to come to the city with us we could use the extra muscle"-ZACK

Bob quickly took one last look at the birds and quickly followed the guys which would look ethier.Very scary or weird with 3 guys with glowing bright eyes and a 7ft bulky zombie walking behind them.

Lucky for Bob as they began walking off the little sparrows gave him a quick cherp as a send of on his new journey.

The three mutaters and Bob walked through the forest they each took the time to talk.About what they use to love and wanted again like the sadness of never seeing the new jhon wick or being able to eat burgers and ice cream.

"i..ce.ur..crem?"- BOB

"hm..oh yes Bob what about ice cream?"-ALEX

"w.hat..is..iccrem?"- BOB

"ha well Bob ice cream is a treat that you can eat and is really good sadly though i don't think there will be any left..sorry"-ALEX

"Well maybe if were lucky we can make it ourselves I mean all you need is like cream and milk and I guess a freezer or ice"-ZACK

"kind of but not quite anyways we need to get back on track and get what we need"-LUTHER

"well first it's to check on the city's itself and how it's held up over the last year and check the the zombies over there."-ALEX

"why should we care about them?"-ZACK

"well just in case they can't get anymore food eventually they will find other places to get food and so that we can see if there is anyone we missed cleaning up the city."-ALEX

"oh ok cool so surveillance then"-ZACK

"sure anyways the second is food and supplies that's left and clothes and parts we can use for machine.Which could also involve us getting some cars if we can and maybe some seeds so we can grow more food and have more sustainability."-ALEX

"yea well sadly we didn't have enough money to think long term but hey at least one good things about all this is the collapse of all currencys right."-LUTHER

"that's true we might be able to take a couple ps4s and play some games"-ZACK

"I doubt the servers would still be up zack"-LUTHER

"yea but we could still get loads of dvds and watch them on it or can use it's parts"-ZACK

"he's got a point there we could use it as a form of entertainment and can boost evryones mood"-ALEX

"alright fine we can pickup two on the way there but don't forget this isn't a trip we may have these powers.But were not the only one's there could still be groups out there bigger than ours with ten to a hundred of them out there.We don't even know how many let alone what else changed in the world so just keep it in mind this isn't a playtime"-LUTHER

"jeez yes Mr Cameron always Mr Cameron"-ZACK

"ha ha just like in English"-ALEX

"oh yea that's so funny I'm dying"-LUTHER

"don't think you can mate sorry"-ZACK

"screw off"-LUTHER

After pointlessly messing around on their journey they finally made it to their destination in which they could see the ruins of a once great-ish city of England.Even the Poundland wasn't saved from all the carnges and savagery that befalled the city.

The boys quickly walked through the emprety streets and piercing the heads of a few start zombies.They didn't see any worth while places except for Alex's old home which was literally just ash and shame.

Luckily however they quickly found an unused trolly which the comandered for there trip.And quickly went over to each store and smashing all the shelved items into the trolly.

Which they then was told off by alex with even Bob getting ear full then quickly taking them out of said trolly.Then finally having to kill all the zombies that came over from all the noise which was very fun.

"you guys trully don't even realise it's the apocalypse do you"-ALEX

"what do you mean it's naturally were like this unlike others we have the strength to behave how we want and don't have to worry I mean most guys out their can't even walk outside but with our powers it's like nothings changed and Christ with Bob here it's like having a wwe wrestler with you I mean just look at him."-ZACK


"I think he trying to act edgier impressed or flattered I can't tell but he's true we've changed wether we like it or not but it just comes with the job"-LUTHER

"maybe anyways are we done here we've been here for like five hours can we go now my feet hurt and Bob keep stoping every five seconds to look at a stray cat or ant"-ALEX


"sure sure let's just go over to the survival store and pick up some supplies and if were lucky maybe we can get some gear"-LUTHER

"ok guys let's roll"-ZACK

They walked out the story while chatting put were quickly shocked to find twelve people surrounding them with guns and bows pointed at them with odd paint over them.

"oh shit!"-ALEX

"well this is new"-ZACK

The men and women quickly signals them to leave their supplies while they look down the barrels of scopes and arrows.

"um..we come in peace?"-LUTHER