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 Shadow sect

there was black fog on a secret Mountain and eerie sounds can be heard once in a while. the place was devoid of any life but there was a strange statue of a gargoyle in the middle of the Forrest on the mountain. the name of this mountain was because of the black fog staying on the mountain all year round. It was called Peak of eternal Night.

A strange black bird landed on the shoulder of the gargoyle and suddenly the rock statue moved. it whispered something in the ear of the bird and bird flew away with the massage.

Divine dragon sect

There was a floating castle in the middle of the Dongcang valley. A white Crane flew out from the castle and disappeared into the sky.

Land of Five Elements

There were five mountain peaks between a lake. soon, five different coloured birds flew out from each mountain into different directions.

Wargod Allience

All of the elders were present in the Grand hall and Allience leader Han was sitting on the Allience leader seat. his injuries were nowhere to be seen and there was some medicine aroma being released from his body. This showed how deep the foundation of the Wargod Allience were. There were many powers who were trying to oppose the Wargod Allience but it was futile as they simply didn't have the necessary resources.

" Let us first discuss the person on the Wan Gong mountain. What did you find out elder Duan? " Han shuya looked at a purple robbed elder with chilly gaze. the elder was responsible for gathering data about each and every person that Wargod Allience thought highly.

" I suggest we replace the investigation elder! Elder duan has done it second time now! he couldn't find shen tiancai and now he didn't inform us beforehand about the summoners and the masterminds behind the battle of Longdan! " one of the elder took this chance to bring the reputation of elder duan down.

elder duan kneeled as he looked at Han shuya " Allience leader, I've investigated and found out that the reclusive expert calls himself Sector Lord and has unknown achievement in puppet control."

" What do you mean Unknown? "Han shuya was surprised as he listened carefully. this elder duan was his supporter so he decided to ignore the comments of other.

" Allience leader, the puppet made by this expert didn't contain even a hint of spiritual force but were as strong as spirit mortal with martial mortal's body and had many different methods of attacks. this level of achievement is unheard of in puppet master profession..."

Han shuya also considered the attacks earlier. they were so strong that the attacks even injured the dragon.

" The expert is powerful but there are many powers who would covet this power. we can not neglect their lust for the dragon's remains..." Han shuya stood up as he looked at the elders " I will personally go and meet Mister Sector lord "


Ace's eyes were closed. he was still absorbing the energy that was trying rampage in his body. Three days passed and there was no sign of his pain being lessened.

There was a strange robot standing near him which was in the shape of a girl. the robot had beautiful red eyes and she had a red armour in shape of the petals of rose. She was Alice. Since ace was cultivating, alice decided to tidy the destroyed place and started the production again. the robots worked tirelessly and made a body for her, there was also a robot army guarding the mountain and the headquarters was constructed again around ace.

Alice was looking at the screen where few robots captured several Wang Gong Villagers trying sneak into the mountain. there were also hundreds of spies and brave adventurers who were captured. she didn't have any plan to build a prison so she would knock them out and deliver them to Nature's harmony Forrest.

She was now waiting for her master to wake up and was constantly running the workshop to amass enough resources for her master. At one side, there was a huge pile of thunder, fire, earth and wind attribute metal ores and some of the ores were radiating corospondin glow. they were called Spirit stones. just like spirit crystals, spirit stones were stones containing different elemental spiritual force. there was no set system for spirit stones and the kind of energy contained inside would be according to the environment or some special conditions.

the energy inside the spirit stones was of no use to humans as humans are unable to absorb the energy inside them but it can be utilized to make weapons and armors. they can also be used as formation cores and puppet cores. some of the extravagant sects would create rooms made of certain type of spirit stones for cultivation. although the energy inside the stone can not be absorbed, huge quantity of similar stones can create suitable man made environment for certain rare elements.

There was another pile beside the spirit stone pile which was glowing red. they were called blood stones. they were available all around the world and were said to be the blood of the first goddess that made the universe. their use was to make color pigments, cosmetic powder and a rare type of maroon blood stone can be used as medicinal powder. the blood stone contained low energy and only certain evil sects would use the miniscule blood spiritual force in the stone to perform evil deeds.

there was a small amount of maroon blood stones there too and on the table near Alice, there were three crystal like rocks.

" Hmm, this one seems to be an egg? but it's still alive, i wonder what kind of creature is it? " Alice looked at a round white crystal ball. it was found by one of the armadillo classic while digging deep inside the mountain.

" There is also this strange orange crystal, I don't think its sprit stone. what is this? X Ray, Alpha, beta, gama...this is releasing every kind of radiation there is...this way, it should disappear soon but it's not decaying..." Alice was looking at a Bright glowing orange crystal. the small drilling robot that found the crystal was immediately broken when it took the crystal in it's hand.

Alice put the orange crystal inside a radiation proof box and then looked at third item which was a small part of a sword. it was a dark black piece of sword but after all the scans, alice found out that it was Meteorite Divine Iron. It was one of the rare metals and it was even stronger than many metals when one fed it with spritual force.

She put the piece down as she again looked at her master. soon, Ace's expression changed and his muscles started to expand.

* Booom!! *

as if there was some kind of explosion inside him, all his seven orifices started bleeding with black blood. he opened his eyes and they were bloodshot. " I refuse to admit defeat! " Ace again closed his eyes and suddenly there was a suction coming from his body that started absorbing the spritual force in the atmosphere. in fact, all the spiritual force around the spirit stones was also sucked dry and some of the smaller stones even turned to dust.

Ace's muscles expanded once again and each and every pore of his body opened up. A loud bang was heard and black tar like substance was realesed from his body. he was fully covered in black substance and looked like a monster.

Alice saw this and pressed a button on control board as few of the robots came inside with water buckets shortly after. they poured water on Ace one by one and soon his glowing golden body was visible. The small Core of Crimson Z was in his hand and even his black hair turned golden.

Ace opened his eyes and even his pupils became golden colored. This phenomenon was strange as Ace looked at himself.

" What is this? why did my body turned golden? Alice scan my body "

" Yes master " Alice nodded as some flying drones covered him all around and scanned his body with lasers.

there was a pop up on the screen which shocked Ace.

" Master, all of the micro organisms inside your body are removed, the neno bots are also removed and even the chemicals that were harmful to your body are removed. now your body advanced and upgraded to the standard of a Spirit Master. "

Ace smirked as he looked at the screen " Yes, i broke through several levels at once. but why is my body golden? "

" Master, it seems that the elements your body is compatible with are fused with your body. the light element core is diffused in your eyes and hair while fire attribute seems to be in your skin. i think that it is because you used the light element from your eyes and absorbed fire element spiritual force from your skin. there also thunder attribute but it seems that there was no manifestation of this element on your body.