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 * Boom boom boom boom boom *

A martial artist was playing the drum with two wooden sticks while sweating as he looked at the dark black sky near the horizon. He was standing on the wall as he looked at the pitch-black sky far away as if the night was coming even though it was day time.

the wall which was hundreds of miles long was packed with people right now. there were all kinds of people on the wall with various weapons.

All of them had some kind of clothes which were black and red with a dragon symbol on their chest. this was a dragon slayer region made up of the most talented martial artists and genius of the eight provinces.

There were some who were using military-issued weapons while some were using heir own weapons. there were also some without any weapons. The leader of the dragon slayer legion which was a middle-aged man was standing beside elder hong and looking at the darkness far away in the sky.

" Elder Hong, We are fortunate this time, the hoard is full of Demon bats. it will be good training for the kids. "

elder Hone who was rubbing his chin while thinking nodded and looked at the middle-aged man " You are right, this beast group is likely to be the part of the demon Wolf's beast legion. I am surprised to see that the demon wolf can command this many Demon bats."

the Demon bats were low leveled beasts and only one in hundred would be Spiritual Demon bat which was comparable to the mortal level martial artist. there would be one apprentice-level spiritual Demon bat among hundreds of mortal level bats and by the looks of the army approaching, elder hong knew that there must be at least 1000 master level and 1 grandmaster level spiritual Demon bat.

the middle-aged man shouted to the youths in dragon uniform. " If there is a grandmaster level spiritual Demon bat, leave it to Grandmaster Hong! Kill the rest of the beasts! Archers! attack on my command! " Han Bai looked at the sky and concentrated. He was a park Sprit Master and was the leader of the Dragonslayer legion.

As soon as the bats crossed the mark left on the ground, Han Bai roared to the sky " Attack!! "

* Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Twang!! Twang!! *

Half of the archers were using various types of bows while the other half were using Crossbows. The rain of arrows almost covered the whole sky and it was as if the doomsday was approaching. The arrows didn't differentiate between mortal or apprentice level beasts and reaped countless lives. The sky was raining dead bats and blood which excited some of the battle crazy youths which some paled at the sight of the bloody scene.

There were some who were using their unique powers with bows like fire arrows, thunder arrows, wind arrows, Water arrows, all the different attacks would create a huge dent in the formation of the bats in the sky. Still, the bats were like the never-ending tide as they continue to advance and soon reached the wall. the demon bats were bloodthirsty as they attacked the humans and soon another massacre followed suit.

Some of the people were covered in fire from head to toe, some had unique cultivation techniques which allowed them to perform various attacks. Some powerful geniuses even killed the bats with their weapons only.

Elder hong noticed several promising youths. There was one who was releasing crackling electricity from his hands. his eyes were yellow and filled with electric current and his body was flashing from left to right like lighting which drilling holes through various bats. the bats were being killed and their corpses were being burned at the same time.

Another youth was standing still while holding his sword. Although he was standing still, the bats were unable to enter 3 meters radius around him. as soon as a bat tries to enter the area, the lightning-fast sword stroke would end it's life. there were was a pile of dismembered corpses of bats around the youth.

another youth which was huge like a bull was swinging a metal ball which spikes tied to the pole with chain. the metal ball would smash the bats to pulp upon impact and the youth was covered in the blood of the bats from head to toe. the bats were simply swatted like flies near him.

Elder Hong even saw a master level bat grabbing a disciple and flying in the sky. as soon as elder hong was about to make a move to save the poor fellow, a frost spear reaped the life of the bat as the student was saved. the person throwing the frost spear was a beautiful girl.

Besides her was another girl with metal fans behind her protecting her from the bats with her fans which would create a windshield around them and at the same time by swinging the fans horizontally, she would send wind blades to the bats, slicing them to death.


Wan Gong clan

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" This is serious! we need to attack the stronghold of the demons now! Many of our people have seen the creatures capturing spiritual beasts from the mountain! that mountain is our land! we can not let the demons take over the mountain! "

the Clan leader of the wan gong clan village was looking at the elders bickering with each other. There were some who said to go to war and some who said that they should first find out the strength of the enemy.

After an hour of discussion, the clan leader finally spoke " I shall announce the final decision now. We will gather half of the army and head to the wan gong mountain tomorrow. The other half would act as the reinforcement if something unexpected happened. Elder Ming would be in charge of the village while I would lead the army my self "

This decision was soon accepted by all of the elders. They didn't notice that there was a small spider watching all this play out from a small crack in the ceiling of the building. it was actually a small mechanical robot.

In the warehouse of the huge cave, ace was looking at the screen as he tapped the table with his hand. " We have one day, finish the armament of the first squad by tomorrow and equip them with non-deadly weapons. we need to show them that we aren't guests. "

soon a mechanical sound followed.

[ Squad one, initiating the armament. Equipping the squad with Punch cannons and heat-seeking missiles DB 230 ]