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 Ace soon noticed that girl had bought him really far away from the blacksmith association and unexpectedly the girl also had his bag. There were four more people and an old man who joined the girl and protected her. They were following behind the girl and soon Ace was able to see a huge mountain range covered in Mist.

It was said that Misty pavilion was established by a king level powerhouse which had mist attribute Spiritual force. When she died, she covered whole mountain range in mist as whoever went inside the mist would be lost and won't be able to get out.

There was only one way which was to draw the secret inscription on a stone with your Spiritual force which was passed down by that powerhouse. The stone would glow because of the enchantment and guide you towards the real Misty pavilion.

Ace was really angry right now because whenever he thought that he would now have free time to take breathing and make something new or do some experiments, he would have problems coming his way.

The girl who was carrying him reached the area in an unknown Forrest which was covered in dense white mist. One would only be able to see a few meters in this kind of most and soon the old man in the lead took out the stone with some inscriptions on it as he inserted his spiritual force in the stone.

As soon as the stone came in contact with the spiritual force, It released a gentle yellow glow like that of a bulb. In this strange yellow light, they were able to see even clearly in the mist.

With the glow of the stone leading them, all six of them soon disappeared inside the mist.


Misty Pavillion, First peak

There were 10 huge mountain peaks covered in the mist. The whole misty pavilion was built around all the ten peaks. Nine of them were for nine peak masters and the highest peak was for the sect leader.

In the highest peak, the sect leader was sitting on a huge throne. This man was a direct descendant of the expert which established the misty Pavillion. He wasn't a sect leader just because of his family influence but he also had the strength to back it up.

He was wearing golden robes with a purple dragon embroidered with purple colored silk on both sides of his chest and on his shoulder were two dragon head shoulder guards. He looked like as if he would've been handsome in his younger days. He had dark black colored hair and black eyes.

He was old but still had the natural aura of authority. There were other nine peak masters sitting in the grand hall. All of the powerful experts gathered in a single place made the aura inside the hall suffocating for even the ordinary apprentice level disciples.

Old man Qin was also there and was sitting on the guest seat. He was a Grandmaster level expert and also a representative of the Wargod Alliance. It was a second rate power which was directly above the three third rate sects which were Misty Pavillion, Golden rose palace and evergreen sun sect.

Sect leader Xuan Cai looked at all the elders of the sects and spoke in an authoritative tone " what's the stand of the undead legion apostle? If he still insists on getting in my way then I will personally act and kill him. "

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Old man Qin replied while interrupting the elder who was about to give his reply to the sect leader " I believe there shouldn't be more than three Apostle. One was killed by me and another one died at the hands of Shen Tiancai. "

Xuan cai looked at Old man Qin " Senior Qin, I don't think you should take that child as your disciple. If even the Wargod Alliance can't find his background than either he is a genius disciple from some super sect or like undead Apostle, He is from another realm of existence. "

Old man Qin Laughed lightly " Don't worry, if he is from some super sect then I won't force him to be my disciple but if he is from another realm of existence then there is no problem in taking him as my disciple. He might even become more powerful than me. "

" My Misty pavilion investigated this person and found out that he had fire and thunder affinity. This kind of person can become a core member of your wargod alliance. "

" That's right but that brat is focused on blacksmithing and I think he will become a good blacksmith in the future. Wargod alliance only focuses on strength so I don't think it's a good place to nurture him. "

" Oh? then you certainly need to take him out of this region, Soon the history would repeat itself. I don't think undead apostle would be satisfied. He is a Grandmaster level expert after all. We need to be careful and if you can provide more assistance then it would be a huge favor to the Misty pavilion. "

" I know what you fear. I won't allow the undead Apostle to massacre the people like last time. Unfortunately, Wargod Alliance has an even bigger problem of the beast tide to handle so we can not dispatch any more experts. That undead apostle is only Rank-1 spirit grandmaster. I think we both as Rank-3 Grandmaster level expert can handle him. "

Sect leader frowned as there was a chance that the undead Apostle would be able to kill a Rank-1 Spirit Grandmaster. If he was successful then with his powers, the undead Apostle would increase the strength of the undead corpse and make it each Rank-3 Spirit Grandmaster. This was the reason why Undead Apostles were so scary.

" Fine, but what if this Shen Tiancai develops enmity towards the misty pavilion? I don't want my sect to be an enemy of a future expert. "

" Hahaha...Don't worry sect leader Xuan. I would explain it to him if it comes down to that. "

Xuan cai nodded as he stood up and gave his orders " Keep an eye on this undead Apostle and as for this Shen Tiancai, we would follow what senior Qin has requested. Losing a good disciple won't affect my sect much but I can not let that undead apostle kill my people. "

He had made a deal with this old man Qin that in return for old man Qin helping misty Pavillion with the issue of undead Apostle, Misty Pavillion won't have any right over Shen Tiancai.

There was once a time when a second rate sect was choosing its disciples and another second rate sect attacked at that time and kidnapped all the disciples of the sect. All the disciples who were top geniuses were brainwashed. The sect which had its disciples stolen was furious and complained to the first rate sect. the sect in the wrong was then forced to hand over all the disciples back.

Those disciples weren't accepted in the sect because of the suspicious nature of the sect and a possibility of there being spies in the group of disciples.

After the incident, there were many first-rate sects that did the same and in the end, a super sect had to intervene and stop this madness. There was a rule from then that if any of the sects dared to steal the disciples from other sects or even dared to recruit the disciples from the area governed by another sect then the sect in the wrong would have to pay huge amount of Spirit Stones to the victim sect.

The sect had ownership over all the people in the area it governed and any disciple would belong to the sect. If other sects wanted the disciple then they would have to pay some amount of money to the owner sect.

It was different if the disciple was a genius. Sect would still own the disciple but they won't be able to stop the disciple from joining a different sect. Normally genius disciples would be like wealth for the sect which they would exchange with higher tier sect for resources or help. Misty Pavillion did the same by exchanging Ace.