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 Three days after Ace reported about the incident of the undead, Fang clan contacted the Misty Pavilion. After the last incident of the undead attack, Misty pavilion was always on guard against such issues.

Fortunately, there was a low possibility of the Undead legion knowing about the spatial gate as the Howling ridge was too big. There was a mountain ridge spanning across the whole space bubble dividing the world into two parts.

There was a still a slim chance that like last time a strong master rank undead legion disciple gets through the spatial gate and goes on the rampage.

There was a search party dispatched by the Misty Pavilion which consists of five Master rank Core disciples of Misty pavilion. There was also a teacher of the Misty Pavilion dispatched and they soon investigated the place Ace was at. From this, it can be seen how important this matter is for Misty Pavilion.

They found the dead bodies of the undead bandits and with them, they also found the second smaller cave which was completely destroyed.

There were two corpses there and soon the Vice hall Master Fang Guanyu identified one of the corpses as Wu Chang. The other corpse which was covered in rags was assumed as that of the Undead Apostle. Both of. they were blown to pieces.

The teacher who was dispatched by the Misty Pavilion was standing on the huge rock nearby as he looked at somewhat dried up and eaten out the corpse of giant stone Basilisk Lizard.

This teacher was named Jiang Ruogang. He was an old man in a plain white robe and a majestic long white Beard. His eyebrows were also white and his eyes looked full of energy. This elder was the one who would be liked by every kid and looked like a mysterious neighborhood old man who had many secrets.

He rubbed his beard gently as Jiang Ruogang looked at Fang Guanyu who was standing beside him with respect in his eyes. There were many legends about this Jiang Ruogang and it was said that he was a close friend of the previous generation Sect leader. He also took part in the beast tide three years ago in Luangzi Provence and defeated a sky Mamba which was at Mortal level rank 8! He saved millions of lives that day.

The old man spoke while rubbing his beard and nodding his head " Indeed a good seed. He sure made a mess out of this bandit hideout. look at the corpse of the lizard, so ruthless. Bursting its eyes with sheer pressure. "

He continued to mumble to himself as he looked at Fang Guanyu " Are you sure the person who did this, Shen Tiancai, Are you sure he is Rank 9 Spiritual Mortal? " He wasn't able to believe it because he could sense strange fluctuations of spiritual force in the air which should be because of a fire attribute Spiritual force blast. This kind of blast won't be produced unless one was at Apprentice level rank 9.

Fang Guanyu nodded " Yes Master Jiang, He is at Rank 9 Spiritual Mortal rank. he is staying at my Fang clan's restaurant in Mizo town."

" Hahaha! Let's go and meet this young lad, I am interested in him. The undead legion Apostle is dead so don't worry about them. I'll explain this to the sect leader. " He laughed as he left while standing on a flying sword which was Metallic Gold in color and had a red dragon drawn on its surface.

After him, there were five people on the same kinds of the flying sword which were normal plain swords compared to the old man's. They were five Master rank inner disciples and were sent here to investigate the undead legion's matter.

Fang Guanyu and others followed after the old man and five people on horses and they all were headed towards Mizo town.


Ace was sitting on his bed as he looked at the pile of gold in front of him. There were 10000 Gold coins on the table! The reward for killing an Undead Apostle was 6000 Gold coins, Rank of the bandit headquarters mission was increased up to Rank 3 Apprentice level and the reward for it was 800 Gold. He sold the Spiritual crystal of the Stone Basilisk.

The price of a rank 6 Apprentice level Spiritual crystal was 3200 G. The price was decided the same way as mortal level crystals but the price of rank 1 Apprentice level Spiritual crystal was 100 Gold coins and with every level, it would increase.

This way the fang clan decided for Ace's reward to be 10000 Gold coins! Ace was so excited as he now would be able to purchase different books about knowledge regarding metals and magical materials of this world. He had planned to develop himself as a Weaponsmith in this world.

This was not lousy Weaponsmith like those who would only be able to create swords and sabers, they were trash! They didn't have any creativity! Ace would design all sorts of bizarre and Miraculous Weapons that you won't even have to Grab in your hands to kill someone.

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" I would show the Cultivation world what a Creative Weaponsmith Mechanical Engineer... sort of guy can do! "

Ace had a clear goal in mind. It was to conquer this world and to do that he needs power! He wasn't willing to bitterly Cultivate for Thousands of years and die. He didn't have that much time so he decided to become a Weaponsmith and make Weapons that can give him power!.

After all, he was still only 20 years old and had much to learn. He was at the age where there should be a goal to which you would work your whole life. A goal that would decide your future.

" Yes, if I want to rise in this world, Cultivation would take too long. I need to find some shortcuts. I need some strong Weapons! I need a gun! Yes! A Huge gun! "

There were stars shining in his eyes as his head was full of all sort of Creative ideas. Unfortunately, he couldn't start working on them as he didn't have the raw material. Fortunately, he now had the capital to get the raw material.

in the past three days, after he returned, he was busy hiding from fang clan and Misty pavilion. There were at least five big powers that had invited him and he refused them all but those two huge monsters won't back down. He stayed in his room and practiced some Martial arts and no one disturbed him. Finally, on the third day, he received his rewards.

He knew where to find various metals he wanted. Blacksmith Association! They would have everything a blacksmith would ever want. He got out of the hotel and Quickly departed for the blacksmith association on his horse. He would buy some books and metals first and might even give the exam if he felt like it.

After all, he didn't need someone else's approval to be considered a Weaponsmith. Blacksmith Association was just like another power to him which can provide him some benefits and convenience.