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 General Quan chi was soaked in blood and was looking at elder hong with a worried expression " Elder Hong, the scouts didn't find anyone. they only saw the three Grandmaster level beasts before the whole scout squad was annihilated. at this rate, the waves would surely weaken the Dragonslayer army and they won't be able to fight if the grandmaster level beasts decided to launch an all-out attack. "

Elder hong frowned as he looked at the great wall. There were bodies of Rock gorillas everywhere. Rock gorillas were peace-loving creatures and won't leave the forest unless someone provoked them. they were 30 to 40 meters tall and would eat the branches of the trees. every single rock gorilla would become a master level beast when they matured and here, almost 50 rock gorillas attacked together.

The Dragonslayer legion had 100 people in the master rank and after the last battle with demon bats, they fought with various beasts of the forest. the second wave consisted of flying jade serpents. the third wave was made of Purple night Monkeys. the fourth wave was made of death charging bulls and shadow wolves. the fifth was made of frost demon snakes.

The rock monkeys were the 10th wave and right now the Dragonslayer legion was well experienced and trained at fighting monsters. There were some geniuses who broke through their respective levels and advanced in their cultivation. They even got a huge harvest of spiritual crystal and each and every single person was happy at this time. No one cared about the casualties in the army and everyone was cheering and roars of laughter were heard all around.

Elder hong knew that this happiness won't last long as the three grandmaster level beasts had yet to show themselves. He was frustrated because of the Alliance leader continuously declining his request to enter the slaughter woods and kill the grandmaster level beasts.

He raised his staff and it shined in blue light. the light hit the last standing rock ape which was at its death door in the chest, reaping its life. He looked at general Quan chi " General, we are just pawns in this fight...we must follow orders. if the Alliance values the lives of the youths in Dragonslayer legion, then they would surely do something about it. let the youths enjoy tonight and keep watch over the surrounding of the forest."


* Ka-Boom! *

There was the sound of a sonic boom as a warrior was sent flying. The body of the person hit the tree and collapsed on the ground.

All of the other fighters knew that the next attack of the puppets was here as they soon released the signal in the sky. At the tent of the Clan leader, a soldier saw the signal and reported it to clan leader as soon the army marched towards the location of the robot squad.

Clan leader Bai Wan Gong was running at full speed and even the two elders beside him couldn't keep up with him. He soon left the army behind and reached the position of the group of warriors fighting with black armored puppets. he saw a puppet get hit by a sword but some strange yellow light blocked the attack and the hand of the puppet released a strange loud sound that sent the worrier flying. There were some warriors at the apprentice level who were able to endure the attack but they would soon lose the strength to fight after four to five such attacks from around them.

Only the elders who were peak apprentice-level were able to hurt the puppets. Bai wan gong was furious as he rushed in the middle of the robots and brandished his saber which was emitting a cold glint like a blade made of pure crystal ice. He was a rank 3 spirit master and was the strongest expert after the old monsters in his family, who would rarely come out and were focused on cultivation. The strength of the Spirit Master wasn't something a normal metal can endure as even after putting up the shield, the blade of Bai wan gong was tearing the robots in two with every single slash.

Ace looked at the screen as he ordered " Ruby, send in the squad 2 and 3 and attack the clan leader. let us test the strength of the robots in a group fight. "

Soon, there were 20 additional robots around the clan leader Bai wan gong. He was swinging his sword with great ferocity as he noticed more and more puppets appearing from the forest. There was a smirk on his face as he charged towards the incoming robots as he knew that the location of puppet master should be in the direction the puppets came from.

Bai wan Gong was confident in his ability to break through the 20 more puppets as a cold aura surrounded his blade. " Taste the might of my blade technique [ Wrath of the white tiger]!

As soon as Bai wan gong announced the name of the technique, His blade was covered in a layer of ice that was emitting white smoke. the blade was leaving behind water slashes that would fly 15 meters ahead of him and slice everything apart in their way. He swiftly jumped into the air and slashed three times with his sword as the three water slashes looked like a claw of tiger which landed on the first five puppets leading the 2nd squad.

All five of the robot's eyes flashed red as they grouped together and the yellow barrier appeared in front of them. this time, the barrier was overlapping on each other as the transparent barrier almost seemed solid yellow shield now.

* Splash! Crack! *

There was a sound of glass breaking as the barrier was broken through and the robot standing in the center had a huge scar on its chest. the place at which the water landed was frozen solid and as the robot was made of metal, the robot was frozen fully in a matter of seconds.

Ace noticed this " So the elemental spiritual force can affect the whole internal system..." he pondered over it as he looked back at the screen " We need a material that is a bad conductor of spiritual force so that fire, water, thunder, and similar elements won't be able to harm the circuits..."

He knew that the first generation squads were prototypes and he would improve them later on. he was determined to make a robot legion that can guard against an all-out attack of a sect.

Soon the robots split up as they attacked from every direction. there were many sonic booms echoing in the forest and even though they landed on the body of Bai wan gong, they couldn't leave a serious injury. he was still finishing them off, one by one.

Ace knew that at this rate, Bai wan gong would reach his stronghold and he would have to fight with this master ranked spiritual cultivator himself. he was just at first stage apprentice rank and it would be hard for him to fight without the exo-suit. the crimson Z was damaged and can not be used right now.

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" Ruby, arm all of the fourth squad with the DB 230. "