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 A huge body of Berserk lava Ape was rolling around on the ground in intense pain. It swiftly wanted to run away as it looked at the human it was about to hunt. It wasn't simple pain that made it roll around but chainsaw was now cutting its bones.

* Roar!!! * Berserk lava Ape opened it's huge mouth and fired a huge red fireball towards Ace. Ace was started because of sudden development.

He swiftly jumped as he focused his hands behind him and soon two blue metallic gloves covered his hands. The gloves were made of Liquid Metal Ocean Cobalt. He sent his spiritual force towards the gloves as soon there was a beam like a small jet engine. It was all thanks to his new knowledge of Master level knowledge of blacksmithing.

In all the upgrades he did, he just had to keep the internals circuits same and just change the material. In the case of Ocean cobalt though, he didn't even have to change material. He just used an eye of a Fire attribute Fish-type monster and used it as a lens. This allowed the lens to do an even better job and his Photon Disintegrator was upgraded to a whole new level. Of course, it wasn't able to harm the bodies of strong beasts as the laser needed to be concentrated on a single spot for at least 10 seconds in case of Master level beasts, He was able to modify it into a speed booster of some sort.

Soon a white jet of light burst forth from his gloves which accelerated him forward as he easily avoided the fireball.

" Idiot beast, Die " He casually lifted his other hand which had recurve flux in it and aimed at the beast. With this crossbow in his hand now, even normal arrows would be like small rockets. As soon as the crossbow appeared, all of the instincts of the Berserk lava ape were screaming in alarm.

With the help of spiritual force, animals not only got stronger but they became smarter. Ape type monsters were among the group which benefitted the most from it as their intelligence was innately higher than ordinary beasts.

As soon as took out the now, Berserk lava ape started running for its life. It was sure that it would die no matter what it did in front of that bow. This was because it had seen the corpses of other monsters. weaker monsters were killed really gruesome way but each and every single strong beast had their body intact. There were weird holes in each and every single beasts and it looked like they died because of internal injuries made by those arrows.

Ace was already frustrated right now and angry too. As soon as he arrived, he was attacked by a weird looking rabbit. There was a soft corner in his heart for cute animals and the rabbit was one of his favorites. He was given a huge surprise when he almost lost his hand to this beast. He quickly killed the rabbit and assembled a small tent provided by sect.

He found the scenery around the forest pleasing to his eyes and it was calm enough to calibrate the transmitter.

Unfortunately, he forgot to clean the place after he killed the rabbit and this attracted hoards of different beasts. Each and every kind of animals attacked him like waves. He was no soft egg though as he killed each and every single one of them with overwhelming strength!

He was agile with his Photon Disintegrator on his left hand and he also had overpowering strength with Black Gauntlet on his right hand. He didn't upgrade the Gauntlet because he simply didn't have enough time. He was so excited to test the Recurve flux and blood butcher that he postponed any more upgrades. The results satisfied him and at the same time, there was a little displacement.

His recurve flux wasn't as strong as he thought as he found out by analysis that he underestimated the strength and defense of the master rank beasts. There was also increased intelligence which made killing master rank beasts even harder.

He won't let this ape go no matter what as it still had his chainsaw stuck in its anus. He aimed at the running ape but right then, the chainsaw fell down.

Ace turned his head away as the scene was too gory and he just pointed the crossbow in the direction of the Ape. Target was already locked on and Ace just had to press the button.

* Swoosh, Swoosh! *

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Soon two small arrows with black iron arrows which looked like the scythe of death in the morning sun flew at breakneck speed towards the ape.

Poor apr didn't even have a chance to dodge before it was killed. Ace casually walked towards the carcass of the ape and with a flick of his hand, the liquid metal Photon Disintegrator covered his face. soon after a few minutes, Ace was done receiving the spiritual crystal of the beast.

He carefully held the Crystal in his hand as there was a strange shine in his eyes. He had a smile on his face which looked just like the smiled of an evil scientist who found what he wanted. A Fire attribute rank 6 apprentice level beast's spiritual crystal!! Ace's hands were trembling in excitement while holding this spiritual crystal as he thought about what kind of explosive he would be able to make with this crystal.

Yi Jian who was watching all this had a green face. She witnessed the gruesome scene and because of the smell of blood in the air, she quickly wanted to get out of here. At first, when she saw the saint-like glow around Ace, she thought he was a nice person but his fighting style was out of this world. The smiled he gave when he killed the beast almost resembled that of a lunatic!

' This guy is interesting. He can kill a rank 6 Apprentice level beast while he is only at rank 1 apprentice level. He didn't even use any martial skills. Maybe if I tell grandfather, he would be interested in this genius. '

She smiled at the thought as she had three brothers and being the only girl in the house, she required even more strength for her family to respect her. The disgust she felt because of the scene was soon replaced with future benefits she would get because of this genius.

Females who weren't strong won't have much freedom. If she wanted to be as free as all three of her brother, she must first have strength. She can only acquire the strength with her clan's resources and the guy in front of her was key to getting those resources.