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 Ace looked at the dead dragon and then he observed his lab. it was devastated and everything was broken. he felt a headache from just thinking about how many spiritual crystals he would have to waste to get sufficient energy to rebuild the Equipment in the lab. Another problem was that the dead dragon and commotion would definitely attract unwanted attention. The production of the Space ship had just started and he even found the required fuel for it. he was on verge of success of building a small space ship that can be used to transport the materials from the surface to the Titanium Dragon. The resources on the Titanium Dragon were enough for him to rule this piece of land.

[ Master, are you alright? I am not getting any signal from the Crimson Z ]

"huh? What's wrong?"

Ace looked at his armor which had several cracks. " There can be only one explanation for the Crimson Z to not send any signals....that is if the AI inside is dead..."

Suddenly a voice interrupted his train of thought " Aaaaaaaah!! How dare you!? How is this possible!? this piece of metal was alive!? Curse you human! "

Ace suddenly noticed that Crimson Z was moving without his Consent and his arms and legs started thrashing everywhere. " Alice! Check it!? What's wrong with Crimson Z? "

Alice which was like a ball of red fire in his consciousness entered Crimson Z's neuron interface. There was a huge golden ball of consciousness floating away in the space while only some remains of the previous AI consciousness could be seen. as soon as the Golden ball of consciousness spotted Alice, she immediately Closed the connection with Crimson Z.

[ Master, it seems that there is a strange lifeform which infiltrated the armor and took of the consciousness of the armor after destroying the original AI ]

Before Ace could even respond, there was a flash in front of his eyes and the armor was sent flying as it crashed in the wall again, smashing it to bits. Again, It stood by itself and crashed itself again in the wall.

Ace was feeling dizzy as he yelled! " Eject me, Alice! "

[ You can't master, all the functions of the armor are taken over by the enemy. It's stronger than me, I can't open the neuro link or else, it would take over your body.]

" Human! you killed me! I am a great light dragon Qingshen! I will have my revenge! "

Ace's mind went in overdrive to think of a way to get out of this situation.

The suit went wild and it started bashing itself against walls and other objects in the lab.

" You were too stupid for a dragon! that is why I was able to kill you! Look what you are doing, you are only bashing the armor against the wall, you are just going to break the armor before you kill me! "

Suddenly, the armor stopped " You are right, let's remove the protection than..." soon, the helmet of the armor opened up flew away as well as the area around the belly also opened up. " Let's see if your head is strong enough human...hahaha! "

Ace's head was now exposed as he grinned " Stupid dragon, didn't you hear the old Chinese saying? a dragon can't beat the local snake!this is my lab! Ruby! Call in All of the squads! pin me down! "

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Ass soon as Ace was about to bash his head against the wall, a hoard of drones and robots came inside the lab and soon there was a huge sonic boom that sentence flying, preventing him from smashing his head against the wall. Dozens of robots jumped on him and pinned him down. some of them were destroyed by the Crimson Z before they even got close, one punch was enough to send them flying but with Ace using his strength from inside and Robots pinning him down from outside, they were able to stop the rampage.

Ace knew the capability of the Crimson Z, he won't be able to stop if for long as it was designed to escape from these kinds of situation. in the fight against zombies, stronger zombies pinning down a single soldier were common occurrences. this is why there was a blast sequence that would be released from the reactors on both chest and back.

" Only 5 seconds, that would be enough! Ruby, open the roof and deploy the Icarus! "

The roof immediately started opening up as the clear sky was in view, there was a bright sun in the sky as a huge robotic arm as big as a building was rising above the room. The hand of the arm was a glass triangle that looked like a slice of a pizza. Soon multiple slices of the similar slices slid from under the first piece and formed a giant magnifying glass over the room. By this time, the sequence was over and a huge blast was heard.

* Vrrrrr....Boom! *

It was as if Someone fired a huge plasma gun near your ear, the sound was loud and irritating which incinerated all the robots on top of Ace while those around him were thrown away and Were crushed to pieces from crashing in the Wall. Ace yelled as soon as the blast subsided " Aim it at me! "

The huge magnifying glass detached itself from the huge robotic arm as the rockets on its metal frame supported its weight. the magnifying ability was enhanced with the help of light warping material technology. A red beam of light was concentrated on top of the Crimson Z armor which started heating up. Ace was also gritting his teeth in pain as the armor was badly able to withstand the heat.

" Stop! human, do you want to die!? " Qingshen didn't feel pain from armor but if the armor heated up anymore, it would become scrap metal. Ace gritted his teeth as he revealed a grin " I never take a gamble that I am not sure I would win " The motors would be unable to function properly in too much heat as the Crimson Z wasn't designed to withstand such a huge amount of heat.

The emergency cooling system was activated and liquid has was released all over the armor to cool it down. This made the armor look like it was boiling. there was steam rising from the armor and Ace was now able to move his body as he wished. He sits down on the ground and rotated his internal force to absorb all the energy that was entering his body. On the other hand, the cooling liquid from the armor was being depleted at a scary pace.

" Light and fire, dual-element affinity... I will take it as my bad luck human...stop now! I won't harm you anymore! "

" Hmph " Ace snorted as the red beam continued to scorch the Armor. Ace was receiving all the energy from his head so he was fully concentrated on absorbing it. Soon the liquid nitrogen was insufficient and it was diverted to the core where the Neuron Scheme of the Armor or Core of the armor was located. Whole armor slowly melted from intense heat and the frozen core slowly flowed down on the floor along with hot liquid metal. Ace noticed this and guided the intense energy from berserk spiritual force inside his body out through every pore of his body. His clothes were destroyed and all of the liquid metal was blown away.

there was only a Nacked Boy, some broken robot body parts and a lump of hot molten metal was left on the ground besides the Boy.