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 Han shuya was looking at the endless forest in front of him where there was a thick blood aura gathered. he was surprised to see the formidable beasts lying dead near the wall and the Dragonslayer army celebrating the victory.

He was sitting on a huge flying lion which was called Divine War Lion. They were beasts mutated from Divine lions and were bred specifically for war purposes in the Wargod alliance. The lion slowly landed and let out a loud roar.

* Rawrrrr!! *

the earth trembled as the celebration stopped and all of the youths as well as Elder Hong and General Quan chi looked at the Divine war lion.

Elder Hong quickly bowed a little with General Quan chi " Elder Hong welcomes Alliance leader Han on the Great wall of Longdan! " Soon after hearing the respectful tone of the Elder Hong, all the youths present didn't dare to delay and bowed as they cupped their first in front of the alliance leader.

Han Shuya slowly got off the divine war lion and looked at elder Hong as he nodded " You've worked hard elder hong, I can see all the brave warriors of the Dragonslayer legion have become stronger and fiercer than the last time I saw them. I have personally come here to give rewards to those who have shown great bravery and strength in the battle. Tomorrow I will announce the names of the 10 commanders of the Dragonslayer legion. You all can go and rest now...the army of the wargod alliance will handle the situation from here on."

Elder Hong was surprised at this sudden development as he knew that the enemy behind the grandmaster level beasts was formidable but to force the alliance leader han personally make move and to force him to utilize the wargod alliance army was really hard. He walked towards the alliance leader Han and led him to a beautiful building behind the wall. there were decorations all around and there was even a small lake nearby.

the place looked completely different compared to the bloody forest behind the wall. Han shuya entered the room as he sat down along with Elder Hong and General Quan chi. He looked at Elder Hong and Nodded " I know what difficulties plague your mind, Elder Hong. worry not, the enemy is not that formidable that he can force me to make the move. As you know, the Dragonslayer legion is the most important thing for me right now. When the youths of the Dragonslayer legion grows to be formidable experts, they will become the backbone of the whole wargod alliance. This time, I want to show them the real strength of the Wargod alliance so that they can broaden their horizons and at the same time, by showing our military prowess, we can make the third rate sects which are dreaming of becoming second rate sects give up their lofty ambitions."

Elder Hong knew that the new Alliance leader was hot-blooded but he had some bold ideas for the future of the wargod alliance. he would rule with an iron fist rather than rules. Elder hong nodded as he took a sip of tea.

" I just hope that the Battle would end fast and the people of Longdan would regain the peace for the next 100 years " General Quan chi poured the tea for Han shuya as he offered him the cup.


Bai Wan Gong was slashing with his sword madly at a thick yellow barrier which was made from the combined energy of the 10 remaining robots of the squad 3. There were metal parts everywhere and all of the elders were watching from sidelines. it wasn't that they didn't want to attack, they were unable to advance because the robots or puppets were releasing a screeching sound from behind the barrier which would target whoever that was closest. Only the clan leader who was only spirit master level expert was able to endure the sound. even peak apprentice-level elders were only able to stay in the sound for a few seconds before they start bleeding from ears. some of the elders with weak cultivation even became permanently deaf.

Suddenly there was a sound of glass shattering as the shield broke from the impact of the sword and there were cracks everywhere on the shield. the energy from the shield was dissipating slowly in the form of yellow smoke.

Bai wan gong knew that this was his chance as he ruthlessly thrust his frost sword into one of the cracks of the shield and released his frost elemental spiritual force on the other side of the shield. soon half of the robots we're frozen and the other half were unable to move. the sound attack from some of the robots stopped as all of the elders and warriors watching from sides attacked at the same time and destroyed the robots in the matter of the seconds.

Bai wan gong crushed the head of the last robot under his leg as he looked at the huge mountain wall in front of him. this was the place he reached while fighting the robots and they most likely should have come from here.

Suddenly there was a * click * sound as a small black round cylindrical object fell in front of them. Bai wan gong wasn't able to see where it came from but as soon as one of the elders tried to pick it up, it blew up in his hand.

* Flash!! *

It wasn't lethal but a flash bomb. there was a huge ball of light that blinded the group for five seconds which was enough for the squad four to surround them. Bai Wan Gong saw the robots surrounding him as his expression became ugly. He wasn't afraid of the robots but their attacks would greatly injure the warriors of his clan.

The central robot moved in front of him as the face of the robot distorted. The face of this robot was made of liquid metal and it was able to change shape. it soon transformed into the face of a youth. it looked somewhat similar to ace.

Bai wan gong looked at the robot and knew that the robot may be used for communication as he asked " Who are you? why are you trying to take over my village's mountain!? Get out here and fight me like a man if you dare! stop sending out your puppets! "

Ace looked at the screen as his face twitched. The central robot also had the same expression. " Convey my message through the Envoy class Robot. " Ruby understood as she formed a connection with the robot which performed exact action done by ace.

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" Clan leader Bai, I am called the Sector Lord. The robots you fought were only cannon fodder. I would like to discuss a business deal with you but first, let me show you something. " Ace looked at the screen as one the Envoy class robot looked on it's left where another robot was standing who was similar to other robots but on the chest of the robot, there was a bronze shield logo instead of black paint.

the robot soon walked away from the group and stood in the Forrest facing a huge boulder. soon the chest of the robot opened up in four flaps and there were five small cylindrical missiles in its chest. One of the missiles was fired at the rock as the missile swiftly flew towards the rock.

* Boom!! *

There was a huge explosion and there was a bucket size hole in the center of the rock which passed through the rock and even drilled a hole into the mountain wall behind the rock. Bai wan gong shivered when he saw this. he knew that even if he was able to stop the missile from hitting him, he won't endure the blast. At most, five of those attacks would be enough to injure him greatly. He was a wise man and looked at the envoy " What business do you wanna discuss with my clan? "

Ace smiled as he looked at the screen " You are a smart man Clan leader Bai. The black lake in your ancestral land. i want the black liquid from the lake. I know that there are old masters from your clan cultivating there, so I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer...or else..."

Bai wan Gong looked at the envoy as he nodded " What would my clan get in return for giving you the sacred black lake? " He knew that the strength of this Mysterious Sector lord was not to be underestimated. He knew that if he can't defeat an opponent, he shouldn't do needless struggle. although the sector lord was strong, none of his warriors died in the battle. He was certain that wan gong clan might even benefit from this mysterious puppet master.

Ace looked at the screen as he fell into deep thought. he spoke after a brief pause " I can help you whenever your clan is in crisis. As long as an enemy isn't in the grandmaster realm, I will defeat them for your clan. " He said this because he wanted the wan gong clan to act as a front for his hidden headquarters. " But do not spread the word of my existence. my robots would only appear if there is an absolute need. "