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 There was a group of five that was running away from a huge beast. They were all apprentice level and the strongest one was rank 7 while weakest one was rank 4. Right now they were being chased by a colossal beast. It was almost 4 meter in height and looked like a huge ape. It had reddish brown colored fur and its thick arms were even able to uproot strongest of the trees in the misty forest.

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The leader who was a 20 years old girl was named Yi Jian was running at moderate speed compared to her companions as she didn't want her teammates to die. She was supposed to distract this beast while others attacked the best but their plan had completely failed when the beast turned out to be a Berserk Lava Ape.

unfortunately, they mistook it for an Angry Lava Ape and when they attacked, instead of transforming into fully red colored Ape from a black Ape, this one transformed into an Ape with reddish brown fur. This signified that it was a rare variant which was considerably stronger than normal ones. They would barely be able to defeat a normal Angry lava ape but this one was out of their league.

Yi Jian didn't hesitate and directly ordered her group to retreat. She was able to save her teammates from dying but the ape continued to chase after her. This Ape was rank 6 but with its berserk ability, it was able to contend with a human one level higher than itself.

She knew she wasn't some kind of genius that can kill the same rank beast and that was why her team usually hunted beats which were one level lower than her.

Her life was so easy but now it would all be over if her teammates didn't bring back reinforcements anytime soon.

She suddenly smelled a strong smell of blood and stopped. It was as if the air itself was bleeding and the smell was so bad that she had to close her nose while running. She was able to hear faint sounds as she concentrated on the sound to listen to it clearly.

* Vrrrrrrrrrr *

" DIE!! "

Yi Jian suddenly heard a human voice. There was a strange sound like a high-speed car's engine. She was scared because of the smell of blood but she still decided to head towards the voice because the berserk lava ape was a little hesitant to follow her in that direction.

She thought that there must be a powerful expert in that direction and as she had heard a human voice, she was sure the expert would be able to save her. She hoped that Ape just won't chase her and she wouldn't even have to own the expert any favor.

She quickly jumped from her position and dashed right in the direction of the sound.

She was almost out of breath, she looked exhausted but soon she reached the place. What she saw shocked her to the core. There was a small tent in the middle of the small ground and it was like the devil himself was guarding the tent, area around the tent was filled with dead bodies of all kinds of beasts. There were wolves, rhinos, bears, snakes, and bears. she even saw some cat type beasts among the dead bodies.

She stopped and looked around for the expert which made the sound carefully as she knew that death was common in the misty forest and even if the sect sent an investigation squad for her, they won't find anything most of the time.

Soon Yi Jian found the person she was looking for. He was around the same height as her and was also the same age as hers. He was a male wearing a white robe and as soon as she saw him, she recognized him right away. " Wasn't it the guy who was showing off from before? " She muttered but soon she was started as there was a huge roar in the forest.

She was only a few hundred meters away from where the roar came from so she knew it was the berserk lava ape. Her face turned pale when she thought that she had dragged down the white-robed person down with her. She was sure that even if Ace was some young master of some clan, his cultivation was only Rank 1 Apprentice rank.

She wasn't so sure he would survive the attack of the Berserk Ape but now that she had lost the berserk ape's pursuit, she didn't want to be chased by the berserk lava ape again. She was really scared when ape uprooted small trees like they were just wooden clubs.

She looked at Ace and felt nothing but pity for the poor fellow. She wanted to help but her own life was important above anything else.

She would make sure that the beast ends up dead if the guy gets killed. Suddenly her eyes widened in disbelief when she witnessed the next moment.

The white robbed person who she thought would run from Ape was walking towards it. It looked like he was casually taking some walk in the park and in his hand was a strange sword. She couldn't even be sure that it was a sword though.

' Is this guy insane? Why isn't he running? does he want to throw his life away? it doesn't look like it though. Maybe he thinks he can beat the ape? but how can that be possible? I heard the registrar advising him not to go too deep as he was only Rank 1 apprentice level. How can a Rank 1 Apprentice level best a rank 6 variant beast which was as strong as rank 7 Apprentice level beast?'

She soon got her answer. Ace pulled a string attached to the chainsaw as it started with a Vrrrr sound.

The sound was unpleasant to the ears of the ape and it completely forgot about Yi Jian. It now focused its attention on Ace as it looked at all the dead bodies of the monster.

It didn't fear Ace as the Ape directly jumped on the Ace, trying to crush this puny thing with his weight alone. Ace looked up and his face twitched with anger. This Ape wanted Ace to be crushed under its butt!? You dare to try and humiliate me!?

Ace's face soon went from angry expression to a horrifying smirk. His enemies would never meat a good ending. He just adjusted the position of the chain saws little and put it down on the ground while it was running at full speed. He jumped away while leaving the running chainsaw on Ape's landing spot.


Soon the loud howls of agonizing pain followed. Yi Jian's jaws dropped after witnessing this. she saw the same ape which was giving her trouble a moment ago was rolling around on the ground in intense pain!