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 Old man who was just standing there looked at Ace as he smiled and spoke in hoarse voice.

" Young Man, come here. Let me take a proper look at you. "

Ace was really flustered and angry. Did those people just decided his fate without even asking him?

He pointed his finger at old man and even if he was feeling really huge pressure from the old man, he still spoke in angry tone " First I am not going to become your Disciple and second my name is Shen Tiancai, don't call me young man. Third, you are creepy old man so I won't let you take a look at me "

Each and every single person on the spot was shocked. There was such a huge commotion as Su Qian laughed " Looks like you found a tough one old man " She smirked and winked at Ace " Hey Genius, wanna join my sect? there are many beautiful girls there and this big sister would take care of you~ "

" Big sis I would like to join! " Suddenly there came loud laughter of Chen Mu.

" Ewww...You are ugly, even if you are Grandmaster level Blacksmith, I would never allow you to get anywhere near me! This little brother here is way more handsome then you! "

people present laughed as they all focused their eyes at Ace.

suddenly all of the people quite down as Su Qian took out a Greed Jade with a Golden rose in the center of it.

" I represent Golden rose palace and invite you in my sect! You will directly become a core disciple and would enjoy all the benefits. In addition we would help you Advance in your blacksmithing career " Su Qian became serious as she looked at Ace.

" I represent Blacksmith association and invite you to join us as advanced member. Being an advance member, Blacksmith association would open many new features for you and at the same time you will be under the protection of blacksmith association. " Chen Mu said also being serious. He didn't need any proof of his identity as He was quite famous in this Provence.

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" I am from Evergreen sun sect and invite you to my sect, We would provide you what Goldeen rose sect is providing and on top of that, we would give you 1000 years Jade bone marrow" Han xing also stated her sect's stand. She held a Gold badge which had image of rising sun.

Ace was surprised to hear this as 100 Year Jade bone marrow can be used to increase the strength of the body and to cultivators who didn't like strengthening their bodies with external Cultivation, this was the perfect option. 1000 year Jade bone marrow might be even more amazing.

Old man tapped the rod in his hand on the ground lightly as he looked at Ace. " Shen Tiancai, I invite you to Wargod alliance. I will tell you only one thing, even if the three powers which are inviting you combined all of their strength, they won't be able go defeat me. Take me as your master and you will be part of the Wargod alliance. "

Ace was truely troubled. He didn't even know what kind of power they were so how was he supposed to believe those people. He calmed down as he looked at the old man. " I don't even know what would happen to me once I go with you, old man I don't believe any of you. "

There was again huge uproar in the people around the ground.

" Is this guy insane? that's Wargod alliance! He is telling senior Qin that he don't believe him? "

" I would even give my all to join Wargod Alliance and this guy even has a chance to become Senior Qin''s student! "

" I would love to join Golden Rose palace! Living among the beauties! Man that's the the life a real man should live! "

" Blacksmith association and Han xing's offers aren't bad. He still says he don't believe them? "

Old man understood what Ace thought. After all he was once like that too. Thinking about each and every step of his life carefully and always looking at people suspiciously. " Shen Tiancai, it's okey. I'll give you time of one week. " As old man said that he became white smoke.

Ace was sure that old man had cloud attribute! On of the variant of wind attribute.

Cloud attribute users can also control water attribute up to certain extent. there were many mysteries powers that other attributes possessed and it was impossible for Ace to know everything about them.

Ace looked at the three people. He declined both sects politely by saying that he needed some time to think about it and they gave him some means of contact. Han Xing gave him a Jade pendent which Ace could use to notify her if he decided to join her sect.

He got a Golden Rose from Su Qian. He would be able to contact her by this rose. As for blacksmith association, he decided to accept their offer. Being advance member was just like being a VIP of blacksmith association and this didn't mean he joined any power, he just joined an organization as a member and it was just a relationship of mutual benefit and business.

Soon the three people left as Chen Mu gave some instructions to Shao Yun. Ace's status was upgraded to advance member and he would be able to buy up to Grandmaster rank blacksmith association issued books and he would be able to take on requests by mission board of the blacksmith association. There was similar system in place like the one in Thunder Storm society.

Ace would be able to accept different missions related to weapons and armor manufacturing and would get rewards based on his work.

He bought many books right away from the association with his 10000 gold coins and his bag was full with books. He bid farewell to the Hall Master Shao Yun as he received his blacksmith association badge for expert rank apprentice level. It was a silver colored badge with three stars on it.

Suddenly there was white mist everywhere around him and Ace felt someone hit him on back of his head as he soon felt intense pain on the back of his head. some one wanted to knock him out but because of his advanced memory core, no matter what kind of shock the brain received, he won't pass out. Mist spread over whole city and soon Ace's body disappeared from the street.

Ace felt as if a slender figure of a young girl was carrying and standing over a flying sword while carrying him. He knew that he was attacked by Misty Pavilion but he didn't take action as he wanted to see where this girl was talking him. even if was inside the Misty Pavilion, he still had confidence that he could leave if he wanted to.

It was just that he didn't like the way this girl decided to kidnap him. Am I that easy to bullie? I guess I'll have to show all those people my power! Huge sects would only bow down to a person if either the person was someone they couldn't provoke or someone of the higher status then them.

Unexpectedly the old man from before was standing on flying sword looking at this happen from the air. " Interesting, Misty pavilion has guts to kidnap him? Let me see what you would do now little guy? If you can escape from Misty Pavilion, I would consider recommending you to the Wargod Alliance. "