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 There were twelve explosion which destroyed the whole formation of the Iron boar gang bandits. there were only 20 something bandit bodyguards in which because of explosion, 12 bandits were already missing as they were sent flying into air because of explosion of boars. Originally this type of explosion wasn't considered scary because when someone brakes the crystal, it will release all it's energy into atmosphere and that would be it, but because of fire attribute Spritual crystal inside the Black boars which exploded inside the bodies of the boar and then this fire came contact with biogase inside the stomach of the Boars which were fed the food of pigs, Fire energy ignited the biogase inside their bodies and upon having no way to go out for the gases happen to blast their way out! this method only worked on those Boars! Ace was also able to make an explosive out of the Spritual crystal just because it was fire attribute.

Ace stopped after killing few of the boars as he saw the boar army retreating into the Forrest. he had his fun and since enemy was retreating, he didn't want to kill anymore and he was also excited about the cultivation technique he found.

Alice soon scanned the book and he found out that the technique was called Vermilion Mammoth Technique and was incomplete according to Alice because in the introduction it said that this technique was able to be cultivated up to Spirit Master level but this technique also stated that there were many levels after spirit Master level.

Unfortunately Ace wasn't able to start reading it right away as there were people waiting for him to make the move. Xiong Kong had already seen the blue sword which was hanging from Ace's back and his eyes were bloodshot. Kong knew that his son had died because he had a Bronze soul badge which was connected to his son's soul and when his son died, the badge broke which notified him of his son's death. he was going to question that wen Hui when he suddenly saw Ace killing all those boars and noticed the blue sword on his back. Xiong Kong was instantly consumed with rage as he unleashed all his Spritual power in his body to make it stronger. He looked like a bull, ready to charge as he charged towerds Ace with a mad roar. " I'll kill you! "

Ace looked at the incoming fellow as he was able to hear warning of Alice.

[ Master, his body has higher amount of spritual energy than Xiong hu and it seems to be making him stronger by the second, this will later harm his body but he strong enough to breakthrough the Juggernaut's armor. ]

Ace carefully held his sword in nervousness and he had already ordered his Juggernaut armor to be on standby. He wanted to kill this guy with his own strength!

Xiong Kong's whole body was red as wen Hui and fairy Dai were both shocked because of this because this technique was called Berserk Bull limit Breaker. This technique would allow user to break the limit of his body and give him explosive strength for a short time but it would also injured the body.

Ace looked at Kong who reached him in a split second as Ace was hit by Kong's head squarely in chest and was sent flying. Kong roared again with his eyes turning completely red. " You killed my son! I'll kill you! Aaaah! " Kong had only one son whom he was nurturing to become next gang leader. He was also ready to kill a cultivator like Wen Hui to get a chance for his son to set foot into the world of cultivators but now it was all over because of Ace.

Ace coughed mouthful of blood as he cursed while flying through the air " F*ck! it hurts! " it wasn't that he was unable to dodge, in face he could've killed Kong when he was just about charge at Ace if he wanted to but Ace was determined to not take advantage of his machines in this fight as from birth he was pampered like a prince and didn't get to experience much of the pain. he knew that this new world was harsh and the earlier he got used to enduring pain and taking hits, the further he would be able to go on the path of cultivation as well as conquering this world.

Ace was sent flying through the Forrest while he hit few of the trees as the first tree he collided with directly snapped from the impact and second tree absorbed the impact which was completely bent and broken as Ace fell down besides the tree with a bleeding nose and mouth. Ace didn't thought that different between his strength and that of a cultivator of this world would be this big.

Ace quickly took a strange pill the size of an infant's fist which was called Nano R 99. it was red coloured and it's function was to provide raw material to those nano bots working on repairing his body tissue. Here 99 referred to the amount which was usable to Nenobots and this was 99% pure pill which was able to as much mass to his body which was sufficient to grow his hand back even if it was cut off from his elbow.

His internal injuries were slowly healing and his pain was subsiding because of it. Ace looked at Xiong Kong who was still dizzy because he didn't expect Ace's body to be so strong and by hitting Ace with his head on full force, it was like crashing into sandbag with your head while running at full speed. His brain was jurked so hard that Xiong Kong needed some time to stablize himself. Kong looked over at Ace as he was still in rage and didn't wait for his blurry vision to stablize and attacked Ace again with his charge.

Ace smirked and looked at Xiong Kong " It's my turn now , Alice...." He lift his hand up and caught a huge metal gauntlet made of black iron. He had exchanged lot of meat in Huiju village and some of the poor families which didn't have money were given option to exchange with various metals for meat. he got several kilograms of this Black iron which he planned to shape into various things with his 3D printer. The first thing he made was this gauntlet made fully of that black iron. it was just like a boxing glove.

The muscles on Ace's hand bulged as he hit the already dizzy Xiong Kong squarely in head with his gauntlet.

* Pang!! *

The shockwave blew away all the leaves on the ground away as Xiong Kong's skull was broken. the tissue on his head was split open and Xiong Kong's skull was fully exposed. Unfortunately , this wasn't the end of it as another Loud sound rang soon after like a bell of death God.

* Pang!!! *

The First Fold of Seven fold fist!

The skull of Xiong Kong which was already cracked now burst open like a watermelon as his brain matter splattered everywhere.

Wen Hui was shocked!

Fairy Dai and her two bodyguards were also shocked and scared!

Even though people of earth were weak, but they were able to utilize their resources and beat back even scariest civilization and strongest of godly beats! This gauntlet was specially design by Ace with his Genius brain to Amplify the power of his punch which was a common tool in his universe developed to deal with Powerful beasts with little intelligent. when the fist collided with the body of the beast, the gauntlet would utilize the power of the shock produced by the impact and reflect it back along with user's own strength! Of course Ace wasn't able to make the perfect gauntlet because of low quality meterial and it was only able to reflect 36% of the impact force but it was enough to blast open Xiong Kong's skull. Pan took of the gauntlet which was a little heavy even for his strength and his had was also hurt because of the remaining strength that got through.

Fairy Dai and wen Hui now came out of hiding together as Fairy Dai looked at Wen Hui with a concerned look " Are you okey Mister Hui? " Wen Hui's face was now a shade of green while there were some blue spots on his face too. " Miss I won't be able to hold on much longer, take care of my family when I die..." He looked at fairy Dai as he sit down on ground and started suppressing the poison again as he didn't want to die yet.

Ace looked at this scene as he took out a blue pill from his bag " Here , maybe this can help. " It was a standard medicine to cure many kind of poisons in his universe and he had many containers of it in his space ship. he was able to get a handful of those pills from ruined cargo bay because at the time of high pressure space travelling , the container containing medicine supplies was broken but unless the ship was repaired and twisted rooms which were completely out of shape we're back into their original shape , he won't be able to retrieve rest of the pills.

Fairy Dai looked at the pill as she decided to give it to Wen Hui and she directly ordered through latter to swallow the pill. Wen Hui without questioning the decision of the Fairy Dai, quickly ate the pill.

" Miss Dai, what if the pill is ..." Fatty besides Fairy Dai spoke softly in Fairy Dai's ear. " Don't worry, Wen Hui was going to die already and if this guy wanted to kill wen Hui, he won't have to resort to using poison."

" Understood " Fatty said as he backed away a little.

Fairy Dai shrugged as she looked at Ace " Hello Brave warrior, I know that you aren't from around here. let me introduce my self properly this time, I am Feng Dai of the Fang clan which is ruler of the west part of the Mizo town, I hereby formally invite you to my clan as a guest " Fairy Dai smiled a little to show her sincerity in invite this strange warrior. This smile of the Fang clan princess was precious which couldn't be given to just anyone.