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 Ace was looking at the strange canon which was even bigger than himself. It took him a whole week to make this transmitter. The transmitter looked like a huge cannon which had a strange white bulb instead of the muzzle. It was silver in color and there were three suppose legs which looked like

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mantis legs. as soon as he was finished with the transmitter, he asked Alice to name the thing.

He made it capable of attacking too, this canon was capable of using fire attribute spiritual crystals to attack but its attack was no way near the power of his recurve flux and he had made this thing with a sole purpose of sending and receiving the signals from his spaceship. He had spent his remaining gold coins from the 10000 Gold coins rewards in order to make this thing.

The books he bought from Blacksmith association included apprentice and master level knowledge about blacksmithing and different metals, there was also a monster guide book which explained about the master level monsters and a book about surrounding area which explained about the different provinces and which power governed which Provence.

He also wanted to gather books about alchemy and herbs so that he can save himself and get an easy way to improve his own body but blacksmith association didn't have any of the knowledge. Thunderstorm society sent him a silver colored badge after he was inside the Misty Pavilion which surprised him. It was reasonable because thunderstorm society was also a part of Misty pavilion.

He once again like every day worked on perfecting the transmitter. This was what made him confident that he could leave the Misty pavilion. First, he can check his position with the help of eyes above in space. this way he won't get lost in the most inside the barrier separating the misty pavilion with the outside world.

He was sitting on a desk which was made with brown colored wood while wearing his Ocean Cobalt mask. The red lens was shining and there was a read beam of laser that focused on the electronic circuit in his hand. He used his 3D printer to make most of the integrated circuits and material used was really low in quantity.

He required some semiconductor material like silicon which was easily available from the soil and stones around him. He also used some copper coins and different kinds of sand that gave him different periodic table elements like germanium and arsenic which were used in IC. His 3D printer was able to work on a molecular level and he could even selectively change the bonds between different atoms of elements. For example, he can just mix copper and oxygen to get copper oxide. It was an important ingredient to make any circuit board or IC.

Ace was also able to get pure silicon from sand which was a really hard process for humanity in fission age. That was the age when humanity used fission reactors to get electricity.

It wasn't easy to make an IC as it required numbers of different elements like Arsenic, Silver, gold, gallium arsenide, germanium and other different elements based on application. it wasn't that they were hard to get elements but finding the right amount of soil was a problem. There was another problem of speed as purification and separation of different elements and joining them into different chemicals required high-end equipment. His 3D printer was small and wasn't designed to work on a large scale.

If he had his own industrial Megatron 3000, he would be able to work even faster. He can even make a whole new spaceship with that given enough time.

Unfortunately, making that machine required a few exotic minerals which he was unable to get in his current environment. Those materials were either found on planets with harsh environmental conditions like some gas giants, planted which was too near its star, a planet which was formed after a big supernova explosion.

Ace was still satisfied with his current situation. The people in this world were strong but he could still kill them if he wanted to. Like that old man from before, although Ace knew the old man was powerful, Ace had a feeling that the old man won't survive a blast from titan canon. In fact, he won't survive a viper sniper rifle round. The shots fired by the weapons developed over time by humanity were not something that mere flesh and body of living organisms can stop!

Ace soon finished the IC microchip and pressed it in its socket inside the circuit board. He put the circuit board back inside the chamber at the side of the transmitter and then closed the hatch. He then looked at the red liquid in a small bowl. it was red paint which he manually applied to the metal surface of the huge cannon-like transmitter.

He was clumsy and even had got some paint on his cheek and forehead in the process but he enjoyed the feeling. No wonder people in ancient time liked doing things with hands. It gives a strange sense of satisfaction.

Ace smiled and looked at still wet paint on the metallic outer surface of the transmitter.

He pointed his hands at the transmitter and a strange white ball of flame appeared in his palm. He was able to control his spiritual force better after breaking through the spirit apprentice rank 1.

In Apprentice rank, one would be and to control spiritual force outside the body and the absorption of the spiritual force would be faster.

Normally a cultivator with ordinary attribute would be able to sense the ball of energy in his soul space. The cultivators who formed the circle of superiority would have double or triple the amount of spiritual force than ordinary cultivators. Ace had three attributes so he had triple the amount of spiritual force.

Ace looked at the metallic surface of the cannon-like transmitter as he concentrated the flame ball in his hand. It transformed into a wide flame which covered 10 cm area and ha a mild temperature. He focused his hand towards the transmitter and soon the paint dried because of temperature from the flames. it was just right temperature and Ace was able to control it well.

He lifted up the cannon and put it away inside his new badge which was a silver badge. This badge had 10-meter cubic space and was much larger. this was because it was a 1st rank silver level badge. He stuffed all of his different extra metals and weapons like recurve flux, the gauntlet, and the blood butcher chainsaw. He didn't sell it to the blacksmith association because he wanted to keep it as a trophy of him passing his first exam in this world.

It was nothing to be proud of as he would top many such exams but he wanted to collect enough memories for the time when he would go back to his own universe one day and show all of his memory to his aunt. He believed that she was still alive and fighting with humanity prime.

She was the only true relative he had left and he hoped that she was alive.