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 There was a small Room inside village chief's home which was usually reserved for village chief's son when he returns from his trip to city, village chief was 63 years old and has only one son which was going to become next village chief. He was out of village because he had some business to take care of and also buy necessary things from nearby town.

Ace was resting right now as he was exhausted after beating up so many of beasts. he encountered 12 of those Boars who could go berserk and become black but as he was about to enter deeper into the Forrest, Alice warned him that there was a creature there 50 Km away which was radiating abnormal amount of radiation and Ace shouldn't go that way.

Ace decided to play it safe and returned with those bodies of ordinary boars because those black boars were too strong for villagers and if he bought them with him, then entering the village would be difficult.


Village chief gathered all the villagers and they were discussing about Ace.

" But we cannot let him stay to long! what if he is wanted by some sect? we would be doomed and whole village would be killed."

" But he said he is a merchant, maybe he only needs some time to rest and would leave soon, if we can buy meat from him at low cost hen that would save months of labor for our hunters. "

" Did you notice how he looks, he doesn't look like he came from somewhere around this part, he must be from far away so maybe the powers which are after him are also from far away and won't attack us for no reason "

Village chief listened to all the elders and finally made a decision " Fine, let's do this. we have to decide wether we want him to stay or not. if he stays then we will buy meat from him and leave a good impression on him. later we can use that when our village faces trouble and if we tell him to leave, then he might have bad impression of us and won't sell us his meat "

as he said that ,be looked at all the Villagers with narrow eyey " I've made a decision to let him stay, we have been oppressed by bandits, we have to pay tax to the sect too. I know that recently we have enough beast meat but this merchant's price is affordable for our village. we won't have food crisis for at lest six month if we spend all the saved money of village on his meat. Earning his favor would be good too as if he can exterminate those strong beasts then he would be able to help us with those bandits too. "

" I think village chief is right! if we don't take the risk then we won't survive! "

" We will buy the meat! "

" I don't want to starve anymore! "


" Looks like they made their decision really fast. " Ace was observing this commotion from his room with a small Spider bot which looked like a real spider. He looked at the screen and suddenly he froze. One of the kid looked at his spider bot and ruthlessly crushed it with rock! Ace felt like his heart was being crushed like that spider! he only had this one bot which was small and which he can use for spying, because of delicate parts, only this one bot survived, he was confident that no one would notice this bot spying but damn! Kids of this village didn't even fear those ferocious beasts! why would they be scared of his small spider? it was naturally like a toy for them.

He now had only three things he could rely on which were his armor, his 3D printer which had limited amount of energy and his plasma gun which was mounted on his shoulder. He won't be able to use those extra goodies being repaired on his space ship because sending those things on the surface would be one way trip and he would use those limited pods which were used for this transportation with care.


Ace found a lots of things from staying in this village. The nearest town was called Mizo town and it was under control of Mist pavilion which was local overload sect of this area. they had millions of Disciples in many nearby towns. Villagers didn't know where this sect's headquarters were located at but they gave him a clue about how to find it. In one month , there would be recruitment of outer disciples for Mist pavilion.

Ace decided to join this Mist pavilion first so that he can get that dimensional storage space, which was said to be easyly available to those cultivator. maybe it was hard but he was confident of getting this thing once he joined this sect. In his stay in huiju village , he sold all those beast bodies to villagers in exchange for 1256 copper coins which were considered a standard currency here and which was accumulated savings of whole village, if his assumption was correct then this can be converted into 12 silver and 56 copper.

Above silver came gold coins. he also found out name of the strange energy which was called Spritual force. There were also several different kind of energies like demonic force and Holy force, yin and yang energies, Warrior inner strength and Several different kind of energies.

Spritual force was easy to get from atmosphere and was available in large quantity. that's why techniques to cultivate using this force were easyly available and was used by most of the sect. some of the sects had secret places which generated stronger force then spritual force and thus were stronger than ordinary sects. This kind of sects were true major powers in this world. He found out all this information from an old man who was an adventurer when he was young. he travelled around the world and at last wanted to settle in this village. he didn't cultivate but was still stronger than most of the people of this village except for some hunters.

Ace decided his next course of action should be to visit Mizo town but before that he must examine that old tree which had so much spritual force inside it. that tree was definitely something strange.

Next day Ace woke up early and bid his farewell to village chief and left the village, he liked this village very much and all the people were kind to him. they told him that there were many kind of dangers in the forrest for example bandits in the Forrest would loot in group of 10 and would be as strong as those villagers. because those bandits were criminals and outlaws , they also sometimes killed cultivators and often had one of two cultivators as leaders.

the gang taking tax from village was called Iron boar gang. there was a tamer in their group which was able to tame boars in the black boar Forrest and make them attack any village in large numbers. village attacked by them would be ruined and this was why all the Villagers were forced to pay tax to them.

Ace was planning to loot this gang and take all the secret techniques they had which would help villagers and he would also learn those techniques which would make joining the Mist pavilion easy for him hitting two birds with one stone.

" It's time to slaughter again " Ace said while licking his lips as he was filled with adrenaline last time he fought with those black boars. he wanted to experience more of that reckless fighting style and this time he wanted to used his own body strength to do this.