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 Ace was sitting on a log of a tree which he ' Accidentally ' uprooted because of monstrous strength. he strangely was compatible with the Deus blood body enhancement drug and his body was able to absorb 78% of the medicine. He can now endure up to 23 G gravity and would be able to walk on this planet even without assistance of his exo suit.

This change in his physic was also because of that strange power which was assimilated in his body by itself when he was absorbing the Deus blood which to his surprise was a really good conductor of this strange energy omnipresent in this universe.

This energy was the reason that he didn't just simply gain strong body but also got monstrous strength. Perhaps the reason why Deus were so strong in his universe was because their compatibility with this strange energy allowed them to absorbed even minor trace of the same energy which was present in his own universe. Unfortunately even if Dues had strong bodies, they weren't able to absorb required amount of that energy and make their body strong beyond imagination like those cultivator.

This was a huge windfall for him as when he Tested how much his strength was improved. the results were so scary that even he was trembling from excitement. Only 78% Deus blood made him as strong as strongest Deus on his home planet and maybe slightly more stronger than that! what kind of strength was that? The strongest Deus was known as War God by Humanity and he was the inspiration for War God mech armor. He was said to be able to make dents with only his punches in Juggernaut armor. Juggernaut armor was made meterial named Thorim X56. This was even better than the ship armor used to withstand spatial currents as humanity was able use it in a small mech but it was too costly to utilize it in Whole spaceship. This meant that Ace was now stronger than most of the natives of this planet.

He had strength but his body was still not as strong as that of strongest dues so he decided to be cautious and keep Juggernaut armor with himself. He was sitting on the log while eating a roasted boar which was deemed as safe to eat by Alice. He was hungry and ate the whole boar because right now his body needed as much nutrients as it can get.

Ace was not sure whether he should go into the village or not as they would surely find him and his outfit strange, besides all the people here spoke different language and when he scanned he was surprised to find that it was ancient Chinese. Alice had data of this language and she quickly inserted it in his memory core and now his biggest headache which was the communication barriers was removed. Ace also scanned the trees and they were same as on Earth but stronger and sturdier. Animals were same and a single boar contained enough neutrients which was equivalent of five boars on his world.


Huiju village

All the villagers were celebrating as Jin brothers were super lucky today and brought back lots of food for the village from their hunt. their position in the hunting squad was now higher than before and village chief praised them for their bravery. Some villagers even offered their daughters to them for marriage while some were Requesting them train their kids to become hunters.

In a rural village like this, strong and hard-working people were always considered as important rather than wealthy people. Whole village was like a family and they lived in harmony

" I've seen these two brats grow up and become his strong in the village, they were able to kill five boar, ten wolves and thirty wild chickens in a single day! so strong..."

" yes yes, old mo, you have a beautiful daughter so why don't you offer her hand to one of them? "

" You don't have to worry about that old jiao! I am still suspicious if they can kill that many beats, after all it's just two of them so how can they kill so many by themselves? "

" Don't fight you two, let's celebrate and eat, come, come, after last harvest, I was able to make this batch of heavenly nectar! haha drink to your heart content! "

" Haha shut up old man, it's just some lousy alcohol! why are you calling it hevenly nectar? "

" hahahaha...."

All the elderly were chatting among themselves which sitting around the fire while children were playing nearby and village was in festival like atmosphere.

After all the food brought back by those two hunters was enough to last the village for a Month! village rarely had such lovely Atmosphere so village chief decided to hold a celebration. This month would pass easyly and they will be able to save food for next month which would then allow them to use the excess food in the time of crisis. this was a huge help to the village as no one asked those two brothers where they got all the food from and everyone was happy.

Ace was sitting on a nearby tree, observing all of this and he had many ways to blend in with these villagers now, his plan was to hunt some beasts to test his strength and combat ability first and gift those beasts to the villagers, he would then introduce himself as a travelling merchant and earn the currency of this village by offering them beast meat at low price. Even if they didn't want the beast meat, they would have to buy it because of the prices which he would offer would be so low that even ordinary villagers would be able to buy his meat! he would surely get less money but if he sold meat in large quantity then quantity would make up for the quality. he would have enough money at the end.

Ace left and was eager to start his work! he walked towerds the area where his pod was as it wasn't there now because he had sent it 100 meters deep into earth. he would send it even deeper but the soil after 100 meter was too hard and he didn't want his equipment to be damaged.

Ace went even deeper and he found out that this Forrest was called Black Boar woods because of high population of Boars. He was walking in the dark but because of night vision in his armor, he was able to see everything as clearly as day. He spotted five boars eating a tiger near a lack! Boars were eating a tiger!? what about food chain!? He felt that this world was just as he imagined it to be as he was now prepared to accept any kind of reality.

" Alice scan those boars "

[ Master their body contains that strange energy in higher concentration than the atmosphere, I can't scan them]

" Oh?, well fine. let's start "

he lifted his hand as the 3D printer on his hand buzzed with life and it sent out various kind of lasers as he inserted a block of tungsten into it and a sword was made from the meterial which was pale yellow color and was shining with silver hue in moonlight. He looked at the strongest boar which few inches bigger then the rest of the boars and started running towerds it.

[ Initiating Juggernaut prime mode]

Suddenly tiny hatches opened all over his exo suit and nano bots came out of it which were arranged on his whole body with the help of 3D printer and he now looked like a huge mechanical giant with armor. The armor was Gray in color and gave off a beast like feeling which made hair on the body boars to stand as they all became alert and took formation to charge at him any time

" they are more intelligent ...this will be fun " Ace stood there and he was exited to have this kid of fight! he didn't have to fight at all on his home planet as he was always light-years away from any kind of dangers but now he was finally able to let off all the steam he had accumulated while staying in that comfortable environment.

[ Master, would you like to perform some Martial arts? You look so heroic ]

" Yes sure, give me some sword moves and don't insert them directly in my mind, I want to learn by my self. I want to enjoy the feeling of learning "

Suddenly on his screen there was a guide animation in blur which showed where to move his body and how to swing his sword. By now all the boars were charging towerds him in which the biggest boar was fastest as it was already in front of him while it jumped with intention to directly Pearce him in stomach with it's Sharp teeth, To Ace's horror he saw a visible smirk on this boar's face which was indication of it's higher intelligence.