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 Ace had little more than 54 gold coins which he wasn't planning on spending right now.

First thing he did after getting out of the Thunder Storm society headquarters was that he observed the copper badge carefully. This little thing was worth 100 Gold coins. It was as valuable as a rank 1 Apprentice level beast's Spritual crystal of ordinary rarity.

He was grateful to fang clan as he won't be able to pay for it for the time being but he would make sure to return those 100 Gold coins as soon as he finished this mission.

Ace soon started thinking up a plan to wipe out this bandit hideout. The herb gathering mission was also in the same area and it had good rewards because of herbs being in such a dangerous area.

He was provided with a map which showed the location of the bandit headquarters. The bandit gang was called Black hawks and they ruled the Purple Mist Forrest. It got it's name from a faint purple color mist always being in the atmosphere around this Forrest which was actually actually a Variant of poison attribute Spritual power which was named poison ivy mist. All the monsters were poison attribute which was considered above average attribute.

This variant was a type of paralyzing poison. This of course didn't made Ace worry as the amount of mist in the air was low enough that it can only affect normal people. It won't have any effect on a Cultivator because they can expel the Spritual force invading their body.

Purple Mist Forrest was located at South of the Mizo town and Black boar Forrest was on East side. There were few more cities on North West side which were on par with Mizo town and after three cities there was a town called Nanjing which was capital of wulin state. It was a massive town with more than a million people living there.

Ace decided to head towerds purple mist Forrest. He bought a black horse which was pretty obidiant and healthy, it cost him one 50 silver and it was worth the price. He soon reached the outer perimeter of the Purple mist Forrest.

[ All of the trees are poisonous, grass is poisonous too. Master don't let the horse walk on grass, it will make it weak and the poison would paralyze it in minutes. ]

Ace knew that normal horses can't endure the poison in the poison mist Forrest as he spent a poison repelling charm which would continuously make a forcefield of spritual force around the body of the user which would stop the poisonous Spritual force from invading their body. Ace didn't need it but he still bought it in 1 gold coin for his horse.

He was good at horse riding and soon went deep inside the Forrest. There were bushes of purple color which clearly indicated that they were poisonous. Mist wasn't that thick at first but soon it got so thick that everything looked like it was painted in purple.

There were cases when in his own universe, Humans encountered similar situations where whole planet was poisoned and there was no way to save the planet. In this kind of situation, humans would simply send unmanned drones from outer space and then drones would establish the necessary facilities first.

Some planets were so harsh that there was even acidic fume in the air and whole lakes were made of acid. Humans were only able to use some stronger non reactive plastics and this kind of planets would be used as chemical harvesting zone.

Ace was aware of many Hazardous places and this Forrest was even heaven campared to them.


Far away in from Ace's position, there was a huge cave in which there was a strange barrier. Three people were constantly maintaining this barrier to keep the purple mist out of the cave.

This cave was the hideout of the Silver Fang Bandit gang. The leader of this gang was a person names Wu Chang. He was Spirit Mortal rank 9 and his two brothers which were both vice gang leaders of the gang. One was Wu An and other was Wu Meng. Three brothers were once part of Fang Clan but they betrayed the clan and fled to this Forrest.

Fang clan was furious as not only they betrayed the Fang clan by stealing the Cultivation technique, They also stole a secret scroll containing important information. Unfortunately, anyone above the Mortal rank would attract the attention of a Master level Spritual beast which was living inside the Forrest.

They this decided to make it into a mission for younger generation and issued it in fang clan and also at the Thunderstorm society.

Right now Wu Meng and Wu an were sleeping and Wu Chang was practicing his sword art. He was focused on sword at and had even cultiveted a sword type martial arts skill.

The name silver fang was takes from the technique all of the bandits cultiveted which was called Storm of the silver sword.

Those three were wind attribute and the technique which they stole was also about utilizing wind attribute into sword attack. This helped them breakthrough to their current Cultivation level.

* Boom!! *

As Wu Chang was Cultivating, there was a loud sound that made him frown. He quickly ran out of his cave as he looked towerds the cave entrance. The barrier was destroyed and there was a person standing there who was covered in black rags from head to toe.

This person had res bloodshot eyes but he was strangely sane. He was looking straight at Wu Chang with an evil smile which scared Wu Chang to his soul. He was feeling a strange pressure which made his body unable to move.

The person suddenly lifted his head and opened his mouth. Suddenly huge amount of black smoke poured out his mouth but it wasn't smoke, it was black Spritual force.

" He is using a martial arts technique!? Death attribute!? You are from Unde....aaahk!!? "

Before Wu Chang can even finish his sentence, he was covered in thick black smoke. There was no way for him to repel this smoke as it was same as purple mist, unfortunately unlike purple mist which wasn't controlled by anyone, this black Spritual force was like a well organized army as it didn't even give any chance for Wu Chang's own spritual force to fight back.

Wu Chang's body was soon taken over by the black smoke as his eyes were now pitch black. All over his body there were strange black clots of blood and the most surprising thing was his strength. He was only Mortal level Rank 9 but now he was Rank 1 Spritual Apprentice.

The strange person which was covered in rags all over let out an evil smile as he waved his hands. All of the people who were transformed like Wu Chang followed this person inside the cave.

There come a sinister sound from inside the cave " Hahahaha! Finally I have more than 100 undead! I can try to break through now "