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 Ace stood there waiting for the hall Master of the Brach headquarters. suddenly there was a huge commotion in the ground as Ace looked Over.

He saw the person with Violet Thunder Swan on his shoulder. Isn't that the old man from before? Why is he with the pale faced youth?

Ace suddenly understood what was happening. The old man Shao Yun laughed heartily and approached Ace with a huge smile on his face. This Shao Yun was actually Hall Master of this branch headquarters. " Brother Shen is indeed gifted by heavens! Congratulations on making your first ultimate grade Weapon! Hahaha! You are truely a gem of my blacksmith association. "

Ace smiled and just nodded " You flatter me. I am not that special and it was just fluke. " Who didn't like acting tough? He was already arrogant and he had brains and browns to back it up. Although he wasn't much powerful right now but position had it's own power too.

Old man Shao Yun's face twitched as he looked this youngster. Fine, fine, young people should have arrogance. He didn't mind it as he smiled " Let me take a look at the weapon. "

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There were many blacksmiths gathered in the ground far away from the warehouse listening to the conversation of the duo.

It was a rare occasion to see the Hall Master personally evaluating someone's Weapon. In fact this kind of thing has never happened in this small town. Most of the blacksmiths would even forget about peak and ultimate grade of the Weapons as it was too hard to create those weapons.

It was said that a normal Weapon would allow cultivator to fight someone on equal level. Elite grade Weapon would allow Cultivator to kill someone at same level. Expert grade Weapons would allow a Cultivator to jump a minor grade in Cultivation and kill their Opponent. Most of the sect's important and geniuses had expert grade Weapons.

Peak grade Weapons were even more tyrannical and would allow Cultivator to kill an opponent two to three Minor levels higher or it would allow Cultivator to fight one major level higher Cultivator. This means that with a peak grade Mortal Weapon you can fight an apprentice level person who was using the Weapon of one grade lower which means even if your opponent was using expert grade Weapon and was apprentice level, you can still fight him on the equal ground. Of course this didn't apply if the enemy was using Apprentice level Weapon as it would naturally be fundamentally stronger than mortal Weapons.

Ultimate grade Weapon would allow user to become Undefeatable in the same Cultivation level and if you were on rank 9 Spritual Mortal level the you can fight and kill up to rank 3 Apprentice level and even kill rank 1 if enemy was using Apprentice level Weapon of elite grade.

Ultimate! Undisputable number one! Undefeatable in the same realm! This was why it was called ultimate grade Weapon!

Ace was surprisingly able to make an ultimate grade Weapon. Ace's weapon was unfortunately restricted by inferior level metals or else he would even be able to make Apprentice level Weapon!

" Mister Shen, you can sell this Weapon to the blacksmith association for 10,000 Gold. You can also directly be promoted to Expert grade Apprentice level Blacksmith. As for the Weapon, it is indeed authentic ultimate grade Mortal Weapon. I can also recommend you to higher level headquarters of blacksmith association where you will be able to receive even better guidance. "

Ace was surprised to hear this as he knew that many people would come after him once the news of him making Ultimate grade Weapon got out.

Suddenly there was roar like laughter from outside " Hahaha! Little Yun! Where that little genius? bring him out! I wanna take a look at him! "

there came another Loud voice of a woman soon after " You brute! you think you are qualified to meet this genius Blacksmith!? why don't you go and see your face in mirror? "

There was suddenly a bird cry from outside as Ace was able to see a Red robed young woman sitting on the Crane. She spoke in gentle tone " You two are always fighting, we need to make it quick, if that old monster comes then we won't be able to gain any benefit."

Ace's head was feeling dizzy because of powerful aura all those people produced.

" Lady Xing , senior Wuya, Lady Qian, welcome to my branch headquarters, what brings you here today? " Shao Yun was respectful to these people as it wasn't even half an hour since Ace notified the pale faced youth about the Weapon and these three were able to reach here. They deserved the respect just based on their strength alone. Each one of their authority was even more tyrannical.

Suddenly there come hoarse voice of an old man from behind Ace " Who are you calling old monster little Qian? looks like your father didn't teach you how to respect your elders huh? " Ace was so scared that he froze on the place.

It was like a beast had locked on it's eyes on him and he was unable to even turn back and look at the old man behind him. After half a second the pressure vanished and Ace noticed that his back was covered in cold sweat. He directly jumped away and looked at where he was standing. There was an old man standing there which looked like a dried up corpse.

Old man had strange wooden stick in his hand and in his shoulder was a small white cat. Cat was really small and was sleeping on old man's shoulder, it had beautiful Metallic Gold color fur and there were some silver colored stripes on it's whole body like that of a tiger. Old man's eyes were closed and his mouth was covered by thick white Beard. He looked ready to die at any moment but he was releasing unexpectedly large amount of Life force. Nature attribute!!

Every expert bowed and cupped their fists together to salute the old man.

" Senior Qin"

" Senior Qin"

" Senior Qin"


Ace was surprised to see this as he looked at the old man. Although he felt like he should also salute but he didn't even know the old man so he didn't bow down, he cupped his fists and looked at old man "Senior Qin "

The young girl who was sitting on the huge Crane got off the bird as he pouted like a kid and bowed " Senior, I wasn't talking about you, you see I was talking about my Master. He is also an old monster and he might come here to take this guy as his Disciple. "

Old man raised his eyebrows as he looked at the girl " Don't worry, I would explain it to your Master, this little one would become my disciple and if you want to lie to me then at least think about it first, your master is a female you brat " Su Qian blushed in embarrassment as she looked down.

Su Qian was an expert from Golden Rose palace. She was really beautiful and was wearing a red dress which made her look like a flower. She had red crown on her head which signified that she was an elder in the Golden Rose palace. It was a power which was Governed by Female cultivators and a male can join them only if he was alchemist or a blacksmith. This was third rate sect just like Misty pavilion.

Soon the two people who were shouting came inside and looked straight at the old man as they too bowed. One of them was a huge guy which looked like Hulk and had abnormally huge muscles. His name was Chen Mu. He was like a small mountain walking. He was 2 Meter tall and was like a small giant campared to beautiful lady besides him.

He was the only Blacksmith Grandmaster in three Provence Governed by the Misty Pavilion and was head of the main branch of the blacksmith association in the Longshan Provence.

The lady besides him was Han xing. She was an elder of the Evergreen sun sect. It was also a third rate sect neighbouring the Misty Pavilion but Ace didn't know who the old man was.

This was trouble! if only he didn't knew the old man which could mean that the old man was famous and Ace's origins would come into question.