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 Deep inside Black boar woods, there was sound of swords clashing in the morning which startled all the animals around the Forrest. Ace was sitting on a tree and looking at group of people fighting ahead on the road. there were five people wearing some kind of uniform which was yellow coloured and they were also carrying same kind of weapons which was a long blue sword. As for what meterial it was made of, he would have to take a closer look to tell.

Those five people were fighting against a team of 30 something bandits and were cornered by the bandits from all the sides. Bandits had three strong people who were leader and two vice leaders of the gang. Ace also observed that the leader of those five people was a cultivator, as Ace was thinking of saving those five while leaving a good impression on them and then gathering even more information from them, but he was waiting as he wanted to see this cultivator use his powers.

Wen Hui was an exiled student of well known Fist God palace which was also a third rate power like mist pavilion. He came to this Forrest because he had made a deal with a merchant to bring back a rare herb called red River grass, he also bought his four students with him from his martial arts school which he recently established so that he can teach those wealthy common people's sons and daughters and earn good amount of silver to pass rest of his life in peace. But who would've though that some one would give this information to a gang of bandits and try to loot him! he was determined to kill all these bastards and then find the guy that sold him out.

He took out his sword and was ready to kill those scums of humanity but he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his back, he was stabbed in the back! he looked back and saw the face of his own student whom he was going to take in as his personal disciple!

" Xiong hu! you scum! you dare betray me!? "

wen Hui quickly jumped forward as Xiong hu hurriedly retreated towerds the bandit group leader.

" Haha, teacher you taught me so many things, I might even be able to enter Misty pavilion if I break through and condense my own spritual core! I was originally a member of this bandit group so why are you saying that I betrayed you? " Xiong hu laughed as all the bandits were also laughing with him, bandit leader who was carrying a huge axe also laughed as he looked at wen Hui " I must thank mister Hui for taking care of my son for so long, I would let you have an intact body when I kill you! "

Ace was shoked because of this sudden development, where was bloodshed? where was use of Martial arts? He didn't even get to see that cultivator using his skill before he was stabbed in the back, maybe this was the time to save that cultivator or else he would die and Ace won't get anything out of this.

Xiong hu and his father Xiong Kong were watching coldly at wen Hui as despite being injured, he was a genuine cultivator and could never be underestimated. Wen Hui was worried that other of his students would also be involved so he directly jumped on a tree and started running from branch to Brach in inner Forrest. He knew he was poisoned as he would be just wasting time if he attempt to run but now he only wanted to kill each and every single one of those bandits with his own hands before dying!

" Let's go! you two chase him with me, rest of you kill those three and follow me back! " Xiong Kong roared as he and his two vice leaders of the gang went after wen Hui and rest of the group started clashing with those three remaining people. two of them were men, one with a scar on his face which extended from his cheek to his neck and other one was a plump fat boy who had a huge bag with him. there was also a petite girl who was really beautiful and had snow white skin.

" Scar faced, Fatty Jin and fairy Dai. you three are outstanding students of that old man and I don't want to kill you three, I'll give you two option, join us or die! " xiong hu barked at them while unsheathing his blue blade as he pointed it towerds them. he smirked as he looked at fairy Dai with his eyes full of lust. he would definitely kill this girl after having his way with her and if those two resisted then he would kill them too!

Ace looked at this development as he smirked and thought to himself ' looks like I'll be playing hero saving a damsel in distress, and of course those two dudes would be saved too ' he was also a human as he naturally liked beautiful girls, this one was definitely worth saving!

Ace had taken off his suit and Alice was controlling it as it was laying dormant in nearby lake water. he wanted to experience how much his physical strength had improved and he could now do so against those bandits. he took out the tungsten sword from his back and looked at those bandits slowly getting closer to those three people.

" I refuse! you leachers are no better than maggots laying on the floor! why would I Join you? you two, stop acting and attack! " Fairy Dai yelled as she pointed her finger at Xiong hu and said in a chilling tone " I want him dead. "

* Boom! *

as soon as she said that, her two companions we're about attack but were stopped because of that sound as from those 30 bandits, 18 which were behind them were engulfed in an explosion and died. This was Ace's way to deal with them. he was confident that if he followed the set of moves provided by Alice, he would be able to kill those 30 people but he didn't want to waste too much time on them as he directly halved the number of people with a single explosion from his hand made bomb.

it was related to those twelve Black boars which were able to go berserk! they surprisingly had a pebble size black crystal in their body which we found out because he ate the meat of that black boar. He was surprised to find the crystal and after doing some analysis of the thing, he found out that crystal had huge amount of spritual force but he didn't dare to try an absorb it as he didn't even have any cultivation method. he just wanted to experiment with that energy.

Ace tried to break a small portion of the crystal so that be can feed it to 3D printer and analyze it but as soon as he cut the stone with his tool, it blasted with a bang in his hand! he was wearing armor at that time so he wasn't injured but the impact was enough to make him feel pressure even inside the suit! he then made a small container with lots of stone fragments and a sharp shard of tungsten was set against the surface of the black stone which after being pressed with his full strength would make while stone break and release huge amount of energy in the stone core which would send stone fragments flying! it would be like like thermal weapons era grenades. this new invention was called Black Boar bomb as it was made with a Spritual crystal of a black boar.

Because of that one Black Boar bomb, half of the bandits standing in the back were either injured of dead. Ace gripped his sword tightly and was ready start the slaughter with his new found strength. He directly jumped down from the tree and attacked he nearest bandit from the back

* Riiip! *

the sound startled all the people present and as they turned around to look at the direction of sound, they saw a young man with a shining yellow sword and a bandit who was split apart in two by this young man's attack.

Xiong hu's face was pale and he looked at his gang which had half of it's members dead and there was another freak who joined the fight. He knew that as long as bandits weren't confident of dealing with everyone from a group of cultivator, they won't dare to attack! he and his father had made preparation for this attack for about three months and because of this single person, his plan was completely ruined!