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 Ace left Fang clan after bidding his farewell to both Fang sisters. He really like his residence at fang clan but he knew he can't be freeloader in fang clan for extended amount of time.

Fang clan only allowed him to stay because he had saved Wen Hui and Fairy Dai indirectly.

Ace was heading towerds The branch headquarters of the Thunder Storm society. It was also located in inner are of the city and because of detailed information provided in the guide which was given to him by fang clan, he was soon able to find it through the winding pathways and numerous different buildings.

On his way he saw many shops in which there were quite a few buildings which attracted his attention. On his way he saw huge seven story building which had all the different kind of fragrance of herbs around it which covered almost 50 meters area. This was alchemist association headquarters of Mizo town.

He also saw a Building which had three floor and it covered almost 300 meter square area in inner town.

"For someone to own such a huge building with such a large area, the owner of the building must be really powerful." Ace thought to himself. The building was actually an inn and hotel combined and he even heard that it was the only inn or restaurant in the inner city.

The influence and background of the owner of this place can be imagined.

Ace soon stood in front of a majestic building which which had five floor. He knew from the guide that the first floor was for copper level missions, second floor was for silver level and third for gold. They didn't have any star missions in this ruler place and in face, only one or two gold rank missions appeared every month.

There wasn't introduction about forth and fifth floor as only those who reached master rank would know about that. Apprentice and mortal rank experts weren't allowed on Gold level floor.

Ace directly went inside and handed the recommendation later written by Fang clan's Fang Jie. Receptionist which was a beautiful girl who was 18 years old took the later. When she saw that it was from fang clan, she directly handed it to Vice Hall Master. All the recommended laters would go through the Hall Master or Vice Hall Master.

Every headquarters of Thunder Storm society would have a Hall Master and Two vice hall Master which would be responsible for daily management of the headquarters.

Fang Guanyu was one of the vice Hall Masters of the Thunderstorm society and because he was from Fang clan, he had specifically instructed the receptionist to find him in case there was any recommendations.

" Hmm, not bad. This kid is a good seed and he even attracted the eyes of both Fairy sisters. Haha this kind of person joining my Branch would give my Branch much contribution. Okey I approve this Cultivator and go arrange things for him. His Cultivation seems to be at level 9 so upgrade his badge and give him eligibility for up to 1st rank Copper mission. "

Receptionist nodded as soon she came back and explained few things to Ace. " Mister Tiancai, as per the rules of our Thunder Storm society there are only three basic rules you have to follow. First one is that you won't create troubles when in any headquarters of Thunder Storm society.

Second rule is that you can ask for refund or change of rewards if the mission difficulty is higher than expected and in that case, The Society would give you extra rewards as compansation. On the other hand if you've requested for increase in reward or refund and after society's investigation it turns out that your claim was invalid then you will have to pay double the amount of deposit.

Third rule is simple. Don't accept the missions which are out of your capability. Although we won't prohibit you but many people have lost their lives while taking risks.

We won't restrict your actions nor we would force you to do anything. We would provide protection and stop anyone from creating trouble as long as you are within the Thunder Storm society headquarters.

Once you get out of this place, your life and death won't be related to thunder Storm society so we suggest you to find a good place to save your reward and make less enemies. Here is your badge which is upgraded to copper grade rank 1. This means you can accept any mission in copper floor.

When you reach Apprentice level in your Cultivation, silver floor would be available for you and you can take silver grade rank 3 to rank 1 missions as I've already told you that you can take higher rank missions on your own risk.

You can insert your Spritual force in the badge and it would allow us to keep track of your condition. If you happen to die on a mission, we would know from the badge "

Ace frowned as he looked at the receptionist. Of course he knew about all the rules and regulations from guide but there was no mention of the badge.

" You mean you can spy on me through this badge? "

" No, it's not like that. We can only know if you are dead or alive. This badge is also a dimensional storage which would normally cost you 100 gold coins but because of recommendation later, you are given a copper grade rank 1 level badge storage for free. it has 1 square meter of space inside. "

Ace's expression suddenly changed as he looked at badge like he was looking at most valuable treasure! This was a dimensional storage item!! He knew that there were Interspatial rings but actually getting a dimensional storage item still made him excited. This was like a child found a new toy to play with! If hise can study this and develop his space cannon then he would make even bigger breakthrough in the field of Spatial physics.

He soon found out to this disappointment that this thing was designed and produced by an inspection User. He was disappointed because there were no real laws of physics here, just because of some fundamental shapes and cravings, the Spritual force would flow in certain pattern in this badge and that was the reason why this badge had this kind of internal space.

Inscription users and Formation users were rare but they weren't extinct. He would surely meet them one day and learn about the technique from them in the future.

" Can you tell me which inscription user made this badge? I would like to meet them "

" All of the badges are from Misty Pavilion so even Hall Master don't know who made them. "

Ace was disappointed because of this reason as knew that he won't be able to solve the mystery of the spatial storage in short amount of time.

What he needed right now was strength and for strength he would need resources first. For resources he would need a lot of money and contribution points.

" It's Time to grind for money and contribution points Alice "

Ace rubbed his hands as he excitedly looked at the huge wooden wall on the copper floor which had at least a thousand mission notices. There were three such walls which were for 3rd rank, 2nd rank and 1sr rank Copper grade missions.

Ace directly went towerds 1st rank board as he looked at hundreds of mission notices.

[ Master, I've scanned the wall and analyzed the data. ]

There were three notices which were highlighted in his vision by Alice. Ace soon saw that they were relatively easy to do and mostly any rank 7 Spirite Mortal would be able to do them.

One of them was Herb gathering mission which required 30 silver as deposit.

Another mission required him to hunt Iron boars and bring back their Spritual crystals which he could complete right away as he had seven crystals left. Mission required five such Crystals. It required 1 Gold as deposit because difficulty of killing boars was higher than gathering herbs after all.

Last mission was to wipe out a bandit gang from a nearby Forrest which was named Thorns Forrest. it was like Amazon forrest and there were many swamps there.

Ace decided to finish the boar mission first, this was because he already had the Spritual crystals with him and mission clearly stated that it would reward the Cultivator with equivalent amount of money in return for the crystals.

Ace directly took the notice for all three missions as he went back to reception.

He handed the notes for the missions to the girl.

" Mister Tiancai your total deposit for three missions is 11 Gold and 30 silver "

Ace directly took out the Spritual crystals as he put them on the table.

" I already have the Spritual crystals of the boars. There are two seventh rank, two eighth rank and one rank nine Crystal. " Ace put away too other rank 9 crystals that he had.

The girl on the reception was a little surprised at this as it wasn't even five minutes since she introduced the basic procedure to him. Did he looked through all the missions and found this one in just five minutes? but there are hundreds of missions and even if he already had the meterials, he would at least take some time to look through the mission board.

" Okey, as per reward chart in the mission description, you will get total of 64 Gold coins. "

The chart for the price to rank ratio of the spiritual crystal was as follows.

Rank 1 - 10 silver

Rank 2 - 20 silver

Rank 3 - 40 silver

Rank 4 - 80 silver

Rank 5 - 1 G 60 S

Rank 6 - 3 G 20 S

Rank 7 - 6 G 40 S

Rank 8 - 12 G 80 S

Rank 9 - 25 G 60 S

This arrangement of price to rank ratio doubled the price with each increase in rank. Most Cultivators found it fair and this price was accepted for all the different kind of spritual crystals.

When there is an exception like if there is a rare Spritual beast that is more troublesome to hunt or is too rare, the base price for rank one would be changed and other prices would be adjusted accordingly.

Ace paid the deposit of 10 Gold and 30 Silvers as he had already completed the mission for boars and he didn't need to pay deposit for it.