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 Ace was on the shoulder of a beautiful girl which was a little taller than average. since he wanted to act like he was unconscious, he didn't open his eyes and wasn't able to perfectly see their appearance.

He was able to scan each and every one of them and he found out from Alice that all five of them were master rank! This was why be decided not to run or fight because a master rank expert wasn't something he can handle right now. He knew they didn't want to harm him so he decided to act along and see the motives of the Misty Pavilion behind kidnapping him.

He also needed some Martial arts related to fire, thunder or light attributes. There was no way a third rate sect would have thunder or light attributes martial arts so he was just hoping that he would get some fire attribute martial arts from here.

Six people soon reached a huge gate on the path which led to a mountain. Strangely the most stopped at the gate and above the mountain, the sky was crystal clear.

Ace knew that this was an illusion as even if someone wanted to enter from above they would have to pass through the mist.

The girl and five others soon reached an area where there were so many disciples of the misty Pavillion. They went inside a seemingly simple house. This house was one of the many houses around. There was a simple small well nearby, a tree giving shade to the well. The house had three rooms, a bedroom, a living room, and kitchen.

There was no one around and the girl just put ace down on the bed as they all left. After a while ace woke up and looked around, the house was nothing special.

It was a wooden house made of dark redwood which would shine pink when it reflected the rays of the sun. It would diffuse a dim pink light which would make the environment inside the house dreamy. The tree outside had cherry blossoms like flowers and the water in the well was crystal clear.

He was impressed with the environment and as a person who was used to living inside metal walls and bunkers, this was a new experience for him.

He stood there and thought about his next step. " Gun....i need a gun... fortunately they didn't take my equipment so j can still make some guns. "

He smirked as he looked around. There were many houses near his house which all looked identical. There were some disciples going and in and out of those houses so ace knew it was living quarters like area for disciples.

If only a third rate sect provides this kind of facilities to their disciples then what would it be like for those second, first-rate sects? what about super sects which are even above first-rate sects? what are they like?

He shook his head and sit down on his bed. Right now the most important thing for him was to stabilize his cultivation and find out more about apprentice level. He broke through the apprentice level in both his internal and external cultivation so the time it takes for him to get used to this increase in power would be long.

After half an hour a disciple in white clothes came to deliver food. Ace asked him about the situation and the disciple explained it to him.

Ace was from Longshan province so misty pavilion was the sect he was supposed to join. Although he can choose the power he wanted to join later but he would have to pass the test of the misty pavilion which would raise his status as a genius.

He was already a blacksmith genius so misty pavilion won't be able to stop him even if he joined the power of his choice but misty pavilion still insisted that Ace give the test and they were hoping that he would fail. This way they would get to keep a genius blacksmith in their Sect.

Ace understood the concept as this was like being a slave and only with sufficient talent you would be able to break open the shell of the slavery and become free. You won't have any right to make choices if you don't have talent.

Ace was really tired after making the chain saw blood butcher which required him to endure so much pain and concentrate to the maximum. He wanted to rest for a few days anyway so he doesn't mind misty pavilion kidnapping him.

He just stayed inside his house and rested for a whole week. In this one week, he found out many things from other disciples.

He was given the spot of the inner disciple, for the time being. he didn't have any access to the library or any other facilities except for Trending area, Sect Restaurant, and Misty forest.

Disciples can tread various things like spiritual Crystals, spirit stones, Different weapons, armors, Herbs, natural treasures, and many other things. Ace was interested in this area because he was able to buy different metal ingots from disciples.

he visited the area frequently and bought many rare ores. Whenever he needed some money, he would just take some cheap metal and design really sharp arrows of many different kinds which fascinate the simple-minded cultivators. One of his arrowheads was really popular which had injection needle-like design which would straight away penetrate deep inside the body of a monster and inject the fluid which was inside the needle into the body of the beast.

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The misty forest had many beasts and it was really big. It was even spread outside the mist where different beasts would get lost within the forest and they would then lose their way in the misty forest. there were three different areas divided as outer region, inner region, and core region. Beasts which get lost in the mist from outside the forest would then be sent to one of the regions based on their strength.

This doesn't mean that the deeper you go, harder the monsters you encounter. The forest itself like a straight strip below the 10 mountains and this strip of the forest was divided into three parts and each part was separated by a huge wall. This wall wasn't made of strong material but was covered in mist so thick that monsters won't even reach the wall before they get lost in the mist again and mist would guide them back to their respective area.

The outer region had mortal level beasts, Inner region has all the apprentice level beasts and core region had master level beats. Disciples were only allowed to hunt in the corresponding area. They can't go to a lower rank or higher rank area.

Ace was apprentice rank so he would be able to hunt in the inner region of the area. There was a continues flow of beasts from outside the mist so disciples didn't have to worry about ever killing all of the beasts.

The restaurant was a place where food suitable for the cultivators was provided which was filled with different nutrients.

There was an area for blacksmiths and also an area for alchemists. There were separate areas for inscription and formation users.

Ace wasn't interested in visiting those areas for the time being as he was busy making the signal emitter and signal amplifier to send instructions back to his ship.

He had assigned an Ai to repair his ship and after three months, at least some of the equipment should be repaired. There was nothing but few nanobots which he made from the raw materials available on his ship.

Nanobots were too small and normally there would be a swarm of nanobots carrying robots performing the repairs on the ship as big as Titanium Dragon. There was no way he would be able to repair the whole ship before 10 years.Only if he found the required materials and made even more nanobots, only then he would be able to speed up the process.

Right now he was busy finding different metals and assembling a huge complicated transmitter. He needed to change the design of the conventional transmitting device and make it so that it will be able to pass unhindered through the spiritual force's disturbances. There was no way he can find a good enough radiation type which can pass through the spiritual force so he just decided to make the transmitter stronger!