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 Ace looked at the screen as slowly the whiteness in the screen lowered and the image of the battlefield was shown on the huge screen. There was Han Shuya who was laying inside of the crater where his left hand had a black scar which was because he was directly between the Reaper cannon and Qingshen.

There were other War God legion members around him helping him while the most important of all, Light Dragon Qingshen was nowhere to be found. " Find him..." Ace commanded as he looked at the screen with sharp eyes. He was sure that with the ability of the sensors, there would be no way that they would miss such a huge creature. even if the dragon was hiding in the earth, the sensors would still find him.

The problem was that the sensors didn't show any sign of earth being dug or any kind of movement. Han shuya who stood up with the help of other guards looked in the direction of where the strange beam came from. He couldn't find anything as the plasma cannon shot was fired from approximately 2 km away. he was only able to see the huge Wan Gong mountain in the distance and nothing else.

Han shuya looked his personal guard as he ordered " Search for the dragon...and find out where that energy beam came from...there might be an expert hiding on those mountains " He closed his eyes to give them some rest.

Ace was still looking at the area but didn't find the dragon. it was as if the dragon just teleported out of thin air. He smiled as he wasn't nervous. " Scan the space there for planer fluctuations..." The results were out in few seconds as there were minimal fluctuations there which were left behind when the dragon was summoned. the drones flying around the area found the fluctuations leading from outside to the current realm but not the other way round. This was all possible because knowledge of Ace about various planes and realms and how to travel between them reached a terrifying level.

One can even say that ace knew more about the planner and void travel than some of the old monsters of the cultivation world with space as their main elements. This was simply the result of the accumulation of three generations of Trouper family.

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Ace's smile widened as he heard that there were no fluctuations in space. this would only mean one thing that the dragon was still here but it was hiding. As for the method, ace gassed it right away.

" It's an illusion...no matter what kind of rays, x-ray, radiation, light....all of them falls under light element...the dragon is controlling them to mask his presence..."

[ Master, without knowing where the dragon is, how are we going to kill it? ]

The mechanical voice of Ruby sounded as Ace looked into the direction of the battlefield.

" It's simple....we don't need to...the dragon can manipulate light but it can not manipulate matter...blanket fire all the reaper cannons and set it to delayed blast mode..."

[ Copy that master ]

Soon same as the previous cannon, several more cannons appeared in different parts of the mountain around its belt as they all started charging up at the same time. The sheer amount of energy gathered used up huge amount of energy. Ace would burn up half of the stock of spiritual crystals in this one barrage.

* Zoooommmm! *

* Zoooommmm! *

* Zap Zap Zap *

It was like the rumbling of hundreds of clouds. Together they sounded as of tens of beasts were roaring together. Soon ten beams of light reached the place where the dragon was at before and exploded.

Han shuya was really frightened by the power of the beams. " This person is not someone we can handle....tell the army to retreat to the Longdan wall...Normal soldiers won't survive if they are hit by the attacks...." Soon the army retreated with Han shuya and the shower of light beams continued. The whole area over the slaughter woods. The beasts didn't even dare to raise their heads as the blasts in the air was enough to flatten a mountain. There were some aerial beasts that were entangled in the area of attack and were instantly burned to death. the temperature rise even directly evaporated some of the smaller birds in the sky.

Soon one of the beams hit the invisible wall mid-air and exploded as golden blood flowed out from the mid-air out of nowhere. The huge Dragon became visible once again as Ace looked at it.

" Found you....switch to the sniping mode and aim for its heart " Ace didn't want the dragon's body to be destroyed. he would rather take some time to kill the dragon than ruin precious materials. "

As soon as the order was given, the cannons stopped firing and the shape of the Muzzle changed and it became smaller. The Barrel extended and became longer and the cannon started charging up again. Qingshen was still hit by for to five barrage projectiles as he roared in the direction of Wan Gong mountain.

* Roar!!!!! *

This time the roar shook even the ground itself and Qingshen was truly mad this time. It lost sanity and its eyes were bloodshot.

Its eyes were, of course, hundreds of times better than Han shuya as it soon noticed weird cannons on the mountain 2 km away. It only wanted to destroy the whole mountain. As soon as the cannons stopped firing, Qingshen charged towards the mountain. Its speed was normal because it had used up a lot of its energy while withstanding the barrage attack.

With a limited amount of spiritual force, it won't be able to shoot itself like a beam towards the mountain. Qingshen was really mad and wanted nothing but to destroy the mountain as it rushed towards the mountain while it opened its mouth and fired the golden beam towards the mountain.

Ace's eyes widened as he yelled " Put up the shields! "

Soon huge towers stood up on the mountain and sent energy beams towards the main building on the mountain. The perception of this dragon was terrifying as it noticed that there was only one human on the mountain and it was able to sense ace. The golden beam this didn't target any of the cannons but it was directed at the mountain wall.

Ace was standing right behind this mountain wall and if the beam broke through, he would be vaporized. Fortunately, the four towers which rose from the mountain sent blue arcs of beams over and an energy field type barrier was created on the mountain wall. As long as the energy was enough, the shield can absorb an unlimited amount of damage.

[ Master should i fire? ]

Ace looked at the screen behind which the golden beam was focused on the barrier, slowly eating away the energy reserves of the shield. " Not yet...he will notice and dodge the shots...."

Soon Qingshen was getting closer and closer.

1.8 km...1.5 km...1.2km...800 meters...500 meters....

At this moment, the energy reserves of the barrier were half empty and the barrier looked thinner than before.

[ Master? ] Anxious voice of ruby sounded out. " Not yet....let him come closer...." Ace didn't want to give the dragon any chance. From first shot, he knew that the dragon had horrifying reaction speed.

Soon the distance between the Energy barrier and Dragon was reduced even further. 300 meters....200 meters....100 meters...

Qingshen sensed the danger of the fully charged cannons again but he didn't care anymore. it's thinking was simple, as long as it killed the human, all the weapons he controlled would stop operating. The Light Dragon used the last bit of spiritual force and increased the intensity of the beam at last moment. It's massive jaw collided with the mountain wall while still releasing the golden beam.

There was a huge blast inside the Room that Ace was in as the screen in front of Ace malfunctioned and Ace used the agility of the Crimson Z to fly backward while the screen in front of him was evaporated by the golden beam. At this crucial moment, the beam stopped due to lack of spiritual force but Qingshen still charged towards Ace as Ace yelled " Fire! "

* Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! * seven concentrated beams of orange and blue were fired and entered the body of Qingshen from different angles, their goal was the heart as soon the heart of the dragon became a balloon full of holes. The last shot even burst it apart and all that was left was a pulp of tissues.

Ace stopped when reached the wall behind him as Qingshen's eyes lost all the signs of life and the dragon's enormous head fell near the foot of Ace. it's jaw open and it's eyes showing unwillingness to leave this world.