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 Misty Pavillion

There were 10 Mountain peaks in the misty pavilion and right now a huge white barrier in a dome shape was covering the sect. In a particular place on this dome, there was a high black hole.

There was a huge black ship which was hovering over the sect and all of the undead were jumping from this huge ship into the hole. There were undead who were flying on different kinds of weapons and were fighting with different experts of the sect.

There was a black robbed person who was like a black flame which covered the bright sky. It was as if his presence alone made the sky lose its color and brightness.

He was the dark fate. The grandmaster level undead Apostle of the undead legion. He was looking into the sky where two people were standing on the flying sword.

One was an old man and other was a middle-aged man. They were Xiao cai and senior Qin. All three of them had their eyes concentrated on the black hole and Xiao cai was gritting his teeth. " Who was it? that red beam was able to break the barrier! Didn't we order all of the master rank disciples to get out of the sect? "

" Maybe some apprentice level Disciple? " Senior Qin pondered as he looked at the black hole " Do not worry, as long as we do not take action, Dark fate won't fight either. so we just need to make sure that those master rank Undead don't enter the hole. "


Suddenly there was a huge blast where the hole. This blast attracted the attention of each and every expert present as they all looked at the barrier. What they saw made them shocked to their core. Dark Fate was coughing blood!? All of the undead stopped moving as if they really died. Dark fate looked at the hole with bloodshot eyes.

" You bastard Xiao cai!! How dare you attack me!? Didn't we agree that you won't attack as long as I don't open the gate!? "

Xiao cai frowned because of this as he looked at the black robed person. The black smoke like spiritual force around the person made him look even eviler. " It wasn't me who attacked, I don't know who was behind that blast either " He was angry, truly angry because he thought that this dark fate was just acting so that he can take action himself.

He and senior Qin were equally matched with dark fate and if they fought with all they had, they would surely suffer many injuries. Both of them wanted to save their strength because there was a message from Wargod Alliance that the beast hoard was going to attack soon.

This was a great chance for Misty Pavilion because Beast hoard was a good chance to amass a large number of spiritual crystals.

On the other hand, it was a good chance for Dark fate to amass more followers in his undead army. Transforming beasts in undead was troublesome but beast undead would be stronger than their human counterpart.

His plans were foiled because right now he was badly injured. He wasn't faking it as his ship was by coincidence directly above the hole and he was standing at the edge while looking at the hole below, the hole which was in shape of cone, concentrated the blast wave in single direction which was in his direction and because it was a made just to counter undead, he was injured.

He was having a really nasty headache and there were several internal injuries.

Normal grandmaster expert won't be injured like this but Dark Fate was an undead apostle. Their bodies were weak innately and because he forcefully tried to pass through the gate when it was about to close, he was already injured because of void currents. The new injuries made his body even more fragile.

He looked at Xiao cai " Xiao cai! If you don't want me to attack then bring the one who attacked just now! "

Old man Qin looked at the scene as he nodded. " Fine, I'll go get him but I won't allow you to hurt him. you must fight him fairly " He smiled as he knew the attack right now was near at least strongest attack of a rank 9 master rank cultivator. There was fire attribute spiritual force in the atmosphere so he also knew that the person should be rank 9 master rank fire attribute, spirit cultivator.

He knew that undead Apostle had weak bodies and fire attribute was a good counter against the undead attribute spiritual force.

" Fine, I will fight him and kill him in front of your eyes. " Dark fate had confidence in his own strength that he can beat a master rank person.


Ace who was near the Gate of the Misty Pavillion looked at the barrier stopping him from getting out of the sect. There were several disciples there who were guarding the gate. Strongest was apprentice level 9 as all the master rank disciples were outside the barrier. If he decided to use his bow then those disciples would be really easy for him to take care of but he didn't want to kill them.

He thought for a while and got an idea. He had a lot of rubber saved up as it was a bi-product which he got when he was extracting some metals from the bodies of the beasts. He had saved the black rubber in his badge for later use as now he knew how to use it. He hid behind a wall and put a 10×10×10 centimeter block of rubber on the ground. He put some of the arrows with metal arrowheads beside the block as he pointed the 3D printer towards the stuff on the ground.

Soon various colored rays of light started magically produce the arrows. the arrowhead was most peculiar as it looked like a plunger.

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Ace smiled when he saw the arrows. He won't be able to rapid fire those arrows but playing with them would be fun.


" Senior brother, do you think the undead which infiltrated the sect would be able to reach here? " The disciple who was rank 7 and was assigned to guard the gate looked at his senior.

" Don't worry little Hai, There are many strong disciples outside who would fight that undead so there is a low chance that they would come here " He smiled as he was glad that he was assigned as a guard because fighting undead was a dangerous task.

* Swoosh! Thud! *

Suddenly all of the disciples became alert because of the sound. The rank 7 disciple looked at his senior brother whose face was completely red.

" Senior brother, what happened? "

All of the disciples looked at their senior. They saw an arrow between the legs of their senior as they all shivered. The senior disciple who was barely able to speak yelled " Idiots! Pull it out!! "

He fell down as soon all of the disciples grabbed the other end of the arrows and tried to pull out the arrow. Half of them were on alert. They didn't want another arrow to hit them on that place.

Ace knew it was his chance as he diverted his spiritual force to his legs and rushed past the disciples. Before anyone could even react, he fired three whispers of death arrows towards the barrier. He knew the barrier was weak from inside as it easily opened a path from which one person could pass through.

He was finally able to escape Misty pavilion.