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 Ace was surprised to see the change in his body. he searched many books on cultivation that were stored in his database but he didn't find any of the information about elements fusing with certain body part after achieving a breakthrough.

He certainly knew that the reason behind his body turning golden was because of fire and light attribute and his eyes transforming golden was also due to light element. He was about to busy himself in experiments when a notification broke his train of thoughts. there was another person caught sneaking around the wan gong mountain.

Alice soon explained the whole situation to ace." This spells trouble...what did you do with the dragon corpse alice? " Ace looked at alice's new body. he was all alone and he didn't mind having a beautiful girl besides him as an assistant. he let alice keep the body and she can also be help in future at the time like this when he was cultivating.

" Master, the dragon corpse was too big but after three days of constant mining has made a 500 meters deep hole right below the mountain. we found many items which i stored here. the warehouse is already full with excavated soil. i found out that it was a special soil which is called Virtalik Soil. this soil is sometimes useful in engraving arrays and some earth attribute beasts also use it as food. although its cheap, we can still earn a lot if we sell it. "

Ace thought for a moment as he replied " Tell wang gong clan to sell the soil, as for spirit stones and blood stones, assign some robots to do experiments. Scan the egg and see if we can deduce the method to successfully hatch it." He then looked at the remaining two items. the radioactive stone and the meteorite divine iron which were shown on the screen.

" The radioactive stone is ideal for producing electricity. start building the reactor for fission. it seems that his object is non-decaying radioactive material. if it's not decaying, there must be some form of energy that its absorbing, i think it's absorbing spiritual force and converting it into radiation. Perform research on it and see if you can design a reactor that can utilize this material. " Ace finally looked at the piece of black iron and smiled " As for this thing, save it for now, I'll use it to make something good later. "

He wanted to get to work right away and curiosity inside him was building up as he found more and more interesting stuff but now was not the time to be doing experiments and research. He needed to hold back all the powers that want the Light dragon's body material. Originally, none of the superpowers would be concerned if the dragon was killed by Wargod Allience but it was killed by someone unknown and Wargod Allience was at it's weakest in past 1000 years. there weren't many experts appearing in the Allience and the elders were corrupt.

Ace looked at the list of people captured. there were many from unknown origins and only some had appeared boldly, rest were trying to sneak around and steal some of the stuff if they can.

" We need to give them something that can pull their attention away from the dragon." Ace said as he looked at the another screen that showed a gigantic dead dragon laying inside one of the branch of the mine. it's body was as thick as height of a one story building and it was almost a kilometer long. the dragon's body was coiled like a snake.

just as ace was about to ask about the dragon corpse, a group of people were shown on the screen entering the wan gong mountain. From their uniforms, it was clear that they were from Wargod Allience. The man leading was none other than Allience leader Han shuya himself.

Ace found the situation strange. Ace changed into new set of clothes and equiped a temporary armour. He would have to make a stronger one later. the armor he was wearing was a simplified version of War devil Spec-ops edition armour. The armor was designed for it's looks and the strength. currently, Ace didn't have enough materials to give armour it's strength but he can design an armour that looked like a War devil. There were two red horns on the head of the armor and whole body was pitch black. the chest area housed a Plasma reactor and both hands had gauntlets which were upgraded to withstand sevenfold fist.

Ace looked like a Devil which was ready to reap lives with it's fists alone. he walked out with armour. his helmet was on as his face now looked like that of devil. He stopped in front of Han shuya " Intruder, what is your intention for coming to wan gong mountain? this area is under Sector Lord's control. Leave immediately"

Han shuya and the elders around him were in awe when they saw all the different kinds of strange puppets gathering around them. when elder duan told them that the Sector lord was good puppet master, they only thought of him as a normal person but looking at how many puppets there were, he was likely a puppet grandmaster. there was a limit to how many puppets a person can control at a time and rising in puppet master rank was even more difficult than cultivating because to control puppets, a person would need soul strength as well as strong enough cultivation.

A powerful puppet master would not only have to cultivate spiritual force but also his soul strength. " Leader Han, i think he has already surpassed grandmaster realm because I've seen a puppet grandmaster before buy even he wasn't able to control this many puppets at his full strength. " One of the elder notified Han shuya.

Han shuya nodded as he looked at ace. he cupped his firsts and bowed a little " Senior, i am han shuya of Wargod Allience, i am not here to cause trouble, i am just here to pay respect to senior. my sect has received many invitations from various powers that want a share of the dead dragon. i am just here to convey the massage."

Although Wargod Allience was overlord of eight province but that was only limited to ruling the area and not in strength. there were other sects equal in strength to Wargod Allience but they just didn't involve themselves into ruling and focused on martial arts.

Ace swiftly replied in angry tone " Did you kill the dragon? Why should i give them the share of the dragon that i killed myself? " There was a huge reaper cannon stationed near the entrance of the cave. The cannon immediately started charging up. ace looked at the bunch of people as he smirked. he didn't mind slaughtering them if he can deter other sects from disturbing him. he was impatient to try his hands on all the loot he had gathered.

Seeing the weapon, even han shuya couldn't help but shiver. he still remembered the flamming inferno over the slaughter woods. There was no way they would survive if the weapon fired so close. he st least knew now that Sector lord used some type of cannon to kill the dragon but he didn't dare to underestimate this mysterious expert.

" Senior, They are not going to take dragon for free, i am just here to ask if senior need any resources which we can exchange for the body of the dragon..." He gulped as this was what four strongest sects had agreed upon. there were many spies of other three strong sects in Wargod's Soldiers and they all described the power of the cannons to their respective sect. they all decided to negotiate first and then use force.

Ace smiled as he looked at han shuya " In that case, I don't want to give the dragon corpse to just anyone. you must prove that you have strength and wealth to get the corpse."

Han shuya frowned as he looked at the black robot. " What do you mean senior? "

Ace waved his hand as he looked at han shuya "it's simple, i will hold a martial arts tournament here after 1 week. the rules would be decided and declared at that day. your disciples must be under 30 years of age. whoever wins the tournament would win half of the dragon body and for other half, you have to offer me knowledge. Martial arts Manuals, techniques and all secret arts you have."

" Of course, I won't take a look at your techniques but whoever has more profound techniques and in more quantity would get the other half of the dragon corpse. I would also visit that power once. "

Han shuya was shocked at this declaration. there was dragon corpse for the winner but this reward still wasn't enough to move him, what excited him was that the puppet grandmaster would visit the sect which won the second competition. this was an opportunity to get a puppet master disciple.