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 As soon as ace killed the berserk lava ape, Yi Jian came out of hiding and stood in front of him. She wasn't least bit afraid of him because she knew that she was already discovered by him but since he didn't attack, she decided to believe that this guy wasn't a mindless brute.

There was a possibility that if she provoked him, she won't even know how she died but as a member of an influential clan, she knew whom she should provoke and whom she shouldn't.

Ace also put away the spiritual core and looked at her, he was surprised by the amount of fire type spiritual force contained within the crystal. It was bigger than mortal level beast's crystal and unlike the mortal level crystal which looked like it was colored red, this one looked as if there was a ball of the flame inside it.

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Ace decided to observe the crystal later as he looked at the girl in front of him. She was wearing a simple white dress which was moderately revealing. She had a short sword on her back and she was also able to notice a black scaled armor which she was wearing beneath her clothes.

"I heard that you are supposed to be locked up in jail... I can see why..."

Ace was surprised as he looked at the girl. " I think you should not be here at all...go home. Not everyone is a genius like me girl..."

Ace didn't care who she was, he always had this attitude when someone tried to act all high and mighty in front of him and didn't have the strength to back it up.

" Your strength doesn't give you the right to treat me like that! I was just here to say thank you. You saved me from that Berserk Lava Ape."

" Don't mention it, now get outta here. I won't stay here if I were you." Ace didn't even look at her as he was busy setting up the transmitter, he didn't bother cleaning up all the blood because it would be a good deterrent for the beasts that would disturb him for the time being. Of course, that didn't apply to high-level beasts from apprentice level 7 to 9.

Fortunately, the beasts with that kind of strength we're few and each and every single one would have a lair. Those beasts would only hint around lairs and won't go too far from it.

Ace's attitude made Yi Jian somewhat angry but she endured and replied with gritted teeth. " Well, you are not me so I am doing whatever I want! Hmph! " She stomped her leg on the ground as she stood there behind a tree. She was alert though as she carefully observed Ace. She knew he was about to do something and she wanted to know what.

" What are you making? what is that? is it some kind of formation? I've never seen one like this before" Yi Jian was really curious about the strange device ace was setting up.

Ace first assembled legs and then put the bottom half of the canon. It looked like a rectangular box with curved edges which was attached with a four-legged platform. He then took out four cylindrical parts in which one was attached with the rectangular box and others were stacked on top of each other.

The whole set up was 2 meters tall as the canon was pointing at the sky.

" Alice, initiate the... procedure?....uh...just do it... I forgot the word."

[ Yes master, Initiating the automated assembly.]

[ Automatic Assembly - Time estimated: 10 seconds. ]

It was as if the whole contraption had come alive. All of the parts extended if they were alive. Various mechanisms activated and transformed different parts into a fully automated cannon.

[ Assembly complete. Sky breaker is online and ready to use. ]

" Who is he talking to? " Yi Jian heard this because she was as rank 7 apprentice level expert after all. Her senses were sharp. " Is this guy perhaps...a psychopath!? " She also noticed the strange changes with the machine and she was amazed at Ace's ability. He was a formation user!?

" Oye! I can hear you! I am not a psychopath! You are annoying me. Go away right now! Don't make me come there! " Ace's face twitched as he looked at Yi Jian. He didn't want to be mean to the girl but he would undoubtedly make her leave if she annoyed him.

Yi Jian coughed as she shrunk behind the tree. " Oh right, never call a psychopath a psychopath. he might get mad. " She found this person quite interesting.

She just decided to observe for now. This was the first time she came across a guy who was doing something important and even though he knew she was spying on him, he didn't drive her away. Someone else would've already attacked her. Her interest in Ace grew even more.

Soon Ace finished setting up the whole sky breaker. It looked like a four-legged small artillery cannon. Its muzzle had a huge lens which reflected the sunlight and the red light reflecting off of it looked really strange.

" Alice, Initiate the Calibration, estimate the position of the ship and fire this thing. I need my supplies. "

[ Already started master. ]

Cannon soon pointed in a specific direction and fired. A red beam was shot into the sky which went past the clouds. There was even a loud booming sound which startled all the disciples of the sect and even all the influential people of the sect which were gathered in the first peak's Misty hall.

soon a thundering voice was heard from the first peak which was heard in all of the misty pavilion. " We are under attack by the undead legion! There was a breach detected in the founding ancestor's Great Misty illusion formation! Disciples above apprentice rank 7 stay and fight! those who don't have enough strength, retreat to the underground chambers. "

The whole sect was shocked! That was the voice of sect leader Xuan Cai! He was the strongest expert in the sect right now so disciples quickly followed the order. They already knew what to do in case of undead legion's invasion and they were already ready for a bitter fight.

All of the disciples knew what was coming and they were already prepared for it. The barrier which was stopping the undead legion outside the misty forest was broken and it was time for war.

Ace who was looking at the hole created in the barrier was shocked. Why was this barrier so weak? Well, whatever comes, he would handle it.

Ace looked at the dark hole in the sky. there was black energy pouring in from the hole. It was like there was a black hole in the sky and suddenly, he saw that the hole expanded and like rain, undead started falling from the sky.

Ace was nearest to the place so he knew he should run. he looked at Yi Jian but she had already escaped.

[ Master, should I turn on the music? ]

Ace remembered that he had already prepared for a situation like this one. He smirked and replied " Yes, it's time for the drum magazine " He smiled brightly. He was actually hoping for a situation like this one but he didn't know that it would present itself to him in the form of an accident.