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 the war continued between misty pavilion and undead which were over master rank. Thanks to the bomb Ace made, only undead which were above master rank survived.

The blast affected master rank undead too and their fighting capabilities were affected. This gave misty pavilion an advantage over the undead.

Dark fate was still unwilling to give up ad he looked at the battlefield. The hole which he was looking at was closing little by little. He won't be able to get any benefit from that hole.

The battlefield was covered with bodies of the disciples of the misty pavilion and other experts which were transformed into undead by Dark Fate.

Dark Fate who was still standing in the sky suddenly noticed that at the entrance where his undead servant was trying to break through the barrier, a red beam of light appeared which broke the barrier. It also struck much undead in its way and killed half of the undead which was gathered around the entrance of the sect.

Old man Qin and Sect leader Xiao Cai also looked at the entrance as they noticed Ace.

" Shen Tiancai? " Xiao Cai muttered under his breath.

This was heard by Dark fate even though he was standing far away from the two experts. His eyes became a bloodshot as he looked at Ace. " So this is the brat that killed my son huh..." He had an evil smile on his face. When he, his friend and his son. All three of them were separated and he heard that his son was killed by someone named Shen Tiancai.

When he saw that red beam of light and then Ace walking out of the hole in the barrier, he knew this was the same Shen Tiancai.

He directly jumped down from the ship and a black flying sword appeared under his feet. He flew towards Ace as fast as he can.

Ace also noticed this as soon as he came out of the barrier. He wasn't bothered though as he smirked.

" Fool, do you think I am taking a walk in a park? this is a battlefield, I won't come out unless I am sure I won't be harmed. " He laughed as he stood there.

Dark Fate became enraged upon seeing this as he increased his speed. Old man Qin and Sect leader Xiao cai also reacted quickly and rushed after Dark Fate to stop him. They were a little bit late because of shock they got upon seeing the identity of the person who they assumed to be a master rank mysterious disciple.

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Ace looked at Old man Qin as he smiled " I'll show this old man that I am no pushover" He looked Back at Dark Fate after that.

As soon as Dark Fate was just 100 meters away from Ace, He felt a cold chill down his spine. He abruptly stopped and looked around. As a Grandmaster level expert, his perception of danger was high. He was, unfortunately, unable to find the source of this uneasiness.

He felt his heart stop for a second " Shit! " It was at this moment he knew, he f*cked up. " Below? No....above? " He looked up and his eyes went wide when he saw a blazing meteorite directly above him. His legs went soft as he raised his head and released a barrier made of his own blood, the barrier, unfortunately, didn't even have time to form completely as he got crushed under the meteorite.

* Booooom! *

There was a huge blast in the area as all of the undead which was close to the area were killed. There were also some unfortunate disciples who were killed. The meteorite suddenly released a blinding light as it opened from the middle. It was a surface reckon pod.

In the forest, Ace had sent a message to his ship in the sky. He had requested many things from AI and as the pod was close to the surface just seconds ago, the second beam that he fired contained new instructions. This Allowed Ace to establish a connection to Ace and control the trajectory of the pod.

He controlled pod and changed it's landing spot at the last moment. He wasn't sure if it killed the Dark Fate but that wasn't even his objective, to begin with. His real objective was to injure the Undead Apostle as much as he can and to show the old man his true strength.

The Expression on Old man Qin's face clearly indicated that he had succeeded in his secondary objective. He pressed a button on his Sky Breaker.

It was a signal for his new armor which was inside the pod.

Soon a blood red piece of armor flew out of the pod. It was left-hand armor piece of the armor. Soon the armor floated in front of Ace and as soon as Ace reached out to it with his left hand, it transformed and adjusted itself on his hand to fit his size.

After this one after other, new pieces of armor flew towards him and attached to his body which covered Ace like a Blood red demon from hell.

The armor was completely red and its eyes which were two red-colored dots on the smooth round helmet looked like eyes of some evil beast. There was a huge 'Z' on the chest of the armor which was a dark red color.

[ Crimson Z is online ]

" Perfect, I think even the armor is ready for the fight! It feels like it's alive! " Ace was really excited. This piece of armor was developed first in the age of Demon Cold. That was a dark age for humanity and Zombies were everywhere.

To fight them, humans took advantage of their only weakness.

Speed! Unbelievable Speed!

This armor was designed with swift and rapid maneuvers and speed in mind. Later various companies developed the armor farther.

His armor was special as there was only this one armor which was given The title of Crimson Z. Crimson series represented Top of the class maneuverability and Z represented especially designed melee weapons. It was made of Inconel superalloy. Inconel is a family of Austenitic Nickel-Chromium-Based Superalloys and Z represented the strongest metal in the Inconel Family.

One gram of this alloy was worth as much as a small spaceship. Only he was able to afford to make a whole armor out of the alloy and use it as much as he liked.

Ace Scanned the whole battlefield. There were few more things in the pod which was repaired by the AI in the ship. It included this armor, some supplies, and few weapons.

Suddenly the pod was lifted and a skinny figure walked out from under the pod, it was Dark Fate. He looked like a dried up corpse and the robe he was wearing was torn. His face looked pale as he looked at Ace.

" Brat you force me to do this!! You killed my son and now you injured me! I will destroy whole misty Pavillion along with you!! " He was like a madman as suddenly he pressed his right-hand thumb on his forehead.

Suddenly lots of black lines spread from his head to his whole body. His body started bloating like a balloon. He was lifted up in the air and his body continues to expand and he looked like as if he would blow up any moment now.

Old man Qin and Xiao Cai both shivered as they looked at this. Both of them muttered the same thing together " Forbidden Sacrifice? "

* Beep beep beep... *

On the display inside the armor, a red light was flashing none stop.

[ High concentration of Undead attribute spiritual force detected.]

Alice spoke as Ace noticed that finally the body of Dark Fate which was unable to expand further, blew off with a puff as black smoke covered whole battle field.

Old man Qin and Xiao Cai Shouted at the same time " Stop the undead from gathering at one place!! "