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 Ace soon reached the huge building which was headquarters of blacksmith association in Mizo town. The building had white bricks made of unknown materials and there were five floors in this building. Ace didn't know much about blacksmith association so he just decided to head straight in.

There were two huge courtyards on both sides of the blacksmith association and behind the building was a huge empty ground and behind the ground were raws of different houses.

Ace saw many disciples practicing different hand movements on the Ground. There was some old man chatting with each other while sitting in front of their respective houses.

Ace went inside the main building and what he saw inside shocked him. There was a purple colored swan sitting on the shoulder of an old man. What shocked him were wings of the swan. There were blue arcs of lightning Jumping from feather to feather on the wings of the swan.

The old man looked towards Ace as he noticed Ace's intense gaze. He smiled as he said " Young one, you are surprised right? This is a Violet Thunder Swan. "

Ace looked at the old man as he nodded. The old man was fat but had huge biceps. His body was beefed up and he was really robust. He looked like a small mountain just by standing there.

Ace walked towards the Swan and was about to pat it's head when a lightning bolt from the swan hit him on his hand. The old man was about to laugh at this foolish youngster when he noticed that Ace was fine. Violet Thunder Swan left old man's shoulder and sat down on Ace's Shoulder.

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The old man was surprised to see this as he smiled " young man, you are quite interesting. This little guy won't go near a stranger unless they are of thunder attribute. "

Ace nodded as there was no harm in revealing information about his thunder attribute affinity. The reason was that Thunder attribute was super rare but Cultivation of the attribute was difficult. It was like how ordinary people would look at people with their heart on right.

Ace soon smiled and rubbed the neck of the Violet Thunder Swan and gave it back to the Old man. What old man didn't know was that he didn't just have thunder affinity, It was Tribulation lightning or you can also call it tribulation thunder! It was even more powerful than ordinary thunder attribute!

Ace just needed some guidance on how he can use this thunder attribute Spiritual force.

In those memories he got from Tian Cui, There were instructions about how to use normal and rare attribute Spiritual force but there was little information about how to use super rare attributes. There were too few people and beasts with the thunder attribute affinity and even less Martial arts related to Thunder attribute.

Ace was surprised to find this thunder attribute beast here.

" It's quite rare to find beasts related to Thunder attribute. This one must be a rare creature? " Ace asked the old man.

" Yes, I found this one in the Luangzi Provence. This little guy is my lucky charm haha! By the way, I am Shao Yun, a humble Blacksmith. What brings you here young man? "

Ace found this old man's attitude to be pretty good as he smiled and replied while giving him a salute. " I am here to take the exam for mortal rank Weaponsmith, maybe I'll even take one for apprentice-level? "

Old man Shao Yun was surprised to hear this as he smiled back and pointed at a huge warehouse type building. " Go there, they will prepare everything. The fees will be 10 gold for Mortal level and 100 Gold for Apprentice level. You can give it to the guy over there. "

Ace nodded " Thank you. " He then left without wasting any more time as he went straight to the building.

It was an open building and there was only one man there. He was young and had a pale face. He had strange blue eyes.

" I want to take the mortal level exam " Ace put 10 Gold coins on the table as he looked at the young man.

" Which level? There are three levels, Normal, elite and expert. The higher the difficulty you clear, the higher the reward. " This system was in place because not all the Weapons would be same. there was also a matter of quality of the Weapon. There was grade to the quality of the Weapons which were Normal, elite, expert, peak and ultimate. There was only three grade exam here as this was only a small town branch of the blacksmith association.

Ace directly choose the expert level exam. Soon the pale-faced youth explained everything about the exam to him.

" You have to make a weapon of expert grade and you will be given three chances and if you fail to make expert grade Weapons two out of three times then you would fail the exam. If you are able to make one expert grade Weapon out of two tries, you will become elite Mortal level Weaponsmith. "

Ace nodded and asked " I need some time for preparation, can you tell me where I can buy books about blacksmithing? "

Pale face youth nodded " You can buy them from me, normally people would buy them from the main building but all the blacksmiths would buy necessary things from me. You won't be able to buy those things which aren't available to Normal cultivators. Once you become a blacksmith, you will be able to buy them. There will be many new things you would be able to buy once your rank increases."

Ace nodded as he bought [Mortal level guide for blacksmiths] and [ Basics of Metals ]. They were simple books and were few centimeters thick. Ace sits down on the bench inside the warehouse as he started reading the book.

The pale-faced youth soon gave instructions to a subordinate of his to prepare the materials for the exam while Ace was busy reading the book.

Ace didn't require much time to read the book as he had a photographic memory. He could remember anything with just a glance and even above that, he didn't even need to read the book, he just had to scan it with the help of Alice and it will be stored in his brain like a digital book and he won't forget the content ever.

Ace still decided to pretend to be reading the book and he was fascinated by the information contained in this book. There were also attributes attached to some metals which developed strange characteristics after staying in certain attribute Spiritual energy for a long time.

For example the 100 years Snow Jade iron. It was the best metal to make a sword suitable for ice attribute person as the ice attribute inside the person and Weapon would both compliment each other and the total power would increase. 100 years was just the indication for the ice type Spiritual force inside the Snow Jade iron.

There was also 1000 year and 10000 year Snow Jade iron and above that would be Ice Jade iron. There were many rare metals which can even convert certain attribute Spiritual force into another attribute Spiritual force like Ice Jade iron. Even if the user was water attribute, he would be able to execute ice attribute attacks with his sword if it was made from ice Jade iron.

Ace soon found the metal he was going to work with, Bleeding Silver. It was silver metal with a red metallic shine to it and it was a good conductor of Earth, fire and water type Spiritual force.

Ace also gained information about how blacksmiths of this world made their Weapons. They simply used the mold and with different techniques, they would shape the metal by a hammer. The only thing different was that they had to control the temperature of fire through Spiritual force and control their strength when shaping the Weapon.

This wasn't an easy task as higher the level of fire used to manufacture the Weapon, higher the difficulty and higher the requirement for strength.

For Ace, this wasn't a problem and he was ready to take the exam.