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 What the boar didn't know that Ace wasn't as slow as the boar imagined. Ace didn't have time to look at the movement of the blur and he simply delivered a crude punch to the temple of the boar with his left arm which didn't have sword. * Boom! * The punch collided and connected perfectly with boar's Head whole making explosive sound of metal colliding with metal as punch sent the boar flying towerds the tree nearby where because of the impact, tree was uprooted and boar was bleeding from it's ears. Ace was also shocked as the impact also forced him two step back!

Ace wasn't done yet as there were more of the boars coming in which two other reached him just after the first boar was sent flying and this time he decided to follow the animation which was changed after the last attack. Boars jumped at him from both sides in V formation to hit his stomach from both sides as Ace was forced to sidestep while he swung his sword towerds the nearest boar. Sword directly connected with head of boar and went through it like a knife cutting a watermelon as head of boar was split open with that one swing!

" Good sword! " Ace was delighted with his strength as well as quality of the sword which was made perfectly up to the molecular lever by his 3D printer and didn't have any kind of impurities. Now the first boar which was sent flying regained back it's senses as it roared and remaining three of it's companions went to it's side. Boar was huffing madly and it's eyes were bloodshot now. boar also expanded in side and because few inches bigger, it's fur changed from gray to black.

" is this some kind of berserk state? so this is why they call the Forrest black boar woods? maybe I need to be careful, Alice keep scanning him and show me if there are any changes "

[ Atmospheric strange energy is going inside it's body as faster rate and melting in it's each and every cell, it's becoming stronger master ]

Ace was now more alert as he looked at this black boar, the boar released another roar and rushed towerds Ace at twice the speed from before! Ace didn't even have time to react as he was hit squarely in the chest and this time he was sent flying which breaking many tree which were behind him. " Tch! Are you taking revenge now you stupid boar! I'll kill you! " He was about to stand up when boar was running towerds him again as even faster speed while snorting with contempt in it's eyes.

" This...are you trying to make me angry!? " Ace was infuriated with this boar which slightly more intelligent as he decided to become serious " You forced me to do this! " He simply stood there while a hatch on his shoulder opened and a plasma gun emerged out of the hatch, gun aimed at the forehead of the boar and fired a high concentration of plasma towerds it. Boar tried to dodge at last time but wasn't able to and plasma beam directly went into one of it's eye which made it squeel in pain.

Boar stopped in it's track and was horrified by this strange weapon as it snorted once while started escaping from the scene, It's companions were no exceptions as they also started running away.

" Do you think you are able to run away pig? " Ace laughed and fired four continues beams of plasma and killed all four of the pigs. this plasma gun was also made by him to be energy efficient and use as little energy from his Oblivion reactor as possible.

He collected all the five dead bodies in a trolly that he made himself which was easy to make where he only needed to make bearings so that the trolley can move without much effort and he made all the other components with different multipurpose tools installed in his suit. although he was crude at doing manual work but he made a working trolley with available resources. it as enough big to house few tons of animals and was strong enough because of sturdy trees nearby.


that day, all kind of boar and pig squeals were heard throughout the Black boar woods and a huge shadow as dragging the trolley full of boars, wolves and other kind of animal bodies towerds Huiju village.

Ace had changed back into his exo suit and he also made some cloths from few of the boar skins which resembled those of the villagers. he was finally disgaised as travelling merchant. he finally arrived at the entrance of the village as there were two strong man there as guard which were protecting the crudely built gate which had tall wooden walls on both sides.

He walked towerds them as guards noticed him and one of the guard raised his staff and looked at Ace " This brother, what business do you have in my village? "

Ace was taught a few things by Alice so he first salute them with his fist and palm together " I am a humble travelling merchant and I am here to sell all this food "

As soon as guards heard this they became happy and were shocked at the same time.

one of the guard pointed his spear at him " you! are you really a merchant? why are you carrying all this meat in that strange thing? Merchants would never carry meat like that, don't you even know that? do you know that faking the identity of a sect's merchant is really high?"

Ace knew that something like this would happen as he forced a smile on his face " Brother, my partner stole everything and ran away in the middle of the knights and I was lost so I hunted these beasts and when I found your village , I directly rushed here"

Both guard were still a little suspicious but they called the village chief and as he took a look at the trolley behind this merchant, he almost had a heart attack! this guy! he said he killed all those beast by himself!? Village chief also saw the sword and knew that this guy wasn't a merchant as he said to two guards secretly " You two idiots , he is an expert and if he wants to, he can kill you two and enter anyway so don't give him trouble and let him enter. also stay quite about this. "

Ace was delighted as he entered the village so smoothly. when village chief saw Ace pulling whole cart full of heavy Bodies of all those beasts with a single hand , even he was scared to death! how strong is this guy!? his body alone is super strong!

Village chief was mistaken as Ace was using power of his exo suit and Because there were metal bearings in this cart which made movement of the cart easy, he was able to pull it.

" I am finally inside the village!, let's see what kind of information I can gather here " Ace was really excited as he already had a clue which showed that an artifact which can store items in different space existed in this Universe. he was determined to find this miraculous thing no matter what!