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 There was a strong wind blowing in the forest even though it was morning. Strange bird screeching from time to time made the forest even more dangerous. There were some small lakes around which contained normal water and some schools of fish which had apprentice level beasts among them. On the ground, there were various apprentice level beasts such as wolves, hyenas, boars, bears, and elephants.

Some of the beasts such as wolves, boars, and hyenas would hunt in groups while bears, tigers, leopards would hunt alone. There were also herbivores animals which would just roam around the forest trying to survive, but this doesn't mean they were weak. Majority of the beasts in this forest were Apprentice level and those who lived in the group would have several apprentice level beasts with hundreds of Mortal level beasts.

This was inner region misty forest and it was a huge rectangle strip at the foot of the mountains. one side of the strip was the entrance and at this entrance, there was a huge wall surrounding the whole forest, separating it from the mountains. This wall would prevent the beasts from ascending the mountain. There was an outpost which would keep track of the disciples going in and out of the forest.

There was a rule in the sect that if disciple didn't come back before after a month from the forest then there would be a search party sent for him. if he was not found then he would be declared dead. There was also a safety talisman available which would be available for students for one spirit stone. If a disciple was in trouble then they can activate the talisman and the sect would immediately send reinforcements.

Most of the student won't choose this option as spirit stones could only be gained by certain missions and those missions were not easy to complete. They were also used for cultivation and were even more valuable. Only the disciples who were rich or had a dispute with stronger disciples would buy the talisman to be safe from their enemy.

Ace obviously didn't have any enemy and even if he had, he was sure he would be able to handle it unless it was a Higher level Master rank disciple.

He wasn't being arrogant though as he now did have the qualification to make such a claim.

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No one knew that besides cultivating and making the transmitter, he was also studying and analyzing the knowledge he got from the apprentice rank and master rank blacksmithing books. They were worth each and every single gold coin he spent on them. They were absolutely worth it.

He utilized the knowledge he gained from those books and used it to enhance the Recurve flux. He didn't need to spend too much time on it and just needed to replace some materials and inscribe some runes on it which was like a child's play to him with his 3D printer. He kissed the 3D printer o his hand as, without this little guy, he won't have any leverage in the world.

His recurve flux now looked like a silver crossbow which was like it was made from two horns of a steel dragon. He used Mystic Platinum for the body which was the most sturdy material available in master rank metals. It was also relatively cheap so he acquired a few hundred grams in the market.

The second most important material he changed was the now string used to fire the arrows. It was no made from an unknown beast's hairs woven into a cord. This was the most suitable material he was able to find in the market and he got it for quite a cheap price too considering that it was pretty much useless as most Bows and arrows didn't have required power to provide a lethal heat to the Beast which most melee weapons possessed.

This made bows and arrows less popular among cultivators and most of the time they relied on ranged attack martial arts to fill in the gap in their fighting style.

Ace also changed the materials for arms of the now which now looked like two horns of the dragons. They were parts of a beast which was a fusion of snake and lizard. Ace didn't know the name as he had quickly bought it before anyone could even spot them in the huge pile of monster parts.

He was delighted that he was inside the Misty Pavillion because not only he had access to the apprentice level raw materials from various mines(Metals) and beats(Materials). He was also able to access the master rank resources. He estimated that unless he met a powerful beast above 5th rank master level, he would be able to kill any beast below it. He might have a chance against the higher rank beast if it did not belong to speeds type beast category.

Blood butcher, on the other hand, got an upgrade to its chain, its frame, and its shield. It was now capable of killing any monster under the apprentice level.

Ace, of course, wanted to test both his blood butcher and recurve flux in the forest with his own hands as even if he simulates it hundreds of time in his mind, he won't be satisfied until he tests it in real life with the real deal.

He was wearing a simple white robe. When he was standing casually in the line which was for the disciples who wanted to enter the inner forest, the might come from the sun was strangely concentrated around him. This made him stand out among the crowd.

People didn't notice the unusual behavior of the light but they saw Ace as some kind of high and mighty young master of some prestigious clan. He innately radiated an aura of authority, his body language was also of someone with higher authority and power as his back was straight, His posture was dominating without any flaws and he looked straight at his goal which was the gate to enter the misty forest.

Spectators saw him as some divine genius sent on the heart by heaven. This was caused by his light attribute, fire attribute, and Heavenly Thunder attribute body. The three attributes were innately superior and with a personality like Ace, the effect produced made him look like some kind of saint. His eyes which were initially black were now shining with a golden color along with his hair.

Ace noticed people all around him looking at him as if he was some kind of oddity. He realized why he was being eyed by so many people. He didn't care though as he didn't bother to control his aura. If anyone wanted trouble, he would mess them up all the same! The blood butcher wasn't designed to differentiate between a beast and a man not it was designed to tell apart friends from foe.