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 Ace sat down on the chair near the table for a while. He was exhausted and his Spiritual force was depleted so he wanted to recover it as soon as possible.

Apprentice rank!

It was a level which can be considered as opening the gate to the Cultivation world. Some even said that you stopped being the mortal when you became an apprentice. You would start your journey towards becoming a god from here. Some would believe that the apprentice level was the true beginning.

Ace found out that in his Soul Space, there were three Energy balls which were connected to each other by a strange white mysterious force. The light was connected to Thunder, Thunder to fire and fire to light. The strange Spiritual force was thus traveling from light to thunder and then from thunder to fire and then from fire it was going back into light attribute ball thus forming a cycle.

This phenomenon was known as the Circle of superiority. It was named as such because it would only form in those who had two or more attribute affinity in their body which signified that they were no longer normal Cultivators.

With the formation of the Circle of superiority, they were bound to be superior to the majority of the Cultivators.

Even people with two attributes were regarded as geniuses but now Ace had three attributes and two of them were even rare and super rare. He was obviously a genius among genius.

Ace felt like his mind wasn't clear before but now he was able to notice an increase in the ability of his brain. He knew there would sects willing to go to any lengths to make him join them. He knew many powers would try to kill him to find his secrets if his abnormal Cultivation speed was found out.

He knew he would make many enemies and would have to face strong sects which had strong experts but was he an ordinary person? No! He was a Sector Lord! He was at the top in the Top 10 people with the most power in his universe! He was a legendary Genius that shook the whole world!

He refused to be mediocre! He refused to bow down to anyone! He would be like a sun which people can only see the brilliance of, But if you decided to touch it then you would be burned to death! His mind was clear like never before! it was like clouds were cleared from the sky. The feeling was too hard to describe with words.

He proudly looked at the table on which there was the Weapon he made. Don't mistake it for ordinary Weapon for cutting woods as it was meant to cut people in two! There was unexpectedly strong bloodlust being released from this Weapon. He had changed the atomic structure and grain formation inside the metal which made it unexpectedly strong. Metal inside was compressed which increased its density and this, in turn, increased the Weapon's strength.

The chain had Razer sharp teeth which could cut even steel and the special property of Blood butcher which can be used to insert fire, water and earth attribute Spiritual force was used in a genius way. One can trigger different kinds of reactions from this chainsaw based on the attribute of the Spiritual force inserted into it.

Fire attribute Spiritual force was simple and destructive so if fire attribute Spiritual force was inserted into this Weapon then it would cover the whole chainsaw in flames. This would be called Blazing blood butcher!

When earth attribute Spiritual force was inserted, the teeth of the chainsaw would harden even more and the chainsaw would become unexpectedly heavy. This increase in weight could be used as a surprise attack while doing downward chops which would increase Chainsaw's speed and catch the enemy off guard.

If there was water attribute Spiritual force inserted into the chainsaw then the water attribute force would cover its teeth to make them sharper. The chain would become like the edge of the sword and it would be able to cut the air. This would increase the speed of the chainsaw while swinging.

The last surprise was hidden inside the Black casing which had a strange red button on it. By pressing this button it would cause the teeth of the chainsaw to stick to the metal blade and casing would fall off. It would then become a huge broadsword which won't rotate but was still much lighter and faster than the chainsaw. There was also a small button beside the red button on the chainsaw which would make the casing of the chain saw to expand temporarily and it would become a Shield.

He thought that a good weapon should also protect it's the owner so he tried using some protective measures in his Weapons.

He proudly held the chainsaw in his hands. He felt like he was ready to chop down humans instead of trees. He got this idea from the undead incident as he had once seen in a movie that people often used a chainsaw to chop down zombies. He was sure that people of Cultivation world would be shocked once they see this Weapon.

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Ace soon came out of the workshop which a smile on his face. He looked at the subordinate of the pale-faced which was waiting outside the workshop. As soon as he saw Ace come out, he bowed and said " Mister Shen, I would call My superior right away "


Soon the pale-faced man came there and looked at the strange Weapon in Ace's hand. He was surprised by the aura of bloodlust from the Weapon as his expression suddenly changed." This aura! .....t...this! This can't be possible!"

He was trembling! This was Ultimate grade Weapon! The ultimate grade Weapon from legends!

Although Ace was given three tries, he didn't make two more of the chainsaw as he knew that he would probably make a peak grade Weapon. By rules, he would instantly become an expert grade blacksmith right away.

What he didn't know was that he had made an ultimate grade Weapon! The pale-faced youth then looked at the chainsaw carefully.

Ace explained it's properties one by one and more he listened, more he felt like he was dreaming. A weapon that can be used by three different people and would produce different effects? on top of that, there were additional abilities with this Weapon and one of them was a shield while other was transformation type ability!? Weapons with transformation type ability were too rare. It was really hard to find a weapon like that even in apprentice level or even master rank Weapons weren't able to transform.

Ace was delighted to see this pale-faced youth's reaction as the pale-faced youth's face soon turned red from excitement.

" M-Mister Shen, I don't have authority to evaluate this Weapon, please stay here and I will call the Hall Master. " He then abruptly bowed and left in hurry.

Ace knew he had already caused the storm and now he would have to face the Violent waves of the greed of some of the major powers, but there was strange Sense of satisfaction in his heart.

Why would a sculptor make sculpture? why would actor perform? Why would a painter paint? Was it so that they can perfect their art? No! They want people's admiration! they want fame! they want to show the world what they can do! They want to create an impact on society! They want their name to be remembered for centuries!

Ace was just like that. He also wanted people to remember him. He wanted people to know him. He wanted people to admire him and his work! He was Weaponsmith and his weapons were his creations. The joy he would feel when his Creation would be recognized by the world was something only he understood.

Even a child would feel proud of itself and show everyone it's creation even if it was just an ugly clay toy or a messed up drawing. Ace had designed such a strong weapon so why won't he show it to the world?