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 Longdan Provence was known for its remarkable forests which are full of resources. Many small organizations and sects would choose this place to train their disciples in the forests of longdan. the forest was named Nature's harmony. the forest had a large amount of nature and healing attributes herbs, trees, beasts, and resources related to the nature element.

The forest was explored by many multiple times and was connected to a different forest which was called Greenland of slaughter or simply slaughter woods.

Slaughter woods got its name from the number of spiritual beasts that roamed inside the forest. No sect would dare to send their disciples into this forest as the sheer amount of beasts fighting against each other in this forest would cause the rivers of blood to flow from the place. there were many high-level beasts that roamed the and even master-level martial artists would parish here.

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The Nature element of Nature's Harmony would calm the beasts down so the beasts would always stay back in the slaughter woods and rarely would they come in Nature's Harmony. there was an outpost near the border of Nature's Harmony forest which was the only way one can enter the forest because as the longdan province faced the beasts hoards in past, a great wall was built to stop the spiritual beasts outside the wall.

the wall was named The great wall of longdan and was protecting the citizens of the Longdan Provence for the past 1000 years. Today the wall was broken in many places and there was blood all around the place. there were soldiers running around in black and yellow armor on the wall and some people in white cloths taking the injured soldiers away. there were also people in brown robes cleaning the walls of blood and collecting the severed limbs and dead bodies.

there were also people in blue robes who were collecting the corpses of spiritual beasts and harvesting the spiritual crystals from their bodies.


" Stupid beast! I told you to land! why won't you listen to me! land here! "

Suddenly a huge chubby golden cat with silver stripes landed on the ground. it was as big as a truck and it seems like it was angry at something but when an old man with a wooden stick got down from the back of the cat, the cat calmed down and shrunk back to the size of a normal cat. The other two who were sitting on the back of the cat were forced to land on the ground.

all the people were shocked at this scene and some soldiers even surrounded the old man Hong but when they saw that another person was general Quan chi, they stopped and saluted their general.

" Arrange a room for Elder Hong and Medicine Elder Chi. The reinforcements will be here in the afternoon and the remunerations for the dead will be announced tomorrow! "

There was silence on the wall as all the soldiers returned to their work. the beast tide had caused devastating damage and as the only grandmaster level expert, General Quan chi wasn't able to fight off three beasts by himself. Fortunately, the beasts retreated by themselves and the wall was safe for now. their elder hong was speechless at the scene as he saw many master level beasts corpses near the wall and the most eye-catching one was a huge elephant which was like a jumbo jet airplane.

it was a grey behemoth and even after a day had passed since it died, the soldiers were unable to harvest everything from its body. this was why the beast hunting was a lucrative business as the material gained from a beast would make it up for all the damage done.

soon the higher-ups were led by Quan chi to a fortified building where the meeting was held. this time, the beast tide was really weird. the beasts won't retreat when the human army was about to collapse and the fact that a grandmaster level beast withdrew from the battlefield as soon as the army was about to collapse was really strange.

" I think someone is manipulating the beast tide. we must be careful "

" But even if someone is manipulating the beast tide, why would they spare us? could it be that they don't want to kill us? "

Elder Hong said with a grave expression on his face " It's to lure the dragonslayer legion! they are the best students of the martial arts we have and if they perish in this fight, the strength of the wargod alliance would greatly weaken. However, the alliance leader has given his order so we can not stop the dragonslayer legion from coming here. we must ensure the safety of some of the best geniuses from the legion. "

" You are right elder Hong, I will provide my strength with my healing attribute " The Medicine elder who was a bald old man with a wooden stick spoke. he looked like some kind of hermit who was hiding enormous strength.

General Quan chi stood up and bowed to the both of the elders " I and my army will also try our best to ensure the safety of the dragon slayer legion "

" General, the geniuses may be better in terms of strength and cultivation talent but they lack the fighting experience. I hope you train them and teach them the rules of the battlefield when they arrive here. " Elder hong said as he took a sip of the tea.


Wan gong mountain

A huge monstrosity made of metal was excavating inside of a cave while thousands of bats were attacking it, they were fruit bats of the wan gong mountain, they would usually go out in night and eat all kinds of fruits from the trees. they were weak individually but once some creature provoked them, they would attack the beast in group of thousands and shread it to pieces.

[ Armadillo Classic shield is damaged, durability 56% ]

[ Armadillo Classic shield is damaged, durability 55% ]

the messages were flashing on a screen in from of ace as he was observing the fight. the blue sphere of energy around the armadillo classic was protecting the metal frame of the robot. Ace used a strange yellow crystal he obtained from the previous excavation to fuel the shield generator and he found out that that yellow crystal was called Thunder Quartz. it was able to store the power of thunder and with some induction from the magnetic field, he can make it release the power at a stable rate. he was using five fist-sized crystal to run the [Armadillo classic].

" So it can run for approximately one hour. if I make a generator, I can make it last longer. but we need a power source for that. Ruby, find the area with oil nearby. "

[ The nearest area is wan gong village which has an oil lake in the south of the village. ]

" I guess it's time to launch the drones and see if they can fight the cultivators of this world. "

he turned around his chair as he stood up and walked out of the room as he entered a huge underground hall where a machine the size of a building was continuously producing humanoid robots which had black armors and were made of simple motors and metal.

Ace was able to use the materials excavated by small drones to make the 3D printer customized to produce robots so that he won't have to rely on his own 3D printer and it will last longer. He was determined to reduce his reliability on the 3D printer on his arm.