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 Ace was given a special room in the huge courtyard house. it was a guest room and whole house had many guests of fang clan. There were some old man who were blacksmiths and there was even a little boy who was surprisingly an Alchemist! He was only 14 years old but he was already Spirit Mortal level 2 and a Beginner level Alchemist.

Just like Blacksmiths, alchemists were also divided into ranks which were mortal level, Apprentice level and so on.

There were four subdivision in each level for example in mortal level there were beginner, Intermediate, Advance and peak level. One's level in alchemy or blacksmithing had nothing to do with one's Cultivation. there were still some limitations as no matter how big of a genius you are, you won't be able to become Master level or grandmaster level Blacksmith without sufficient strength.

Ace wanted to rest as he directly went into his room. He did wanted to learn many things from those people but how would it look like if master of a star sector, Sector Lord Ace trouper asking around for information from bunch of old men?

Ace rested and cultiveted naturally in the light of sun, light around him was concentrated and suddenly he got a wild idea!

Fresnel lens! Why didn't I think of it before!?

" I need sand, I can't make a good enough fresnel lens without good sand. Right there is a river nearby. "

Ace left the Fang clan as he notified the guards. He told them he would be back at night.

Ace directly went towerds the river shore and collected many samples of sand. His 3D printer came alive and started working on the sand to convert it into glass, at the same time multicolored beams started molding the glass into the shape of Fresnel lens.

He found out that yellow sand was best for the lens and it had less impurities. Satisfied with the sand, he made a huge Fresnel lens from the sand, it was round and was divided into eight parts, it was a round lens and he was even able to fold it and stack it over the single part. It's radius was 1 m and Ace directly put the lens over his head.

Suddenly all the heat from sun was concentrated on his head and his head felt like it was about to boil. He quickly adjusted the lens and the beam now concentrated on his chest.

His cloths were instantly burned but he didn't even feel a thing on his skin, instead he felt warm and cozy. His body was rapidly absorbing the heat and light from the lens as he started Cultivating on the spot.

It was on the shore of the river and as it was fang clan's property, no one came to disturb him there. There were birds chirping and fish swimming in the river.

It was peaceful atmosphere in which after just two hours of Cultivation, there came a wave of heat from Ace's body. He broke through to the Rank 9 Spirite mortal!

This speed of Cultivation was because of the lens which concentrated huge amount of heat on his body and light which helped him Cultivate both fire and light attribute Spritual force from atmosphere. His speed was faster than normal from the start and the Fresnel lens provided enough energy to his body which led to this breakthrough.

[ Master, your Cultivation is unstable, your body is not adept to huge increase in strength. you need to absorb the new Spritual force which has entered your body through the Fresnel lens ]

Ace naturally knew this as he was able to feel the energy inside his body. it was like suddenly someone had burst many Spritual crystals and all the energy went inside him. It was still energy but he needs to convert all that energy into his own spritual force.

For next two days, he adjusted his Cultivation and did many different sets of techniques which were recorded inside his memory. there was a set of technique inside Fire God's fist which explained how to deal with a situation when there was suitable Cultivation environment available and how to increase speed of accumulation of the Spritual force inside his body.

In two days, he had converted almost half of the energy present in his body into his own Cultivation as his Cultivation as Rank 9 Spirite mortal was solidified.

He came out after third day as first thing he did was to change his cloths. He then took a good meal which was provided by fang clan.

Ace wasn't in rush to join Thunder Storm society as he had heard that in that society, only those that were above Apprentice level can join and after some inquiries he found out that the Thunder Storm society was secretly backed by Misty pavilion. It was a private power that was run by three dominant clans under Misty pavilion.

There would always be some formidable Cultivators who wouldn't want to join the Misty pavilion because of various reasons. They can work like hired Mercenaries in Thunder Storm society and earn resources. For Misty pavilion, it was same as recruiting those people because if they find someone with potential in the Thunder Storm society then they would directly invite him.

Of course the expert can decline and still stay as a part of the Society.

Ace liked the concept as he would be able to achieve his end goal which was to conquer Misty Pavilion but he was worried that if just joined the Misty Pavilion then he won't be strong enough to decline a certain old man who would see his potential and would want to take him in as a Student.

Ace didn't even acknowledge Tian Cui as his master even though she was an Emperor level expert. He had only inherited her martial arts which was same in Chinese point of view but for Ace it was just like Finding a treasure. After all you won't consider a pirate who left behind the treasure as your master just because the pirate was once strong.

Of course if Tian Cui was alive and if she taught him herself then maybe he would think about it.

Ace also found out from the introductory book provided by fang clan about Thunder storm society that there were different ranks of the missions and you can accept any mission as long as you had the deposit money.

Every mission was divided into three parts which were copper, silver and gold rank. Above them would be star missions which would start from one star and can go up as per the Mission difficulty.

In Copper, Silver and Gold levels there were three subdivisions which were called 3rd rank, 2nd rank and 1st rank in which 3rd being relatively easy and 1st being relatively difficult mission.

This system was corresponding to the Cultivation of the user for example if one was 1st rank Mortal level to the third rank mortal level then he or she can be eligible for 3 rank Copper grade missions. Of course Thunder Storm society won't stop Cultivators from taking higher rank missions but they allowed the Cultivators to do so on their own risk.

every three levels were assigned to one rank of the mission up to Spritual Master Realm where a rank 7 to rank 9 Spritual Master would be able to take on missions from 1st rank Gold grade missions.

For Grandmaster rank experts, there will be stars corresponding to their Cultivation levels.

Ace also found out that each and every mission would have different deposit and if one completed the mission then he would get reward, contribution points and his deposit back.

Contribution points were unique things which were sought after by Cultivators because they can be exchanged for special Cultivation rooms, Special alchemy pills and different resources of the Misty Pavilion which would only be available to the disciples of the sect.

This was also the reason why most cultivators completed missions even though they didn't need money as money won't buy them Cultivation resources or suitable Cultivation environment but contribution points can buy those things with ease.

There was also a system where one can pay some fees to the Thunder Storm society and issue missions. Ace liked this function as in future he can collect all kind of different metals without doing mindless hard work of searching for them.


Far away in an unknown Forrest a huge group of monsters were gathered and there were three Monsters which were sitting in triangle formation in the Forrest.

One of the monster had pitch black skin and had scales like dragons on it's body, it looked like a wolf but on it's forehead there was a third eye which was half open.

Another monster was a snake which was as thick as an adult's arm and was silver in color. Snake had a red Ruby like gem on it's forehead and looked like a royalty of snakes.

Third monster was an Ape which had four arms and it's fur was completely purple. On it's chest the fur was black and in shape of a skull. This made the ape look really demonic.

Three monsters were sitting in triangle formation and sending their Spritual force into a red crystal which was releasing a strange aura of bloodlust and rage.

There was a huge monster army which covered whole ground of the forest and stood there like a well trained army.

Far away, there was an old man who was wearing majestic white and black robe standing on a flying sword and was observing this. It seemed as if he was deep in thought as as he was mumbling something.

" Devil wolf, Snow snake prince and A Corrosion Ape. It seems this year's harvest would be decent. "