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 All of the undead which were left started running towards the same spot. Unfortunately, old man Qin and Xiao cai's warning was too late, the undead had already started gathering at one place even before the pod landed. Dark fate started gathering them just when he found out that Ace was Shen Tiancai.

All of the undead which reached the spot where the cloud of black smoke was gathered. Suddenly cloud took shape of a human face. This was the face of Dark fate, strong jaw and sharp eyes with a long beard. It was his face when he was at his prime. The face looked at Ace as it smirked.

" Boy, you forced me to use the Forbidden Art of Undead Abomination. Witness one of the strongest technique of undead legion! "

all of the undead who went inside the black smoke burst like a bomb and all of the biomass gathered in the black smoke. Soon hundreds and thousands of undead were devoured the same way. some undead which was away from this black cloud was killed by disciples.

Old man Qin looked at Xiao cai " We can not wait anymore Xiao cai. Let's attack! "

Xiao cai nodded as soon there was an earthquake. Xiao Cai who was standing on his flying sword jumped down from it as he was falling towards the black cloud with huge biomass in it which was rotating on the spot with black smoke getting infused in it.

Huge boulders flew in the air as they covered the whole body of Xiao cai. He soon looked like a rock giant as he landed on the ground with a loud boom.

Old man Win on the other hand was sitting cross-legged in between a huge rather sphere. The sphere started taking shape of a flood dragon as it flew around the battlefield with a saintly might. Old man Qin was standing on the back of the huge water dragon.

" Boulder giant transformation? Not bad...." Old man Qin laughed as he looked at the rock giant. Suddenly, the giant who was moving slowly started speeding up. white mist surrounded the giant.

" What a genius, able to use mist attribute and earth attribute? truly a fortune for the misty Pavillion. "

Old man Qin let out a sigh as he looked at the black cloud.

It was reducing as more and more undead merged with the floating ball of meat and bones. The ball absorbed all the smoke and just as it the rock giant was about to punch it, a huge hand reached out from the floating biomass and stopped the punch. Slowly it took shape of a human figure and His face looked exactly like Dark fate except for the beard.

The human figure looked at the huge dragon in the sky and then at the rock giant. It was as big as two rock giants standing on top of each other.

Huge undead flicked his arm and threw the rock giant in the air. The rock giant was sent flying.

* Boom!! Crash!! *

The rock giant crashed into the barrier of the misty pavilion as on its body, cracks like spider webs started spreading.

" He might be as strong as a rank 4 spirit Grandmaster level cultivator. " Old man Qin who was calm now hand a surprised expression on his face. The undead abomination was never seen before the technique of undead legion.

" He must be someone important in the undead legion... " The huge water dragon didn't stop though, it was flying towards the huge undead with breakneck speed and leaving a trail of blue in the sky.

* Booooom! *

Undead abomination roared towards the dragon as it captured the head of the dragon in its thick arms. The dragon which was struggling wrapped it's the body around the undead as it bit one of the hands of the undead abomination.

" What a strong defense! " Old man Qin was surprised as even the sharp teeth of the dragon could only go up to a few inches deep in the body of the giant undead abomination.

This was also due to insufficient strength as the undead abomination was at rank 4 spirits grandmaster whereas old man qin's water dragon was only at rank 3 spirits Grandmaster level.

Ace who was looking at the scene was amazed by the strength shown by the three giants. " Will I be that much powerful when I become a grandmaster level expert? " There was a strong urge inside him to get powerful.

He was thinking about how to deal with this situation as no matter what he tried, he won't be able to hurt this undead abomination.

Even to wound its body, he would need high powered Titan cannon. Unfortunately, he didn't have that right now. A lot of thoughts crossed his mind. He can use sky breaker, he can use photon disintegrator with a Fresnel lens. He can also use the crossbow recurve flux but the power produced won't be enough.

" Hmm, his defense is a problem. Usually to break this kind of defense, either you use brute force or you use penetration type energy." His eyes lit up as he remembered the Roar of the death bomb he made. it was an EMP attack and it was really successful in hurting that undead.

" But I need a spiritual crystal of a fire attribute beast, a strong one at that..."

He looked around as he saw that the giant dragon was unexpectedly doing well against the undead abomination. No matter how many times the undead breaks the water dragon, it would form itself again. Ace knew this won't go on forever and he also saw all of the disciples escaping so he knew that old man Qin was just buying time. His spiritual force would run out eventually and he also would have to escape.

Ace looked at the rock giant who was running back to the battlefield with cracks still present on the body which were mending themselves.

" Maybe, the misty pavilion can provide me? It's worth a try " He locked on to the giant as soon it was as if his suit came alive with energy. Ace got a feeling as if a monster had awakened and he was also able to hear a faint roar of monster. It was the core engine that was pumping energy into the muscle fibers.

The eyes of the suit released a red light as Ace got in position and in half a second, he started running. His two legs were like a tornado, kicking the ground like a drill and his speed was even faster than a jet fighter.

In two seconds he took to reach the rock giant, he even broke the sound barrier.

He knew that the sect leader won't listen to him that easily but he didn't have the luxury of time. He directly jumped into the air and landed on the chest of the rock giant.

He looked like a mouse compared to the rock giant. " Sect leader, I think I can defeat that thing if you help me! " He released a single directional sound wave so only sect leader was and to hear it. This was thanks to his suit which had many such unique capabilities. If you are in a city full of zombies and say something to another person then a shout would attract lots of zombie to you so this system was a must for the suit made to fight zombies.

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Xiao cai was surprised to hear this as he was just about to attack ace. He thought that ace had sided with the undead and was attacking him. This was because of the speed which ace displayed was too fast. Even faster than a rank 1 Grandmaster level person who had wind attribute. He was startled when he heard that ace can defeat the guy.

" Tell me, what do you want? " The rock giant, of course, didn't stop running.

" I need as many fire attribute spiritual crystals as you can get, the higher the level of the crystal the better! You remember that blast right near the hole right? that was me! "

Xiao cai suddenly stopped. He didn't have any doubt that what ace was saying was true. It was just that he would need to abandon the battlefield and retrieve those fire attribute spiritual crystals from sect treasury.

Ace also understood what xiao cai was thinking" Don't worry, if you don't get them, there won't be a misty pavilion to protect anymore "

Xiao cat's face twitched as the rock giant broke apart. Xiao cai who was standing on flying sword looked at ace. He knew this person was from another plane of existence. This didn't mean he could fully trust ace but seeing that ace was only an apprentice realm cultivator, he was assured that ace won't lie. He simply won't dare to.

Xiao cai wasn't sure why old man Qin trusted ace so much but he decided to trust old man Qin, the reinforcements from the worgod alliance would be coming soon and if ace did betray him, his misty Pavillion would only benefit. Ace was considered the responsibility of old man Qin and if ace did something wrong, Ola man Qin would have to give compensation to the misty pavilion.

Xiao cai nodded and left on a mist cloud which was pretty fast but not as fast as ace.

Ace then sit down behind the body of the earth giant and took out many materials and started making the same bombshell from before. This time it was blue color and its size was as big as a stability ball. It took him ten minutes to complete the bomb and those ten minutes were bought by sweat and blood of old man Qin.

After 10 minutes, the size of the water dragon was reduced to half of the original one and undead abomination was missing a hand. Unfortunately, the hand was regenerating as new undead merged with the undead abomination.

There were master rank peak masters of misty pavilion who were fighting and maintaining a barrier around the battle which prevented more undead from joining the undead abomination.

The undead abomination, on the other hand, had completely gone mad. It loosed it's sanity and was madly attacking the only target in front of it which was the water dragon. This was one of the demerits of the forbidden techniques.

Ace finished the bombshell and xiao cai gave ace several thousands of fire attribute spiritual crystals from misty pavilion Treasury. The strongest was a single rank 1 grandmaster level spiritual crystal.

Ace was satisfied as he quickly opened the blue sphere and inserted the crystal as big as a football in the middle. Other nine master rank 9 crystals were set all around it in a circle and they were bigger than a baseball.

Ace's heart was bleeding as he looked at the spiritual crystals, he could've used those crystals to level up but when he thought about the explosion he would produce, he smiled brightly.

He inserted a first sized sprite stone in the last socket which was on top of the ball and put his hand over it. He started pouring his 'Thunder' attribute spiritual force into it.

After a few seconds, the spiritual stone was filled with thunder attribute spiritual energy and he closed the huge ball-shaped bomb.

He looked at Xiao cai " Give a message to old man Qin to get away from that undead abomination, grab this thing into the mouth of the dragon and take it near the monster. "

Xiao cai's face twitched again as he looked at old man Qin. He soon sent a mental massage which was one of the abilities grandmaster rank experts had.

Old man Qin nodded as xiao cai also instructed peak masters to evacuate the battlefield. They frowned but since it was an order, they soon left the battlefield.

Old the dragon which was controlled by old man Qin was there, it soon flew towards the bomb and picked it up in its mouth.

Ace knew his work was done here so he turned around and in split second and broke the sound barrier while running. " Run! " He yelled before running.

Xiao cai and old man Qin who were 200 meters away frowned " How big would this explosion be? maybe we should get away a little more " Old man Qin nodded as all of the experts backed away on their flying swords.

The dragon slowly crept near the undead abomination.

* Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep *

The sound from the bomb kept getting more intense as finally just when two giants were about to collide with each other, Blinding light engulfed them both. The earth around the place was lifted up in the air and then like a wave, earth sank hundreds of meters around the explosion.

* Boooooooooooom!! *

Each and every single expert bled from their ears and nose. Some weaker ones even coughed blood. The barrier which protected the weaker disciples had cracks all over it.

A huge mushroom cloud of fire was lifted up in the air and the next shock wave sent everyone flying. Even old man Qin and Xiao cai staggered and almost fell down from their flying swords.

Ace who was running faster than others was also sent flying and broke several trees before crashing into a lake.


After an hour, old man Qin and Xiao cai reached the center of the blast. There was a huge crater which was 70 to 80 meters deep and 300 to 400 meters wide.

A mountain nearby was half missing and undead abomination was completely gone. Even the ashes were missing.

Ace who was laying at the bottom of the lake looked at the fish swimming " Damn! I forgot to set it to EMP mode " He laughed to himself.