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 Ace soon collected all the Blood mist Lotus from two small lakes. He got extra 9 loti and with 13 he collected from before he had a total 22 lotuses. He can finally leave this Purple mist, Forrest.

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He was going to analyze the Spiritual crystal he got from the stone Basilisk first but he noticed that it wasn't any different than a normal crystal. It was just that it was bigger in size and the Spiritual force was purer.

Ace directly left the place as there was no need to take the bandit leader's head with him. He just had to kill the bandit leader and the badge which he used during his stay at fang clan would show it.

Ace traveled to the Mizo town at the fastest speed possible because this time not only he completed missions but he also got many inspiration and ideas about how to improve his strength. He also needed to practice Martial arts and get familiar with the increased strength of his body. He had increased his Cultivation too fast and didn't even have time to let his mind get used to the increased ability of his body.

His brain was already advanced but his body was normal so it was like a super powerful software inside limited capable hardware. Now his hardware or his body was getting upgraded so the software can use more of its amazing powers which it wasn't able to use in the past.

Ace soon reached a small cave near the medium size Blood lake. The small cave was the place where he hid his horse because if he took it with him in the Forrest then all the beasts would sniff him out and chase him around. He quickly got on the horse and left the Forrest.

Soon he reached the Mizo town and went inside the city. This time he didn't enter the Inner city by joining the crowd but showed his badge and he was allowed to enter the city.

He rode his horse near the Headquarters of Thunder Storm Society. It was usual bustling atmosphere there as various Cultivators were going in and out of the building. There were some Cultivators in groups while some had their face covered in hood or masks.

Ace headed straight for the counter where the receptionist was and put the stack of blood mist lotuses on the counter.

" Here is my mission description, you can check the flowers. "

The receptionist was fast in her work and soon checked that all the flowers were of good quality and were carefully plucked so they weren't damaged. She didn't ask any questions nor did she talked as this was routine work for her and there were many tasks she had to complete throughout the whole day.

She gave him 30 Gold back with the deposit which was 30 Silvers. The deposit was low because gathering missions would be easy so normally Cultivators would like to accept missions like this frequently.

Some cultivators even made a living from just gathering different materials for sects.

The deposit was low so that even most poor Cultivator can take on the mission.

On the other hand, Hunting missions and the different dangerous mission had a higher deposit.

Ace also handed her the second parchment paper on which the mission about bandit gang was written. This was one of the most dangerous missions available in the copper level.

The receptionist looked at the parchment and was surprised. This guy only took a single day to complete the mission? wasn't he too fast?

" Mister Shen, We would check the badges of the bandits first. your reward would be here as soon as we confirm it. "

Ace smiled as he looked at receptionist " I want to raise in my rewards miss. It clearly says here that there were normal bandits there but what I saw were no ordinary bandits. they were undead. "

As soon as the receptionist heard this the color left her face as her face as it became pale from fear. She looked at Ace and said in trembling voice " M-Mister Shen, Please stay here. I'll call the Vice Hall Master now! " She left without even looking back.

Soon after a while, she returned with Fang Guanyu. Fang Guanyu was one of the two Vice Hall Masters of the Thunderstorm society. He was wearing a red robe which had golden stripes on his chest. there was embroidery design of a Chinese Dao sword on his shoulder. He looked like a middle-aged man and he had a thick aura of superiority around him. He looked full of energy.

Fang Guanyu looked at Ace and asked " Mister Shen, we should talk inside "

" Sure " Ace nodded as he walked after the duo inside the hallway. They soon reached a courtyard which was behind the enormous building of Thunder Storm society.

Fang Guanyu lived in one of the buildings near the Courtyard and his office was also there. He led Ace inside his office as he sits down on a chair and offered another chair for Ace. The receptionist left as she had more work to handle and soon a beautiful girl served some tea which was giving off the fragrance of high-quality tea leaves. It was strong herbal tea and Ace liked the taste.

" Mister Shen, if you are lying then you will have to pay 200 Gold coins as punishment. Do you have proof? if you want us to check then you have to pay double the amount of previous deposit as a new deposit. "

Ace looked at the Fang Guanyu and continue to sip his tea. If it was anyone else, he would be sweating under the immense pressure of power and position that Fang Guanyu had.

This was because befriending the Vice hall Master can bring you many benefits and at the same time, making him angry would bring much trouble but Ace who was a former Sector Lord, the amount of authority he had was impossible to be imagined by this Fang Guanyu.

" I know that and you don't have to send a search party, I killed all the undead. I have a dead body here as proof " He took out his badge and showed it to the Vice hall Master.

Fang Guanyu just had to insert his Spiritual force inside the badge and he would know what was inside. Since Ace had taken everything out of the badge, he gave the badge to the Vice hall Master.

" This? It's a Blister undead! " Fang Guanyu was startled as soon as he saw the undead. From the strange red blisters on the body and pale skin of the corpse, it was confirmed that it was undead. Fang Guanyu still inspected the body and sent his Spiritual force inside the corpse. He was soon able to sense the black residual Spiritual force inside the body.

" This is indeed a Blister undead. There is a possibility that undead legion has sent a new apostille! I need to quickly contact The Hall Master. "

Ace looked at Fang Guanyu calmly " What's a blister undead? What's Undead Legion? Apostle? "

" You don't know? Right, let me explain. Howling ridge is a forbidden land in a separate Space. There is only one power controlling the region inside there and all of the Cultivators are born with strange Spiritual force which can raise the undead. There are thick death and darkness Spiritual force in the space. The undead legion cannot send their stronger fighters in this world because between their and our world, there is a thick wall of void in which void currents are so strong that even grandmaster level fighters would die.

There would be a Gate opening randomly every once in a while and most of the time Undead legion won't be able to grasp the timing. But sometimes because the soldiers patrolling the area where the gate open, they would be able to send their strong fighters in this world.

People of this world are scared of them because each person they kill would be one more puppet under their control. There was once a whole Provence which was sacrificed to the undead legion. War lasted for a whole ten years and that is why most of the people are afraid of this power.

Mister Shen, you've done great service to us by reporting this issue. I will keep this badge and someone will give you a new one. As for the death of bandits, it has been confirmed and you will get an appropriate reward. "