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 Ace finished reading both books as he gained basic understanding about the blacksmithing and different metals. There were many different metals which had their physical properties changed because of the environment and the Spiritual force. It was like a mysterious virus that would change everything and it was nothing but a magical force which defies science.

Ace still wasn't able to understand this force and to normal people everything Cultivators did was nothing but magic. To the genius, if he didn't understand something then it was just because his knowledge was lacking. There were no miracles in the world and Every chaos had some kind of order in it.

As for basic blacksmithing, it just explained how one can make Mortal level Weapons. There wasn't any magical process involved as you just have chosen an appropriate fire, melt the metal, cast it on mold and then strengthen it and shape it with a hammer while controlling your Spiritual force.

Ace was eager to make the new Weapon as every time he made something new, he would be really happy. Making better and better Weapons and even stronger and powerful Weapons was what made Ace feel alive. It was the only time when he felt truly proud of himself.

" I'll make sure to shock the blacksmith association. No matter how much big of a wave my new Weapon would cause, as a future God Weaponsmith, I would make sure to shock the world with my creation. No one should be able to make a better Weapon then me! " He thought to himself and smirked.

Ace was soon bought to a special room which had a normal furnace, Some equipment used to make Weapons in old age and there were many different kinds of metals on the rack.

" You can use the bleeding silver as much as you like. if you want to use additional metals from the workshop then you would have to pay for them later "

Ace nodded as he already knew all this from the Mortal level guide for blacksmiths. He saw a small pile of Silver ingots which had a strange red metallic shine to them. Under the light, they looked as if there was blood Halo around the metal.

Ace took one of the pieces of Bleeding Silver and examined it. It felt a little cold in his hands and Ace knew he cannot make something awesome out of this ordinary metal, he needed some Iron, copper, Gold, and silicone to give this Weapon Some special abilities.

For example For iron, he would be able to change its properties and make it into a permanent magnet to design a small generator which would generate electricity and from copper, gold, and silicone, he can make some circuits to add special features in his Weapons.

He suddenly got an idea and looked at pale-faced youth " Can I make it alone while no one observes me? I have a special technique and I don't want people to see me perform it. "

The pale-faced young man knew what Ace was talking about and he soon nodded, there were cases like this before and it was common in the world. " You have to let me check if you have any hidden Weapons or not and if you have then I will record them down so you won't be able to present them as your Weapons later at the time of evaluation. "

There were many people who were rich and hid some Weapons in their dimensional storage and just presented it after the exam to enjoy benefits provided by blacksmith association so there were some rules regarding manufacturing the Weapons alone.

Ace nodded and he wasn't worried about anything. He had some gold coins, his recurved Flux bow and the gauntlet which were all in his bag. He just put the bag outside so there was no need for a pale-faced young man to check them. Soon Pale-faced man took out a red crystal and strange red light shone on Ace.

[ Master, I detect X-Ray and Spiritual force from the crystal. The Spiritual force is recording our information. I've blocked the X-ray from going inside the printer ]

Ace was relieved to hear the information as the 3D printer was too important And he won't be able to make the Weapon without it. Even if he can, it won't that awesome and ground shaking.

" You are clear, you can start the work and call me once you are done with your Weapon. "

Ace nodded as pale-faced youth left and closed the door. Ace took the pile of Bleeding Silver ingots and put them on the table. He didn't even need to use the furnace. He also added many different metals and many of them were common and only valuable metal was gold while costing him 50 Gold coins.

Ace suddenly got another idea as he looked at the furnace. He Frowned as he thought about his crazy idea. " Should I do it? " He frowned as he looked at the furnace and asked Alice for opinion.

[ Master you can get injured, maybe you should just take it slowly ]

" Hmm, but won't that ruin my reputation? Aristotle once said that there is no great genius without some touch of madness. " He smirked as he ignited the furnace. there were Red and orange flames in the furnace and its temperature was really high. There was an Earth fire crystal which contained the Earth fire. Ace directly inserted his hand inside the furnace!

Hot flames burned the robe and revealing his smooth skin underneath on his hand. There were flames trying to devour his body but soon a strange suction power spread along with his hand which devoured the flames in the furnace instead.

There were red veins popping up on his biceps and on his forehead. There was a huge amount of fire attribute Spiritual force inside his body and there was no way he could refine it in a short period of time. If he didn't get rid of this Spiritual force then his body would soon be burned. As he guided the force through his hands, his meridians were so stuffed that Ace was feeling a huge amount of pain.

Ace directly started using three balls which were inside his soul space to frantically absorb the Spiritual force. There was blinding white light that absorbed the berserk fire attribute Spiritual force and converted it into light attribute Spiritual force.

Another ball which had Tribulation lighting also absorbed a huge amount of spiritual force and transformed it into Tribulation lighting attribute Spiritual force.

The third ball was fire attribute and it was guiding the berserk fire attribute Spiritual force towards both light and tribulation lightning Spiritual balls.

Ace soon guided the light attribute and Tribulation thunder attribute Spiritual force towards his 3D printer.

* Hmmmmmmm*

There was low sound from the 3D printer as Ace opened his eyes and concentrated on the pile of different metals on the table. He pointed his other hand with 3D printer towards the Pile of metals as soon Seven different colored beams of light came out of the 3D printer on his hand and under the seven colored light, different metals started changing shapes as if that were alive.

Ace was really troubled as he had to endure a huge amount of pain, he also had to guide different Spiritual forces in his body and also send his thoughts into the 3D printer to make a perfect design. This wasn't an easy task and any other person won't be able to do it.

If any other blacksmith was here then he would be really shocked! No need for a mold! No need to used strength to hammer the material into shape! No need to control the Intensity of flames with Spiritual force! This was one of the inventions of a Trouper family member. This 3D printer was made by his aunt! Ace was really proud of his family lineage.

Soon a strange blood-red chainsaw took shape on the table. It looked completely new and was one and a half meter long. There was black casing made of Silver steel and Because of bleeding silver, it looked like there was blood dripping from the chain of the chainsaw. Ace named it Blood butcher!

Ace took his hand out of the furnace and although exhausted, his face showed a happy expression. It wasn't because he was able to make this chainsaw but he had a sudden breakthrough!! He unexpectedly became Rank 1 Spiritual Apprentice and Rank 1 Martial Apprentice at the same time!!

This was because of the miraculous Cultivation technique called Fire God's fury. It was able to give the user a fire attribute body regardless of whatever attribute there was inside the body of the user! It was heaven Defying technique!

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There were two requirements for rebirth through Flames which were, the user should be at Apprentice level and the user must Cultivate Fire God's fury. Rebirth through Flames was even more tyrannical as it could help the user reach up to Martial Emperor level!

Keep in mind that reaching Spirit emperor level was really hard. Reaching the Martial Emperor level was even harder than that. It was because strengthening the soul and Spirit was relatively easier but strengthening the body was hard.

Just to break through to the Apprentice level rank 1, Ace had to endure a huge amount of pain. He had to guide all the fire attribute Spiritual force into his body from the meridians in his both hands and because of a large amount of force, he had to endure a huge amount of pain. The reward for this huge amount of pain was really satisfying.