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 Ace who was hiding behind the tree was shocked. First, the explosive was really strong! there was such a huge shockwave just because the berserk fire type Spritual force was was released all at once! Second, there were web like cracks in the mountains because of which the whole mountain collapsed like a house of cards.

Ace peeked at what was remaining of the cave entrance as he saw that there was a lot of dust in the air.

* Rustle, crackles *

suddenly a huge truck like lizard lifted it's head from between all the collapsed rocks.

It was severely injured and there was blood on it's mouth, eyes and ears.

" Alice Annalise the lizard's condition. Can I defeat it? "

His body released a Golden glow for a second as Alice swiftly replied.

[ Because of the shockwave from the blast, it's internal organs are injured. Several bone fractures. Two skull fractures. One rib fracture. Several spine fractures. Unable to move. Currently using the special innate Ability. ]

Ace also noticed this as the color of lizard's skin transformed into rock like color. It completely melded with the environment and if one didn't look carefully, they won't be able to spot this beast the size of a truck.

[ Possibility of defeating is 57% if you use the Recurve Flux and shoot it from a distance. If you can find out it's other ability then I can calculate more perfectly and come up with a better plan ]

Ace decided to try the idea first as he soon took out Recurved Flux from his badge and aimed at the eyes of the lizard.

* Swoosh! *

Two Arrows travelled really fast and hit lizard directly in it's eyes.

* Click! *

Unfortunately the defensive skill of the Stone Basilisk lizard was really strong and their skin would become like a rock once the skill was activated.

Ace wasn't disappointed as he had another plan but first he had to force this beast to release it's other ability.

Apprentice level beats would have two abilities.

" Stone Basilisk's first ability was defensive type so other must be offensive type for sure."

Ace thought in his mind as he pressed on the side of his forehead. There was faint click sound as the mask made of ocean Cobalt covered his head fully.

This time he had made some changes in the mask. He found out that at higher level of Cultivation, the Spritual force that can travel from his meridians at a time was limited. If he wanted to use large amount of spritual force at once and release stronger beam of laser from Photon Disintegrator, he would have to change the way he inserted his energy into the device.

He thus designed a helmet which would fully cover his face once activated and there would be a single red lens in the center of the face of the mask. With this design he would just have to guide Spritual force into his head and all of it would be absorbed by the mask.

He soon had a Black mask with blue tint on his face as he walked in front of the lizard step by step.

Lizard was looking around for the person who fired the arrow but it couldn't move so it decided to stay put but as soon as it saw Ace, it let out a slow hisss sound.

Ace smirked as he concentrated his energy in his head. Soon the energy was absorbed by the mask and all of the energy was then projected towerds the Lizard like a red hot beam of magma.

Stone Basilisk could sense the huge amount of energy coming towerds it's way but the speed of laser was too fast! It was almost near speed of light!

Soon with a chiiiiiii sound the skin of stone Basilisk was burned like a piece of paper. There was smell of barbecue meat in the air as Ace continue the attack for 5 seconds.

There was a huge black burned mark on lizard's belly but it was still alive! Suddenly it roared like a dinosaur and opened it's mouth. There was a yellow ball of spritual force which was shot towerds where Ace was standing. Ace was able to determine the trajectory of the yellow ball and dodged in time. He jumped few meters to the side so that the ball of yellow light would pass by him.

Unexpectedly the ball stopped in the mid air as it exploded and soon ground was split open as huge spear like shards of stone protruded out of the Earth. Ace noticed this and a chill went down his spine. He was five meters away from the center of the explosion but a shard from the ground still hit his leg and there was a bloody scratch on it.

Ace retreated few steps more as he looked at the lizard. He wasn't worried but happy as he smirked. This was because Alice had soon told him the possibility of winning. [99%]

He out away his recurved Flux bow into his badge and took out a Black coloured Gauntlet.

This was the same Gauntlet he used back when killing Xiong Kong. In close combat, if he used this gauntlet then his strength with three fold fist then he would be able to produce triple the power. Three fold fist already made his power Amplify by three times and now this gauntlet would use counter balance weights to produce two more echoes of his fist, it wasn't like he can stack the power on single point but it would be like hitting on the Same spot three times with three fold fist.

Ace jumped on a rock nearby as he soon circuled around the Stone Basilisk lizard. Smirked as he rubbed his gauntlet.

" I wonder if you can survive my punch hehe " He Slowly crept closer to the lizard where it's leg and ribs were injured. It wasn't able to even swing it's head in that direction much less spit a yellow ball of energy.

This was why Alice said that the winning percentage was 99%. Ace looked at the left shoulder of the lizard as he pulled back his fist like a bow. His muscles contacted like bowstring ready to fire as soon he launched the punch at full strength. There were three waves of energy with his original fist strength as the gauntlet hit lizard directly on it's shoulder.

* Crack! Roar! *

The part which he hit was directly caved in and the stone skin there broke like a piece of glass. There were soon two echoes from the Gauntlet which sounded like a jackhammer beaking a stone.

* Thud! Crack! Thud! Crack! *

With each echo, the shoulder bones of lizard were completely broken. There were spider web like cracks on it's bone.

Ace then jumped on it's back and walked to it's head. The lizard was in so much pain as it looked at Ace with hatred. Ace looked back as he smiled and then again punched the head of the lizard with his full strength.

Keep in mind that the punching strength of a Mortal level rank 9 and an apprentice level rank 6 would have huge difference. In case of spritual beasts, their body would be stronger than a rank 6 Cultivator in apprentice stage. so even a rank 6 Apprentice stage had to put in some effort when trying to hurt the beast of the same rank.

* Boom! Crack! Crack! Crack! *

Ace was only able to crack the skin and break the bones of the lizard because it was already injured and wasn't able to activate it's ability of stone skin to it's fullest extent. It was in so much pain that it wasn't even able to focus on the defense.

Soon Ace hit both of it's eyes and fragile eyes directly bursted under the pressure. Ace wasn't able to kill it even though he kept hitting it's head for half an hour. It simply died from bleeding. At last he used his Photon Disintegrator and slowly tore open it's skin to take out it's Spritual crystal which was of earth rank. It was a common beast and Ace would be able to sell it for hefty sum.

[ Master, we should take one of the body of bandit back for analysis. This time if there were two rank 1 Apprentice level fighters and there were even undead bandits which weren't mentioned in the description. ]

" You are right, I would've almost died if those bandits come after me and attack me without regard for their life. "

He found a random bandits body and since the bandit was long dead, he took out everything from his storage badge and put the body inside it. He put everything in his old bag and went back towerds the two small blood lakes to collect remaining blood mist lotuses.