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 A huge monstrous robot made of silver metal was drilling a hole in the earth continuously while there were small vehicles like robots, transferring the excavated soil from the drilling site to the underground workshop. There were three words on the wall of the workshop written in English which said [ Trouper Workshop No 1]. There were many machines working like clockwork in the assembly line which was continuously producing the robots.

The robots then would be sent to the forest behind the wan gong mountain range which was called yellow leaf forest. it was a Forrest linked with the harmony of the nature forest and both were connected to the slaughter woods. The army of robots was unceasingly hunting down various spiritual beasts and gathering the spiritual cores of the beasts. although hundreds of beasts were hunted daily, the noise was minimum as each and every hunt was performed during night time when the Robots would act like assassins and swiftly kill and loot the corpse of the beast before disappearing in the shadows. the hunters and usual bandits in the forest didn't even notice the disappearance of the various beasts nor they noticed how frequent the blood stains or piles of bones left behind in the forest.

they would think that it was work of some spiritual beast and cautiously get away from the area. Ace, however, knew that this can't go on and he must find a way to produce the spiritual crystal artificially so that he can mass-produce the thunder cores and fire cores for electricity and upgrade his arsenal of weapons.

His arsenal included liquid metal [Photon disintegrator], [the iron glove] which boosted his sevenfold fist's strength and a broken [Crimson Z] suit which was almost fixed. he also had [Recurved flux], [Bloody butcher] and [Sky breaker] but they were like toys compared to really powerful weapons in his world. He needed stronger weapons that can work on the scale of towns and cities so that he can deter locale powers. To target large scale powers like third rate and second rate sects, he would need at least nuclear grade weapons.

Ace tapped his finger on a table while a small hamster which was made entirely of spiritual crystals. His research from the last three days was successful somewhat and he was able to find a way to change the shape of the spiritual crystal without breaking it. the material was only for a cosmetic purpose though as only progress he made with this new discovery was an improvement in the destructive capabilities of the bombs. this little hamster was a small robot with a bestial artificial intelligence and each and every single part of this creature was made of fire type spiritual crystal. This little critter was named [Panda].

[Panda] had only one purpose, Defend its master in case of emergency and explode the enemies into oblivion if need be.


Great Wall of Longdan

A huge army was stationed on the wall which consisted of various warriors in golden robes.

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There were also warriors in Purple armor and warriors in blood-red armor but they were few in number.

Han shuya was sitting on the back of Divine War lion while wearing a Majestic Armor made entirely of Bloody red metal while on his chest, there was a symbol of roaring Dragon.

General Quan chi was looking at this spectacle in awe. " To think that the sect leader is also the first commander of the war god's legion....amazing! " Although he didn't like the policies of Han shuya sometimes, this was a world where strength reigned supreme. he had to respect the strength Han shuya possessed. There were eight Battalions in the legion and each and every single battalion had a commander in which the three strongest battalion was present right here on the Great wall of longan.

The Flame god's battalion was made up of soldiers and cultivators proficient in using flame or heat type attacks. only thousand were admitted in this battalion from Millions of cultivators the War God's alliance nurtured. This alone proved that the strength of the army. the Flame God's battalion was ranked third and The whole battalion was present here. On the other hand, the purple Armoured Soldiers were from Arrow God's battalion. they were the best in ranged attacks and the ones to kill the most of the enemies with their ranged attacks on the battlefield. there were 300 members present on the wall. As for the warriors in red armors, They were part of War God's battalion. The strongest of the eight gods. Han shuya was commander General of this battalion and of whole War God's Legion. Each and every single warrior in this legion Were called Red Demon and the commander was called War God.

There were only 100 Red Demons present on the Wall of Longdan but the aura of 100 demons was even stronger than both Arrow God and flame god's battalion combined. There were also normal soldiers performing the martial arts behind the warriors stationed on the wall while others were beating the drums in a rhythmic way that would boost the morale.

This display of strength indeed attracted various groups of representatives from different powers of the eight Provence. although only some of them were important figures in their respective forces, each and every major power had sent at least an elder level character. the most important one being the three third rate sects under the War god's alliance.

Suddenly there was a white blinding glow in the slaughter woods where the beasts were. It was observable from each and every part of the longdan. Just after a split second, a huge shockwave shook the Great wall of longdan.

Han shuya knew that this spelled trouble as they looked at the sky. there was a giant tear in the sky which released a blinding white light.


Ace was drinking the juice while reviewing the new design that the AI had generated when a sensor on his screen flashed and captured his attention.

[ Abnormal amount of photon emission detected. Calculating...

Target is 1.8 times brighter than the sun and the Analysis is as below

Frequency -... ]

The report was generated by Ai and Ace was surprised to see the result. He wasn't surprised that there was something producing the absurd amount of light but the object producing it was alive. it was moving and the fact that the surface temperature of the creature's skin was so high that it was radiating the radiation in the visible spectrum.

although there were creatures in his universe that can produce light, they did it with chemical reaction. this creature, however, was doing it by simply heating up its body.

" Focus on the source, I wanna see the clear image. Reduce the brightness, increase contrast...focus..." AI slowly adjusted the image and the silhouette of the creature was faintly visible. it looked like a snake but a huge horn on its body betrayed its identity.

The glass of juice fell down from Ace's hand as he spoke in trembling voice " Jackpot! "


The light slowly dimmed down as A dragon silhouette appeared flying in the sky. It roared towards the sky from where it came from and the tear slowly mended itself.

" Who dares to summon Me!? "

The dragon silhouette then looked towards the Great wall of longdan.

" Puny Humans...."

Han Shuya looked at the huge silhouette of the dragon which was covered in blinding light as he muttered under his breath. " Things finally got interesting " He Grabbed the red spear from his back and pointed it at the Dragon " We will capture this Dragon and its head would become my new crown! "