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 Wen Hui was jumping from one tree to another when he heard sound of a huge explosion behind him. Xiong Kong was also startled because of this as he looked back to the area where his gang was fighting those three. he was worried about any hidden factors in this plans which might make this assassination fail but he then forced himself to calm down and thought to himself ' there are 34 of strongest bandits from the gang and my son is even a half cultivator now! they will be able to kill three normal kids easily! '

Xiong Kong glanced at Wen Hui who was running around in the Forrest seeking opportunity to strike as he smirked ' I only need to stop this guy from going far away and stall for time so that Poison can do it's work ' he smirked and sped after Wen Hui at even faster speed.

Fairy Dai was looking at the new guy who appeared out of no where with shock. this guy was insane! she was able to sense dense amount of spritual energy in the atmosphere after that explosion which can only happen after a Spritual crystal was destroyed forcefully. this guy used a Spritual crystal to kill a group of bandits! Extravagant! even those inner disciples from Misty pavilion won't use Spritual crystals like that!

Ace after splitting that guy with his sword in half was waiting for someone to attack but he noticed that each and every single person was frozen from shock. ' am I too handsome? why are you looking at me like that? ' he felt embarrassed as he was trying to be heroic here! attack me damn it!

" Uhm, this brother here, please don't kill us. Do you know miss Dai and the two gentleman here? " Xiong Hu said while looking at Ace.

Ace looked at Xiong Hu with a frown ' is this guy a retard? I just killed his gang member but he is being so polite to me? ' He shrugged as he looked at Xiong Hu and pointed his sword to his face " I am here to save those three weak people from you criminals. you dare to do such crimes in this Forrest in broad daylight? Come fight me and face my blade! " he said as he looked at Xiong Hu.

Xiong Hu looked at Ace completely horrified. ' Crap! this guy is one of those people who consider themselves righteous heros and is here to save those three people! I need to run or else this guy would join the three and then killing them would be impossible ' He though while giving Ace a horrified look " Mister please forgive us! please! we are poor people, it's so hard to survive in this Forrest. please don't kill us! we won't do this kind of thing again. "

Fairy Dai's face was twitching with anger as she looked those two actors. She clearly knew that Ace was trying to act but to this shameless Xiong Hu to play along made her even more mad. she would've just let her subordinates deal with the group but this newcomer was quite strong and was also extravagant to throw Spritual crystal to kill people! she must be careful with this maniac.

Ace looked at Xiong Hu as he hated this kind of people the most who ruined the mood. He was in the mood of slaughter but his enemies were cowards who won't dare to fight the strong and bullie the weak. He looked at fairy Dai and spoke while smiling " Miss you should leave, I'll handle this group of ruffians. Don't worry, not single person would chase after you. "

Fairy Dai looked at Ace as she smiled " No , mister I want to see you kill them. please? they even hurt my master so badly. please kill them. " she also was nervous that her Wen Hui would die before he can tell them his secret as she gave some kind of signal to the two people besides her and three of them went into the direction of Wen Hui and Xiong Kong.

Ace looked at them leaving and become even more frustrated. I was acting so that you can praise me but you just left, and this group of useless bandits won't even fight. He looked at Xiong Hu and remembered that this guy was previously studying under that Wen Hui guy.

he decided to kill first and ask later as he directly swung his sword towerds a nearby bandit who also noticed this attack and put his sword in front of him to party the attack but sharpness of the sword in Ace's hand was so sharp that it split blade in two and cut the bandits throat smoothly.

This attack alarmed all the bandits as Xiong Hu yelled on top of his lungs " Kill him! those three are not here anymore! we can avenge our brother! "

" Kill! ...."

" Die!!!..."

all the bandits attacked Ace from all the side and their coordination was pretty good. Ace was now facing three swords from nearby bandits and one arrow was fired from a bandit which was the only Archer survived after that blast. Xiong hu surprisingly ran away the moment he ordered his people to attack Ace.

Ace Held his sword horizontally and swiped towerds incoming chops from the bandits. his sword sliced through two swords.

* clang! *

he blocked the third sword with remaining strength in his arm after cutting off two swords. while doing that, He also saw the blur which was produced by Alice in his mind duck as he also followed the movement and an arrow passed from above his head with a swoosh sound.

Other bandits were still attacking as they failed to notice that third leader had already left them after yelling to attack. A tall bandit with a broad saber rushed forth and threw himself over Ace trying jump on top of Ace to crush him under his feet.

Ace looked at this tall person coming from side to jump on him and he rushed to the front where there was a bandit blocking his way as he hit the bandit's stomach with a jump and pin him down on ground. The tall guy landed on the previous position of Ace and started swinging his saber to attack Ace from behind.

Ace first killed the bandit pinned under him and as if he had eyes on his back, he put his sword on his back and he flat side of the sword as he feared that his sword would just cut the saber in two and remaining part of saber would hurt his back.

He the stood up repelling the attacks from bandits around him while spinning in a full circle with his sword which cut down three unfortunate bandits in chests. Ace was about to kick a bandit in chest when he noticed his blur moving and changing as he suddenly grabbed the bandit with his hand and pulled him close where an arrow suddenly shot through bandit's brain. the poor guy was killed by his own fellow bandit. Archer standing behind tree was also feeling quite miserable as one of his arrow missed and other arrow killed his own fellow bandit as he stopped shooting arrows and started looking for a good opportunity to shoot an arrow again.

Ace was now going all out as he looked at five bandits attacking him at the same time and his heart was running at full speed because of adrenaline. He took a step back and those bandits hit nothing but air. Ace was like a nimble snake which avoided every attack with well calculated step as after dodging the combined assault of five bandits, He jumped into air and send a downward chop towerds the bandit standing in the middle.

* Riiip! *

Again the bandits was cut in two after that slash. All the other bandits were now horrified because of this guy. they knew he wasn't a cultivator but he was a tough nut to crack! some of the bandits also noticed their boss had left and all of the bandits decided to flee one after another.

Ace looked at bandits fleeing as he hated this kind of situation the most. those despicable scums would run the moment they encountered some danger but he was prepared. he anticipated this and looked towerds the lake. " Alice, Do it "

[ Yes Master ] Alice said as a huge shadow emerged out of the nearby lake. It was Juggernaut prime! bright red light shone in it's eyes as a small slot on it's shoulder open up and the plasma gun locked down on on a bandit and fired!

* Zoom *

There came a beam of plasma from the gun which passed through several trees and directly fried the brain of the guy who was trying to escape, as his body fell down, his whole head caught fire.

this scene made even Ace frown as he sethed the sword in his hand while walking towerds a skinny bandit's dead body few meters away while sound of plasma gun firing and bodies dropping could be heard all around him. five bandits tried to run away but were killed including the Archer.

[ Power remaining - 99.99 % , Xiong hu's position is locked down. master do you want to follow? ]

" sure "

he searched the body of the bandit as he found an old book with gray pages and something was written on it in ancient Chinese language. It was translated by his eyes directly which said [ Sevenfold Fist ]. Only this guy had a book on him, other bandits were scanned by Alice like X ray as she didn't find anything useful on them, she also knew content of the book but Ace still decided to take this book with him.