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 Slaughter Woods

The three grandmaster level beasts who were leading the beast army were standing behind the huge dragon in the sky. The red crystal which was slowly absorbing their energy was nowhere to be seen and the old man in a white and black robe was standing on a branch of a nearby tree.

The old man looked at the sky and a faint smile appeared on his face " Good, now it all depends on this dragon... I hope this one won't disappoint me like that ugly little undead..." He then looked at the three grandmaster level beasts and pointed his staff at them. soon a blue light enveloped the three and suddenly, the beasts started to grow in size. they looked like small towers now. The Corrosion Ape which was the biggest was half the height of the dragon. The snow snake prince was also half the length of the dragon and it almost looked like a small dragon in itself. Devil wolf didn't get that much enhancement in its size but a blue aura enveloped it.

All three beasts roared towards the sky to get the attention of the dragon as the light dragon Qingshen turned it's head and looked at the three beasts. it snorted as it replied " Impudent fools....you not only disturbed my rest...but also forced me to fight with these humans.....do you think I will accept incompetent subordinates like you!? " The dragon roared as it slowly opened its mouth and a huge ray of golden light immediately evaporated the Snow snake prince's head. Soon the rest of the lifeless body of snow snake prince fell down on the ground.

The old man who was looking at this scene was shocked as he sighed in disappointment. " Arrogant Dragon... I have to summon another one later I guess...this one is done for..." He quickly waved his hand and disappeared with a flash of light.

Soon the Dragon looked at Corrosion Ape and Demon Wolf as it opened it's mouth for another attack. Suddenly a small spear appeared beside its head from the direction of the Great wall of longdan and struck its head. the impact was like being hit with a guided missile as the attack was disturbed and the dragon was enraged. The scale where the spear struck had a dent and was bent inwards and it also stopped giving off light. this showed amazing defense of the dragon.

Han Shuya was surprised as he looked at the Dragon " Looks like his skin is tougher than it looks....we are lucky that this one isn't an earth dragon...but be careful of its light type attacks....if it hits you, you will be evaporated...not even ash would remain...."


Wan Gong mountain, Wan Gong clan

There was a gathering of all the elders and even the old masters of the clan had come out. they were now discussing the strange light that shone just minutes ago. as a minimum sized clan, they had their information channels and they knew about the battle of longdan as it was going on for a few days.

" How about we contact Senior Sector lord...the slaughter woods are near the yellow leaf forest and I think he would know it all better as his base in the wan gong mountain would be affected first before us. " One of the elders spoke as he looked at the Clan leader Bai.

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Clan leader Snorted and looked at the Elder displeased " I don't fully trust this Sector lord...he may have promised us protection but we don't know his full capability yet...what if when the time comes, he betrays us and runs away....our clan can not put blind trust in an outsider..."

Soon one of the old masters who was sitting beside the clan leader spoke in a hoarse voice " I think little bai is right....but we also know that sector lord is not someone weak...From what I heard from you little bai... I think he may be at least grandmaster level puppet master..." He coughed and spoke again " We can not trust him but...we surely can use him...." He looked at Bai want gong and smiled " Send him a message...tell him that we can give him information about one more black lack like ours....but he has to give us all the information on the strange light..."

Bai Wan Gong nodded " You are right Great Sia, What we need now is information and our network would take days to report about the strange light " He stood up and ordered " We will see if Sector Lord has any information That is useful to us "

Soon a Martial artist was sent to the base of operation of Sector lord from Wan Gong clan and Delivered the scroll which was written by Wan Gong Clan leader, Bai wan gong. It was regarding the exchange of information.

Ace looked at this as he smiled. " So they know about one more lake... I think it would be useful for the expansion of the base. " He pressed some buttons on the control panel and A small Robotic Mouse was released from one of the pipes planted underground in the Wan Gong clan village. The mouse went into the Assembly Room of the clan where all the elders and masters were gathered projected a projection of a huge face. This indeed startled many elders and some of the guards even surrounded the face.

Ace laughed and looked at the clan leader " Don't panic....this little one would exchange the information on my behalf.."

Bai Wan Gong was shocked as he had never seen this kind of thing before. Even the old master of the clan was confused and instead of focusing on the information exchange, they were observing this robot.

Bai Wan Gong adjusted his expression and coughed to get the attention of everyone in the room as he spoke: " Sector lord, we need information about what is happening in the Slaughter Woods..." As soon as he finished his words, the Hologram changed and the silhouette of a dragon was seen while the 3D model even showed Han shuya and others standing on the Great wall of longdan.

" This is the real-time situation of the Great Wall of Longdan...is it enough? " Bai wan Gong was amazed at the efficiency of this sector lord. He also saw some soldiers in red armor and recognized them " The war God legion...Arrow God legion....also Whole Flame God legion is here..." He also noticed the face of the man in the center of the red armored soldiers which had a dragon head on his chest. Bai Wan gong was shocked " Even Han shuya came.....this is serious..."

Soon the old master of the clan stood up as he looked at the little mouse " How do we know that you are not deceiving us? This all can be fake....there is no way a dragon would appear in slaughter woods..."

Ace smiled as he knew they would ask him that but he replied in a serious tone " Old man, Do you think you are worth it for me to give an effort to trick you? I can just capture you and force you to spit out the location of the lake " the Hologram again changed into the face of Ace as he looked at the wan gong clan leader and old master " Don't forget that your Wan gong clan is here because I don't want to kill people unnecessarily. I have the strength and capability to annihilate clans even stronger than yours..."

Bai Wan Gong Got angry and shouted at the robot " How dare you!? You think we are afraid of you!? you..." just as he was about to continue, A huge explosion was heard outside of the Village. The Elder and Clan leader rushed out to see what happened as there was smoke coming out of one of the buildings.

It was the Clan leader's house which was utterly Destroyed. Luckily, the room in which his wife and children were wasn't damaged.

The face in the screen spoke again " This is just one of the many ways i can make your village disappear....you better not think that in the deal we made, we both are equal....you don't have the required strength to be equal to me..." Ace smiled as he pressed another button on the screen and the small mouse robot exploded in a small fire.

Ace looked at the screen where the Light Dragon was shooting Golden laser beams on the wall and evaporating the soldiers one by one as the army was attacking it.

" I think we can let them do the work of killing this dragon and then we can simply snatch the dead body. But just in case, if the army is defeated, Keep the Reapers on standby..."

[ Yes master... Reapers no. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are in the direction of the slaughter woods, which one would you like me to keep on standby? ]

" All of them. This Dragon is tougher than it looks..."