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 Ace was standing in a small clearing in the forest as he looked at the dense trees ahead of him. There was a hole in the sky which was raining zombies and all of them were falling down from the sky. Even though they fell from 100 meters high in the sky, Undead didn't feel any pain and started walking towards the nearest human which was Ace.

Ace wasn't scared though as he looked at the huge hole. He knew that big shot of the undead legion that he kept hearing about past few days won't appear yet. The sect leader himself was fighting the guy so all the stronger undead would be with him. There was be an intense fight between elders and peak masters of the sect and undead legion's Apostle outside the dark black hole. Undead legion's strongest forces were stopped outside the sect for the time being.

[ Badass fight coming right up ]

Soon the dubstep music from Deadpool 2 started. Dubstep was still a thing in the future.

Ace smirked as he sent his spiritual force in his silver-colored badge. Three drum magazines each containing 100 arrows were taken out as Ace soon attached the magazine with recurve flux. he looked at the incoming undead horde and even without aiming, he just fired the arrows. The work of aiming was done by an automated motion sensor which would shoot towards anything that was moving.

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* Click Click Click Click Click...*

Like rhythmic music, a continues the stream of arrows flew towards the hoard of undead. Most of the arrows hit undead in the head directly killing them, some arrows even killed multiple undead. Even though ace was killing the undead really fast, they were pouring in from the hole even faster.

Ace didn't even have to aim. All of the arrows accurately hit the bullseye. Undead couldn't even get out of the forest before they were killed. they were unable to move forward and more and more dead bodies kept piling in the forest.

He noticed a few undead which didn't have any effect from arrows. There were two undead that didn't care for arrows and just charged straight at Ace. Arrows were unable to pierce their body.

Master rank undead!

Ace soon started paying attention to them. One of the undead was a fat man with yellow blisters on his face which looked really ugly. Another undead was a female. Fat undead was slow but his defense was higher than expected.

Ace was more concerned about the female undead because as soon as she appeared he had fired three arrows towards her but she dodged all the arrows without much effort.

She is a speed type of undead? Ace thought as he continued shooting arrows. He pressed his other hand on the silver badge which shone with bright light. He took out a silver arrow which had a bright crystal attached in the place of the arrowhead.

This arrow was called whisper of death. The Arrowhead was made of a crystal called Gale Quartz. It was a crystal with a mix of rose red and ocean blue color. The arrow looked like an artwork but it was just a casual idea which Ace had developed in his free time. There was already an arrow like this one in the market but Ace inscribed an anti-wind inscription on it which would cut the wind.

The crystal was able to make a wind pocket around the arrowhead which would make it faster than normal arrows. By describing the inscription, he was able to make the arrow even faster. He changed the arrowhead design which gave shape to the air pocket created by the crystal. it now was in the shape of a cone which would enhance its penetration ability.

Ace stopped firing as he inserted the arrow on a slot beside the magazine chamber. this slot was provided so that he won't have to take off the whole magazine while he wanted to shoot a single special arrow. Soon he pushed a small pin on the side of the bow which pushed the arrow inside the chamber.

He then aimed at the Speed type undead. It wasn't hard for him to lock on to the undead as he soon saw a red laser appear on the forehead of the undead. the crossbow was also moving its muzzle angle according to the movement of the undead. As soon as the female undead stepped out of the forest and into the open area, ace pressed the trigger.

* Click! *

With a swoosh sound, the arrow which released a blue and red light flew towards the undead at breakneck speed. The undead wasn't even able to react before the arrow pierced the head of the speed type undead. Unlike normal arrows which only left a tiny hole behind, this one blasted off the whole head of the undead like a bursting watermelon.

This was because of the gale quartz which would produce a small blast of air upon impact. This was because there was a concentrated wind attribute spiritual force in the crystal which it would release upon impact, making it one of the suitable material for arrowheads.

The headless undead was still running and stopped when it was only 10 meters away from Ace. Ace was glad that all the undead didn't have any abilities related to their cultivation or attribute. If they did, he won't be so sure if he would be able to handle them.

He shifted his attention to the fat zombie.

* Click! Swoosh *

Another Whisper of death found the target as The fat undead also had its head exploded. Ace noticed that there was another undead which was even stronger than the previous two. It was a 1.6-meter tall man who had a huge hammer in his hand. Unlike other undead though, he was clear headed. He looked straight at Ace and smiled.

Ace knew something was wrong " Damn! Fine, enough playing" He looked at the drum magazines as he had only the last magazine left. " Do I really have to use it? I just got the spiritual crystal. "

[ Abnormal presence detected. ]

" Damn! Fine! " Ace looked at the undead with the huge hammer and this time he smiled back and waved at him.

The undead with a hammer was shocked as he looked at Ace. He shouted loudly towards him " are you mocking me, mortal!? I have already become powerful thanks to my master! Lord Dark Fate would soon be able to enter the sect and when he does, annihilation would follow! "

Ace's face twitched as he looked at the guy. Dark fate? what a badass name. " Well I don't care who this dark fate is, I'll kill you all freaks the same! come at me if you dare! " He smirked as soon one more item appeared in his hand. It was a black metallic round ball which was shining because of different kinds of lights on it. Ace had used at least 6 different types of precious metals in making this thing.

Soon he pressed a white button in the center of the black circular ball as the upper hemisphere of the ball opened and there was an empty space inside. Ace put several red fire attribute crystals which he had gathered in the forest while hunting. This was the new version of explosives which was called roar of the death!

Ace closed the black ball and pressed some buttons on it. Soon the white ring around the ball started slowly turning red from one end to the other. this was timer as Ace threw the ball which was the size of the football, into the air.

Ball didn't fall down but floated in the air and went straight towards the hole. Ace knew it was time to get out of there as he tapped onto his mask which transformed into a lump of liquid metal, he threw the metal lump towards his legs while running as the ocean cobalt gathered around both his feet and took shape of rocket boots.

Ace sent his spiritual force towards his legs and there was a bright flash. He was lifted 2 inches above the ground and his speed increased. It was as if he was sliding on a slippery surface. He soon reached the gate which was guarded by 30 - 40 disciples.


Loud noise even made all the beasts in the area scared. It wasn't just a simple bomb. The futuristic technology was so advanced that a single bomb had several different modes. You can set the bomb on a flash, smoke, frag grenade, Sonic, Electromagnetic pulse bomb or even landmine mode. Ace was only able to incorporate three modes which were fragments mode, EMP mode, and flame mode. He had activated the EMP mode and even inserted his own heavenly thunder spiritual force in the special metal which was used to make the bomb.

The shockwave soon hit all the disciples and even if they were far away from the explosion, they felt a strong headache for a split second.

EMP mode was specially designed with keeping undead in mind as the pulse would destroy brainwaves inside the brain of the undead. Ace shivered because the bomb was stronger than his expectations. This was because he had mistaken his heavenly thunder attribute for normal thunder attribute.