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 Ace was walking along the path shown in map as he soon reached a lake. There was mention of this lake in the map which started that this lake was called Blood lake and there were many lakes like these in the purple mist Forrest. Actually the poison corroded the water inside the lake and the color changed into red when mixed with water because of which it got it's name.

There was a mention that there lived there different Apprentice level rank 8 Monsters near the path which led straight to the bandit headquarters so Ace had no choice but to take detour around the lake. Ace had done a complete analysis of the strength level of various ranks and he was sure that if had the plasma gun, he would be able to kill those beasts but with only the Photon Disintegrator, he won't be able to harm those monsters.

Ace knew his resources were limited and he won't waste his time on killing those beasts as doing that would only get him little bit more wealth. This wasn't cost efficient as would exchange precious energy of Oblivion reactor for some beast cores. He might consider killing them if they were fire attribute but unfortunately the apprentice level beasts were of paralyzing poison attribute.

He was cautiously moving along the edge of the lake and there was introduction of strange fish type beasts which lived in blood lake. They were called silver tongue fish. This fish was immune to the paralyzing poison and it had developed in such a way that it's meat had trace amount of mild paralyzing type Spritual force.

This Spritual force was only paralyzing type and it wasn't poisonous so this fish was a higher level delicacy. Cultivators would eat the fish with wine and when you eat the meat, it would creat a strange tase which would paralyze your tongue for short amount of time.

The taste was actually good and many big restaurants which served cultivators would even issue missions to hunt these fish occasionally. Each fish was actually worth 30 silver and some fish in bigger lakes would reach Mortal rank and develop a paralyzing attribute Spritual crystal. This was beneficial to the poison attribute Cultivators which can refine the Spritual force of paralysis and give their poison an additional ability.

Ace was also thinking about hunting some to taste later but he dropped the idea because he suddenly saw a Red flower which looked like a lotus in the lake water.

This was Blood mist Lotus and Ace had accepted the mission which required him to collect 20 of these flowers. 20 flowers were worth 30 Gold and they were used to strengthen the blood. It was only effective for Normal people and it would help them breakthrough to the mortal level or even cure some wounds pretty fast for normal people.

Ace hid behind tree which had yellow bark. There would be some Apprentice level monsters which would occasionally come to eat those flowers and the the grass growing around the lake. When they were injured, they can consume the grass or flowers to increase their healing speed.

Normally any human would rarely enter this kind of place and hurt those beasts so Apprentice level beast would hardly need them. Ace still decided to be cautious as carefully counted the flowers.

[ Scan complete, 126 Normal fish, 25 Mortal rank fish in the lake. There are three mortal level monsters approximately 60 meters away and they aren't aware of our presence. There are 13 of Blood mist Lotus in this lake ]

Ace nodded as he was satisfied by Alice's scanning ability. If he had to depend on himself for scanning the area, he would be constantly distracted and won't be able to focus on task at hand. There was technology which allowed humans to do everything an AI can do but rich people were always lazy and would always have super strong AI for assistance.

Ace was no exception as he also needed AI even though he was a super genius. He soon formed a plan in his head about how to retrieve those flowers. There was special job for this kind of work which was called herbalist in this world. They would have all the different kind of techniques and methods to safely preserve the herbs found in nature.

Many higher level herbs and natural treasures required special method to harvest them.

Fortunately Blood mist Lotus wasn't a high level herb and Ace was directly able to take them with him. They would stay preserved in his storage badge.

Ace soon took out the dagger which he bought from Meng He and tied a rope around the handle of the dagger. He then took out some scrap metal and with a buzz, his 3D printer transformed the metal scrap into a small iron net which a thin string attached to it. He installed the folded net to the dagger and wrapped the string which was attached to the net around the rope which was attached to the dagger.

Ace soon stood at the edge of the lake and just like the holographic image shown in his vision by Alice, he threw the dagger which passed by just above the lotus. When dagger was about to go further, Ace pulled the string and net suddenly opened wide, it captured the blood lotus.


Dagger which was stopped mid air because of the pull from Ace, soon fell into water because of gravity and Ace started pulling the net which had Lotus in it towerds him.

He used this method because he didn't want to go inside the lake which was red and looked like blood.

Soon Ace collected 13 of those blood mist Lotus and successfully avoided the strong monsters around the area. there were still small lotus there but he didn't take them with him as they weren't mature enough yet.

He soon walked towerds the path that led straight to the bandit headquarters.

" There are two more lakes on the way and both of them are small, I won't be able to get many but I hope I can complete 20. " Ace thought as he followed the map.

He didn't believe in the map 100% so He still instructed Alice to scan the area everything 10 seconds. After all Alice used his own spritual force to transmit that radiation which was thanks to his light attribute. Right now being at Rank 9 Mortal level, he was able to observe approximately less then 100 m area around him.

If he scanned every ten seconds then he would be able to keep up the scan in the day for as long as he wanted because his Spritual force would regenerate at the rate of consumption. In night, he would be able to last for close to five to six hours.

This technique was completely derived by him and it can be considered his self created Cultivation technique.

* Crack! *

Suddenly there came a panicked voice of Alice.

[ A huge beast detected approximately 80 meters away, it's 4m in height and 8 meters in length, the shape is like a Lizard. Most likely Stone Basilisk lizard. ]

[ Scanning complete, It's strength is at Rank 6 Apprentice level ]