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 " How did the kid do it? our inscription masters aren't even able to cause half a big explosion as that of the kid...we must find him! "

" I don't understand, how can he just disappear like that...old man Qin, you clearly saw him falling into the lake, didn't you? "

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Old man Qin who was sitting on a chair nearby with other experts of the wargod alliance. This place was a grand hall decorated with different accessories like statues of dragons and Phoenix. there were four great beasts painted on the walls and it had an old royal Chinese style red color. this hall looked normal at first sight but the aura of the whole building is like that of a beast.

A slumbering beast that will awaken at any moment. Any weak-willed person would undoubtedly kneel if he faced the aura. This was because it was the Alliance hall of the Wargod Alliance.

The background of the wargod alliance was really interesting. The whole area of the three sects, misty Pavillion, Golden rose palace and evergreen sun sect was under this wargod alliance. It was called the wargod alliance because of the area of the eight provinces was once under the control of different eight powers. Each and every power has one Warrior who is called Wargod. there were eight great war gods back then and they all fought for their respective powers.

There were delicate balance and harmony between those eight war gods but then the era of chaos arrived. space-time fabric of the realm was weakened and different cosmic entities from other realms started invading the world. This era was called the beginning of the chaos. the era is still going on and people always dreamed of returning to the peaceful era back then.

The cosmic power which affected the eight great Provence area was the Beast realm along with undead and another realm called the spiritual sea. The creatures from the spiritual sea were the most dangerous and it took the combined might of the eight great war gods to kill a single sprite sea entity. The creature was later called Sprite Lord.

Eight war gods sacrificed themselves and sealed the sprite sea realm for an unknown amount of time. The combined forces of the war gods then established a wargods alliance to specifically deal with the other two realms.

Old man Qin looked at the engravings on the wall which told the story of the sacrifices of the war gods of the old. today, the threat of the undead realm was negligible and for the beast realm, the wargod alliance was able to control the spatial gate of it and use it for their own use.

He looked at the people arguing and fighting over a single disciple. he was really angry but he didn't have the strength to back it up. the people in the hall were all the descendants of the war gods and he was just a servant.

He was strong and was a Grandmaster level expert but in front of the direct descendants who were able to utilize all the resources available in eight Provence, he was just another stronger insect. The people thought that they were rulers and with the passing of time, they gradually developed a mindset that all the people of the Provence were their slaves and they can order around any genius as they like.

Old man Qin would usually pity the genius which was embroiled in the power struggle of the eight families but this time he felt different. It was because it has been a week and they still couldn't find the person they were looking for even though the top brass of the sect utilized all their resources. Even the divination of the Fate attribute masters was unable to locate him because when they tried to find the fate string of Ace, they simply couldn't find it.

It was proven then that Ace was from a different realm and the Wargod alliance was still on the lookout for him not because he was a genius but because of his crafting skills.

The Bomb he made was simply too good for the Wargod alliance, they had a perfect monster farm in the form of the beast realm and if they can get a tool which can kill the beast hordes with just utilizing the monster cores, then the harvest would be more than worth it. The only problem now was that the method to make the beast core bomb was in the hands of Shen Tiancai and he was missing.


There was a huge mountain near the Wan gong clan village. This village was said to be founded by a member of Wan clan which was one of the prominent clan in Chaonan city. the person who founded the village was an exiled warrior of the Wan clan. Since the village only consisted of most of the Wan clan members, this village was named Wan Gong clan village. the mountain nearby was a source of food and livelihood of the villagers. they didn't have many martial artists in the village but the lifestyle of the villagers was better than most villages as they had some small heritage from their ancestors.

The mountain was also named Wan Gong mountain ever since the Wan clan warrior moved here. Although the villagers were stronger than average mortals of the world, they were only able to explore the outer parameter of the mountain. the middle layer of the mountain was filled with master-level beasts and it was said that on top of the mountain, there lived a grandmaster level beast which was sleeping there ever since the founding of the village.

Today was the day of the festival for the village as it was the day of great importance for the whole village. every year on this day, the strongest warriors of the clan would enter the village and hunt the strongest spiritual beast they can find. The winner would be awarded the nurturing of the clan and would be able to become the next clan leader of the clan.

Ah Wan was one of the warriors that entered the forest this day and decided to try his luck. he was only a rank 6 mortal level and didn't have any remarkable strength but he was at least confident of killing a few mortal level beasts and earn the favor of the big shots of the clan.

Ah Wan was hiding in a bush right now while looking at his first prey which was a small lizard the size of a dog. it was called burning crown lizard and was one of the rare beasts found within the forest on the mountain.

Ah Wan was prepared to sneak attack this lizard with his black metal spear and was already dreaming of making good money with the corpse of this beast but the next scene made him freeze with fear.

The lizard was attacked by a flying object. He didn't know what it was but it was really fast. the object suddenly opened and there came a steel net out of it which engulfed the lizard, capturing it with ease. Ah Wan had never seen something like this and he wanted to quickly run away. He waited until the flying object restricted the net and pulled the lizard which was still struggling in the net inside its body and left.


[ Master, there was a person near the lizard which was captured by the Drone 76 just now.]

It was black all over the room with various kind of lights flashing on different small and big screens. The sweet voice of the girl was echoing inside the room as a boy sitting on the chair opened his eyes slowly and smiled.

" Don't worry ruby...its time for us to reveal ourselves. I've prepared enough. we will be taking over this mountain in few days so keep an eye on the village for me for now."

The sweet voice replied to the boy in calm tone

[ Yes Master ]