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 " Run! Aaaah.." There were screams all over the wall as one by one, the Fire God legion members were being scorched to death by the golden laser beam. Qingshen also doesn't have it easy as thousands of fire attacks and hundreds of arrows were rained down on its body.

Although it wasn't hurt because of its innate ability to summon light-scale armor, it's spiritual force was slowly getting depleted by the sheer amount of attacks. There was also a problem of continuing the attack while focusing on evading the attacks done by ten War God legion members.

Han Shuya was looking at the dragon while flying in the sky as he pressed his palms together and chanted a weird indentation. Suddenly his whole body was covered in bright blood red flames. they looked as if they were alive. The blood-red flames had an aura of destruction as Han shuya flew straight towards the Dragon as he raised his hand and a small ball of flame separated itself from his body and flew straight towards the dragon. this small flame looked like a ball of blood but Light Dragon Qingshen tried it's best to avoid this small ball of fire.

The dragon even fired the Golden laser towards the ball of flame. As soon as the golden light touched the ball of flame, there was a huge blast.

* Booooom! *

The whole area beneath the explosion was charred black as all the trees below the explosion turned into ash.

Ace who was watching this was also surprised as he looked at the screen. " what is his element? ...it looks like fire but its more violent....more destructive. "

The mechanical voice of Ruby replied immediately.

[ The element is the fusion of two of the major 10 elements, The element of Fire and the Element of Destruction ].

Han shuya snorted as he looked at the dragon " Why are you dodging? aren't you a prideful dragon? fight me head-on if you dare! "

Hearing this, Qingshen was enraged as it released a blinding blast of light. It was like a flash bomb but imagine thousands of flash bombs going off all at once. For all of the people there, it was as if their vision only contained white. Some of the soldiers with weak cultivation even had their eyes damaged and bleeding as they became blind. those with higher cultivation were able to endure only after they closed their eyes. even the corrosion ape and demon wolf were pressing their head on the ground with their eyes closed.

Han shuya, who was closest to the blast was also blinded by the blast but he escaped the fate of being blinded because of his high cultivation. His eyes were red as he looked around. he saw a blurry figure of the dragon in the sky. Qingshen noticed that his attack had injured the opponent, flew straight towards Han Shuya in order to devour him alive.

" Mortal! Accept your punishment for disrespecting the mightiest of the beasts! " Qingshen opened it's mouth wide and was ready to swallow Han shuya in one gulp.

Ace noticed that it was a great opportunity as if put his finger on the small touch screen as a red circle of light appeared in front of his face. it was a hologram produced by the photon disintegrator as Ace aimed for the inner part of the mouth of the dragon with the aim assist of the AI Alice. He soon got a lock on the target as the red circle became green and outside of the base, a huge canon rose up. it was as if the cannon was alive. it had a long muzzle and it was charging up with blue light. the light was changing color between blue and orange as the plasma was burning inside the firing chamber. Ten reaper cannons stationed around the base were current trump cards of Ace.

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these reapers were capable of killing dark fate in his undead abomination form in a matter of seconds. When all 10 reapers fire simultaneously at one target, it would produce enough heat that would melt the toughest of the objects.

Soon the Heavy type plasma discharge cannon known as reaper was ready to fire it's first shot. Ace simply snapped his fingers as a huge beam of plasma was shot at breakneck speed towers the mouth of the dragon.

was just a few meters away from Han shuya when suddenly all of its scales stood on ends as it sensed a huge danger. it was overlord of beasts and even when facing elder dragons, it could hold on it's own. The bestial instincts of the dragon were sharper than it looked as the dragon didn't even pause to think and started closing its mouth. As a dragon, it had intelligence compared to humans as it soon noticed that dangerous feeling only appeared after it opened its mouth. the dragon also knew that its inner mouth was vulnerable part as to protect it, it needed to close its mouth. Although the thoughts happened at lightning speed in this dragon's head, the closing of enormous mouth wasn't fast enough. Just as the upper and lower teeth were about to meet one another there was a huge blast on its face and the dragon's head was flung back and bent at an unnatural angle.

The huge horn on it's back even stabbed into its own body as there was a bucket size wound on it's back. once again, Qingshen released the flash blast again as it adjusted its head. as soon as the horn came out of the back of its body, the golden shining blood started to flow out of the wound. Ace, on the other hand, was unable to see what was happening as the second flash blast was too much for the low-level cameras outside and they only showed a blurry white image.

" Adjust the brightness! I need to see if the dragon was hurt or not! " Ace looked at the screen as all the other Reaper cannons started powering up. the single shot of reaper cannon would cost him hundreds of spiritual crystals and a lot of electricity but if he gained the carcass of a dragon, it would all be worth it. he was ready to go all out for resources as some of the stuff from a dragon's body could let him advance his research on cultivation and maybe make him progress faster in his cultivation. He might even be able to make a Master rank or grandmaster rank weapon from the horn of the dragon.

He was determined to kill the dragon and he was also excited that if there was one dragon, there would be more. he could totally send all the materials from dragons body to the titanium dragon ship in the space so that that repairs of the ship can be done faster. His ship was torn apart because of the spatial currents and void storms between the time and space fabric. It was a miracle that he survived from the event as now he found out that the spiritual force was also a factor in the destruction of the titanium dragon. There was a huge amount of chaotic spiritual force present in each and every single part of the spaceship and it was thus mutating the metals present in the space ship making some useless and some precious. this was in turn, slowing down the repairs as nanobots were having a hard time repairing the ship. the raw material was not enough and the nanobots had to take out the mutated metal add normal metal in place in order to fix the equipment. for example, a circuit board that had copper, under the influence of spiritual force, would transform into ice element copper, blood element copper and even bizarre elements like yin, yang, absorption, void and the list was endless. The copper would become rare metal but it won't conduct the electricity as it was supposed to.

This was the biggest headache for ace as his strongest weapon in the cultivation needed an extensive amount of repairs. He built the base for two reasons to hide and lay low and send raw materials to the titanium dragon so that the ship can fix itself.