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 The sun was rising in the morning as there were clouds covering the sky.

On the wall of longdan, several thousand youths were standing while watching the people in brown robes take away the dead bodies of the monsters and soldiers. there were also people in white clothes treating injured geniuses and soldiers.

Wall was flooded with blood and there was even a huge demon bat the size of a truck laying on the ground near the old man Hong.

" You can rest now! Go and recover whatever power you have! there is news that even stronger wave would be coming at down today! be prepared! " General Quan chi looked at youths as he couldn't help but be nervous. the monsters weren't intelligent and so they won't use wave attacking style. it the monster's first wave of attack was to lure the Dragonslayer region, then the second wave of demon bats can be said to be the probing attack to access the strength of the Dragonslayer legion.

He looked at old man hong as he noticed the same kind of expression on the old man's face. he bowed and whispered to the old man " Elder Hong, I think there is a huge conspiracy behind this attack. There is someone manipulating the beast army. I am afraid we might not be able to defeat the next wave of attack."

Elder hong nodded but he looked at General Quan chi and shook his head " I am not worried about the next wave of attack General. Someone Capable of making Grandmaster level beasts into subordinate won't be so simple. I think they are targeting the whole Wargod alliance and want to nibble away at our strength bit by bit "


Wan Gong clan village

There was a small army gathered at the entrance of the village. there were people in black armors and 10 people in Dark red armors. the clan leader was clad in Purple armor and had a huge hammer in his hand.

" Warriors! there are some intruders in our clan's mountain! they want to take over our resources! our lifeline! The Wan Gong Clan will never tolerate this!"

The warriors roared in unison as they stomped their spears on the ground. The clan leader was like a Hero to them. He was sprite master rank expert and was also proficient in [plummeting Starfist]. It was a set of combat techniques that were passed down in the Wan Gong family since the first clan leader.

Soon the small army of 200 people marched towards the mountain and the one leading them were the soldiers who saw the strange mechanical contraption kidnapping the monsters from the mountain. they were called mechanical contraption by the people of the village because they couldn't sense any aura from the creatures. As a martial artist, the soldiers were sensitive to the changes in spiritual force. when they couldn't sense any aura of life from the creatures, they knew that the creatures were mechanical contraptions or puppets.

the art of puppeteering was considered a side branch of the Array masters and by carving different arrays on different materials, they would make different kinds of puppets.

Many major sects would use puppets for mining or agriculture or combat training but they had never seen a puppet strong enough to directly capture a mortal level beast.

Soon the army reached the middle section of the mountain where the recent puppets were seen as the clan leader Bai Wan Gong ordered them to set up a camp and ordered the army to divide into 10 teams with an elder in red armor leading each team to search for the enemy in the forest. the clan leader stayed in the camp to defend it in case the enemy attacked.

" Remember, try to capture them first. if they are resisting, kill them. identify who they are and come back before dawn today. the nocturnal beasts are stronger at night and I don't want a single one of my clan members to die. send the signal if you can't handle to situation and others would soon gather at your position. if you don't return at dawn, I will personally lead everyone to search for you. " The clan leader Bai Wan Gong gave more orders for 10 minutes and then all the elders left the camp with 10 soldiers with each elder. remaining 100 soldiers started in the camp to act as reinforcements.

After two hours, Elder Mo was leading a team of 10 through the forest as he was searching for any trace of the enemy. He didn't notice that there was a small spider drone sitting on the tree nearby watching his every movement.

[ Squad 1 ready. Awaiting orders ]

The Mechanical voice of the new AI Ruby sounded in the room as Ace looked at the screen while drinking the juice of the fruits collected from the forest.

" Send in the Prototype first. let's check the combat ability of the Robot first "

[ Initiating attack. Dispatching the Prototype ]

[ Soldier Class: Mark 1 ]

Soon the there was a suppressed rumble as the doors blocking the cave opened. there was camouflage of the stone which made the door look like part of the mountain. A black robot walked out of the cave which looked like a human but it didn't have human skin. instead, it was covered in black armor like that of the ancient Chinese soldiers. its head was covered in the hood and there was only one eye that looked like a CCTV camera. It was holding a sword and looked like an assassin.

Soon the robot moved through the forest and straight away appeared in front of the team being led by Elder Mo.

As soon as Elder Mo saw the puppet, he stopped. he knew that the people trying to take over the mountain had a formidable expert who could manufacture the puppets with the strength to fight against mortal level beasts.

He looked at the puppet and he knew that he could handle the puppet as he was an apprentice rank expert but he still remained cautious as he looked at the other 10 warriors by his side. " Go ahead and attack it together. It will be good for training. I would make sure none of you get injured. " Elder Mo looked at the puppet as he held his sword and all ten of the warriors surrounded the robot.

There was a tacit understanding between the warriors as soon a warrior behind the robot attacked with his sword. he was a spirit mortal and his sword was covered in frost energy. the blade was cold and if it penetrates the body, the blood of the enemy would be frozen.

The robot released a mechanical sound as the red light flashed in its eye as it blocked the attack with the sword. It extended its hand and a sonic boom was heard as a shockwave hit the warrior in the chest and sent him flying.

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[ Test successful, Strength of the Soldier Class: Mark 1 at Mortal realm level 5 ]

Ruby was analyzing the strength of the robot as the mechanical voice sounded in the room.

After the sonic boom, Elder Mo knew that the warriors would have a tough time handling the robot as he ordered all of them to attack together.

Wan Gong clan was known for their water elemental affinity as many warriors used water aura to enhance the sharpness of their sword. they all attacked together as the robot unleashed a yellow-colored energy shield around itself. only one sword managed to pass through the shield which belonged to elder Mo and Hit the robot in the shoulder.

the sharpness of the sword wasn't comparable to the other warriors because elder Mo was gifted in the Mud element. it was a rare element which was birthed when parents had water and earth element. it was a weaker version of the dual elements of water and earth. The mud element made the sword somewhat sharp and heavy.

The Shoulder of the Robot was broken as the right arm, which shot the warrior with a sonic boom was sent flying.

[ Shield energy 20℅ ]

Elder Mo was just smirking as the robot grabbed elder Mo's sword with the other hand. The chest of the robot had a little triangular flap which opened and a half-foot long Rocked came out and detonated right between the robot and elder Mo.

* Boom! *

there was a huge sound as some of the Warriors standing close were sent flying and some were bleeding from the ears.

A warrior stood up and looked around " Elder Mo! are you alright!? " All ten of them frantically searched for the Elder as they noticed that Elder was laying a dozen meters away from the fight scene and two of the trees he hit in the way were snapped.

[ Sonic missile: Nonlethal DB 230 test successful ]

Ace looked at the data on the screen and he couldn't help but smile. He was able to replicate a small contraption from his universe in this place which was a sonic missile. the concept was to use the energy of the blast to produce shockwave.

Elder Mo had a few ribs cracked and he was bleeding from the chest. He stood up with the help of the other warrior as they saw the robot. unfortunately for Ace, the robot's internal system couldn't endure sonic blast at close range as the robot's electrical circuits were dead.

Ace still smiled as he looked at the data " The test was successful, initiate the attack now. "