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 Ace was looking at a scene in front of him while sitting on a chair. the room was dark but the light reflected off of the various metallic objects gave the room a chilling atmosphere.

This room was his secret hideout which he prepared in a week. it was underground in the wan gong mountain and was made of the minerals processed from the mine.

the mine was called Iron stronghold 1 as it contained a huge amount of iron in the soil which was rich in spiritual force. Ace made some simple mining robots to mine in the mountain and as he got more iron ore from the mine, he continued to expand the mine on a larger scale.

Today, he was going to finish the first industrial-grade mining robot named [armadillo classic]. It was a bulky vehicle like a robot with legs and arms like that of transformers. the robot was capable of performing all kinds of the mining operation and at the same time, it can also process the raw soil into finished iron chunks in its chest which had built-in finance.

Ace looked at the finished circuit board of the armadillo classic as he smiled in satisfaction. There were many way more powerful versions of the mining robots but this model was selected because of its simplicity and robust construction.

There was a huge chest that was as big as a car and was made of Spiritual steel, its head was a small assembly of cameras, sensors, and lights. the arms and legs were small like that of a real armadillo with sharp claws like an excavator to send the unearthed soil into the furnace in its chest. When ace stood beside it, he looked like a puppy standing near an elephant. it took him a whole week to finish this robot and finally, he can advance to phase two of his plan.

it was to build a robot army and gather resources of the world on a larger scale. Although he was interested in raising his cultivation level he simply didn't have

Patience to endure the arduous and long process of meditation. in the age he lived in, everything was really fast and as a hair to the multi galactic family, he had everything he wanted and would appear in front of him instantly.

the cultivation however required hard work so he decided that until he finds a way to advance his cultivation level by leaps and bounds, he won't bother to cultivate at a slow pace like every other cultivator.

Ace looked at various data on the screen as he pondered upon the recent research on the spiritual force of this strange world. the physics of the world was in some way similar to his previous universe but there were some fundamental differences that gave the world its unique identity. The first abnormal thing about the world was that the space fabric of the universe was different compared to his previous world. it was much sturdy but at the same time, it was also easily affected by the spiritual force of the atmosphere.

the second thing in this research was about different attributes in the spiritual force. the people of this world believed that there were 12 or even 15 types of attributes in the world, but the research showed that there were 3000 types of different attributes present in the spiritual force of the world.

the research shocked him and he wonders what it would feel like to acquire all 3000 different attributes. of course, he was unable to distinguish all 3000 elements apart from each because only those who had an affinity with a certain element can sense the elements in heaven and earth. Ace was satisfied with this research and it drove him to immerse himself into more research as he once again buried himself among varied lifeless machines and instruments.


Wargod alliance was on high alert right now as they search for Shen Tiancai was stopped midway and an emergency meeting was called because of a sudden spiritual beast portal's appearance.

Wargod alliance higher-ups were all gathered in the assembly room and discussing the current situation.

" The strength of this time's beast hoard is too big! my army cannot handle them. we need reinforcements! " A strong man with raging aura was standing in front of all the elders of the wargod alliance as he looked at the current generation alliance leader.

the alliance leader was a young man clad in white robes. he looked young but his cultivation level wasn't that simple. he was a peak spirit grandmaster.

The youth looked at the person and smiled as he spoke in a calm tone " General Quan chi has served the people of the Jiang province with all his heart for 100 years without ever losing a battle. I am sure it must be tiring on you...how about we listen to the elders of the alliance first and discuss the issue "

General Quan chi clenched his first hard as he looked at the young man. this person didn't care about the mortals of the world at all. In fact, the whole wargod alliance was corrupted and each and every single person was scheming against each other.

10 years ago, the previous alliance leader gave up his position to enter closed-door cultivation. the youth in front of him became the alliance leader with his schemes. Although other elders disliked him, they couldn't do anything as the young man had the support from his father who was the vice leader of the alliance. His father didn't give up the vice leader position and made his son the alliance leader.

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Whole alliance this came under the control of the father and son pair. the eight great province had never seen peaceful days after that as the wargod alliance started gathering and snatching geniuses from all the eight great provinces. Those who refused to join were either cast out or harassed constantly. those who joined were accepted under the father and son faction which had grown powerful in recent hears.

" Alliance leader Han, we can not delay any longer. the spiritual beasts have three great generals which are snow snake prince, Devil Wolf, and A Corrosion Ape. The vanguard forces are crushed and the beast army is marching towards the Longdan province. " General Quan chi cupped his fists as he looked at the youth with pleading eyes. he was a fierce warrior but for the good of the people, he was willing to bend his head down to those in power.

Han Shuya who was the alliance leader nodded as he looked at the elders and passed the order " We will use this chance to train the Dragonslayer legion. The geniuses we gathered are greenhorns and requires tempering by blood! Elder Hong will be leading the dragonslayer army."