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 Ace was so exited that his hands were trembling! he finally got a martial arts skill! it was Sevenfold fist and it had seven stages in which he only understood the first stage where he needed to do a special kind of breathing to concentrate his inner strength into his hand. yes, it was a fist technique which utilize inner strength to stack the power of the fists.

Ace was able to understand first chapter because it was relatively easy and only required strong body to perform. " The first chapter which is called First fold as I need to use muscles of my hand in the pattern shown in this drawing to punch someone. hmm...." Ace was curious to try this method as he knew that it wasn't possible to stack a punch like this but he decided to try anyway as he made a fist with his hand and punched the tree while doing exactly same muscle moment as shown in the drawing.

His punch hit the tree and made a Thud sound as it moved the tree a little. he smirked as he was about to say that it didn't work when a mysterious energy from his muscles went into his fist and there came another thud sound which made the tree shake again!

Ace was completely Shocked at this discovery as he thought to himself " so when I entered this Universe and absorbed the Spritual force. my body also began to follow this universe's principals and now this miracle like thing can happen because of that? " he smiled as now he was relived that he would be able to cultivate normally in this world.

" Let's test this! I can learn this bit by bit then when I learn it to seventh stage, my power would be seven time multiplied! that's awesome! " he smirked as he looked at direction in which Xiong hu went and started chasing him. that guy had that sword which was made of unknown meterial and he might also have some techniques which he stole from his teacher which would be huge benefit for Ace.


Wen Hui was finally able to get rid of Xiong kong as he reached back to the place where Xiong hu and his Disciples were fighting before. he was determined to kill all those despicable bandits who dared to launch an attack on him but when he saw the scene at the Battlefield, he had his mouth wide open. there were bodies of the bandits all around the feild and half of the bodies were in pieces and half of the bodies were either split horizontally or vertically. He also saw some dead bodies which had a hole in their heads and their heads were also on fire.

" What kind of Battle took place here to kill all the 30 bandits? "

He first inspected bodies which were blasted apart as he determined that they were killed by some kind of explosive. he was able to tell that it was crude and simple but extremely effective! he then checked the bodies split in two as he determined the bodies to be split apart by an extremely sharp weapon. The thing which confused him the most was the last set of bodies which had injuries even he didn't know about. " This kind of wound?, could it be Flamming meteorite Finger? No, it won't have this kind of strength and besides the finger won't be able to kill them like this. There aren't any dead bodies of my disciples which means they are alive "

He sighed in relief as he coughed mouthful of black blood. the poison was a slow acting poison but was difficult to remove. Bandits were only able to get this kind of cheap poison to kill a low level cultivator like him.

Xiong Kong who was chasing wen Hui realized that he lost track of wen Hui and came back to where he left his men as he also anticipated that wen Hui would get there soon. Fairy Dai and other two were hiding nearby who were shocked to see that strange beast with the weird guy kill all those bandits who tried to escape with few yellow beams of fire which were able to even penetrate thick head gear of bandits and melt their brain inside out! that guy was a freak! They didn't know Ace's name but they now knew he was strong! " That person had a beast which is really strong, so be sure to not provoke him " Fairy Dai said to her two companions as both scar faced man and fatty nodded in unison.

Wen Hui was also hiding behind a huge rock and concentrating on stopping the poison in his body from spreading.

Suddenly they all saw Ace Running in their direction as he was able to see them all clearly even if they were behind the rock. He was running because He accidentally ran into The Iron Boar Gang which was responsible for collecting tax from the villagers and unexpectedly The Boar tamer Dong An who wanted to capture more boars to tame was out with his strongest force of boars and 20 bodyguards from iron boar gangs which were riding gray boars which were a size bigger than normal boars in the back which were following the group.

Dong An looked like a middle aged friendly Chinese neighbor uncle who would be always laughing , he was little Fat too as with his fat body and his Mounth which was a huge Red fat pig lot bigger than it's gray counterparts , he looked a little funny.

it was like a small army marching and Xiong hu directly ran into this group while running away from Ace where he was about to start his conversation with Dong An when Ace caught up to him and started fighting with him. Ace didn't care about the Iron boar gang as he had already made a plan to deal with them as he soon sliced the neck of Xiong hu.

Ace found out that this Xiong hu was even stronger than him who had his physic strethend by drugs because of simply being a half cultivator. Ace noticed only difference that Xiong hu's body had more Spritual force than his own and after scanning His body Ace found out that he had a cultivation Manual! Ace was so excited to find this out that he didn't even care about Iron Boar Gang and directly beheaded Xiong hu when the guy was distracted and though that he would survive and that Ace won't dare to attack in front of this bandit gang. He soon found out that he was wrong as Ace in front of Dong An, took the Manual as well as the blue sword and left in matter of seconds which stupefied all those bandits.

Dong An directly ordered his stunned bodyguards with a loud shout " You idiots! that guy had a cultivation technique! chase him and take that manual! " He also released a weird Oink sound which made the Boar army chase after Ace in large numbers.


As everyone was hiding nearby, Ace couldn't get further away because he would then won't be able to find these people next time he got far away from this place as he ordered Alice to hide the Juggernaut prime in lake again and this time he took out simple bow and arrows made of wood from the bag on his back. He made the bag from the skin of those black boars he encountered in the Forrest and also made all the kind different weapons suggested by Alice. He made a pickaxe, an Axe , a hammer and bow and 50 arrows while he was making the Titanium Sword.

Ace then smirked as he got on top of a rock and aimed at the boar army rampaging towerds him like a tsunami. He aimed at a gray boar which had a bandit riding on it as he fired the arrow, His shot was perfect as was able to see a hologram of a red bullseye on the belly of the boar. This was Alice which gave him exact position of spritual crystal in the boar's body. His shot was also accurate to the milometers for about 59 meters away as it wasn't a simple wooden bow but a composite modern style bow made of wood and tendons of a boar. It had a perfect design which was corrected to the perfection by the humanity. It wasn't the strongest design humanity came up with but he was able to make it shoot arrows accurately on the mark up to 150 meters, it's range was up to 500 meters and effective area of attack was in the radius of 350 meters.

Arrow directly drilled into the tough meat of boar and it's arrow Head which was as sharp as a injection Needle collided with the Spritual crystal in the boar's body which made the berserk Spritual force spreading in the body of the boar which directly exploded in the middle of the run! The poor bandit riding the boar was also blown away in an unknown direction while Dong An was scared stiff. " Wait! Wait! Waaaaait! Retreat! Run! " Dong An yelled on top of his lungs as every single Boar with Spritual crystal killed was huge loss to him. he didn't want his boars to die just like that, he knew he had encountered a huge Roadblock this time. he was shouting but non of his voice got through his subordinate which were busy charging towerds Ace and couldn't stop abruptly when a huge boar army was already behind them, they would be trampled to dead by their own tamed boars if they stopped mid charge. Dong An's pig Mount named Fatty Red which was so scared, it directly jumped high into air and got on top of other boars as it started retreating while jumping on the backs of boars under it's feet.

All of people watching this scene were stupefied because of the scene. Ace had an evil smile on his face as this shooting was no difference than popping those balloons in those Funfairs held in slum area. He wasn't allowed to use any technological aid and had to shoot a balloon only 10 meters away from him. " This seems to be a new technique for killing the beats with Spritual crystals in their bodies, I shall name it Exploding Pigs Technique! Hahahaha..."

[ Master your naming sense is too poor ]