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 Ace had taken off his Photon Disintegrator mask and as soon as he out the liquid metal Ocean Cobalt in his hand, it suddenly became a glove that wrapped around his arm. Now he can fire the laser with his finger and don't have to wear it on his face all day long. although it would be difficult to aim but he can always put it on his eyes in the time of need.

He thought that he didn't look good with the eye patch theme. Of course he looked badass with it when he was out to kill but for normal situations, he didn't need to wear it all the time.

Ace followed green robed person and he soon reached a majestic gate, on this gate there was one word ' Fang ' written on it in Chinese language. He was able to feel the pressure that this word gave off on him.

[ Master, this word contains many tiny markings inside it in which the Spritual force flows in a certain way so that it would develop a suppressing aura ]

" But what are those carvings? how can they produce this kind of phenomenon? "

[ This is probably inscription user's work ]

" Hmm, right "

Ace was taken into a winding pathways and there were many gardens and fake mountains with small lakes and ponds near beautiful buildings. it looked like it was best place for old people to retire. Of course those old people would be powerful and wealthy old people.

Green robed person stopped in front of a Chinese style building which was only two story. Many trees were giving gentle shade to the building and there was a small well nearby.

Ace found the place really peaceful.

" What is this place? " He couldn't help but ask.

" This building is miss Fang Dai's personal Cultivation house. Every genius of the family has one such house in which they can Cultivate in peace. You go inside as I have other matters to deal with "

Ace nodded as he opened the wooden doors and went inside. He saw many small trees of different color flowers in the courtyard of the house. There were birds chirping and a lady was sitting under the biggest tree which had strange blue flowers.

Ace squinted his eyes as he looked carefully and he was able to see some blue wisps of energy like blue smoke coming out of those blue flowers and all the smoke then was absorbed by the girl sitting under the tree.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Ace. " How can I help you? " she was older then Fang Dai and was even more beautiful campared to her. She was wearing a blue Martial artist robes. The robe was unfortunately unable to hide her beauty as her Rosy cheek with beautiful eyes clearly put her in one of the most beautiful girls Ace had seen.

Ace bowed and didn't look at her again. After all what kind of person was Ace? He was so rich that he could've had a whole planet full of beautiful females like her! He of course didn't like the idea as from birth he was raised with upbringing and as a noble himself, he was taught Good etiquette. He knew it was rude to stare at beautiful girls, unfortunately he was still young and wasn't exposed to this part of life much as he couldn't help but feel a little nervous " I was invited here by miss Fang Dai "

" Dai, there is a guest for you " The girl spoke in gentle voice again as another girl came out of the house. she was also beautiful and when both of them stood together, they complimented each other. The scene looked like a painting.

" Big sister, this is the warrior I told you about. The one with the tamed monster. "

" Oh I see, Hello warrior. My name is Fang Jie and I am Dai's elder sister. I will test you and if you can pass then you can join the faction under me. "

[ Trouper Star Sector Lord working under her as a hired thug!? who does she think she is!? ]

Ace was startled as he never saw Alice so agitated. Maybe Alice was jealous?

[ I am not jealous! She is clearly disrespectful to my master and that is why I was angry at her ]

Ace chuckled as he looked at both sisters " What kind of test? " He knew that if he showed his Cultivation then he would be directly accepted into the clan much less joining a faction under a family member.

" You have to destroy this barrier " Fang Jie said as she waved her hand and a barrier naturally formed in front of her. This wasn't the most shocking thing for Ace but he was shocked because of her Cultivation.

Apprentice level expert! This was first Apprentice level Expert he had met after coming to this world.

Barrier was a blue coloured and because Ace didn't come in contact with Apprentice level person before, he couldn't identity the strength of the barrier. He couldn't even tell what stage she was at in apprentice level.

One thing he was sure about was that this barrier was formed by a martial skill.

Ace smirked as he looked at the barrier. Who said I don't have a martial skill? Here we go!

" Haaaah! " Ace shouted as his whole fist looked as if it was on fire, it was shining fiery red as he rushed at barrier at full speed.

" Sevenfold Fist! Third fold! " He was able to cultivate up to five folds of the seven fold fist but there were also different ranks for one's mastery of the skill. They are basic understanding, Foundation, Fusion and Harmony.

basic understanding level means you can execute the technique, Foundation means you can execute the technique perfectly accordingly and without any mistakes every single time. Fusion means you can use the technique without thinking and it would fuse with your body and become a Natural action for you. At last Harmony meant that you understand essence of the technique and can bring out 200% or even more power from the technique. Rebirth was a mysterious Realm after Harmony and there was only one sentence about it in the Sevenfold Fist Manual.

" Technique would Go through Rebirth and would have unlimited potential "

For Ace, as long as he followed the holographic image in his mind set up by Alice, he would be able to breakthrough to the foundation stage very easyly. This way he was able to execute up to five levels but sixth and seventh levels required certain flow of spritual force which he wasn't able to maintain while following so he had only basic understanding of those stages.

Ace only deployed first three folds because he was able to reach fusion level on those stages. This was because when hunting boars in the Forrest, whenever he found a weaker boar, he would use the Sevenfold fist on them. Because of this he was able to reach fusion stage as now he didn't just produce Different four waves of attacks with one punch but his one punch contained four times the power.

This means that he was able to release all the four waves of power at the same time.

His fist which was covered in white fire collided with the barrier and it easyly shattered the barrier.

This of course surprised both Fang sisters not because Ace was able to break the barrier, it would be broken as long as one was decent Cultivator but they were shocked because of Ace's Cultivation.

Level eight Spirite mortal!

Fang Dai just met Ace two months ago and in two months he was able to become level 8 Spirit Mortal!? What kind of monstrous Cultivation speed was this?

What they didn't know was that Ace didn't even cultivate for a month, his Oblivion reactor was detached from his armor and he was planning to use the strength to break through multiple levels when he is in a pinch in the future.

If Ace used the Oblivion reactor then he would be even faster!

Fang Jie looked at Ace as she took out a Jade slip. " Here, write your name on it and I'll accept you directly into my clan. "

Ace looked at her and smiled " I don't want to join your clan, I am just going to stay as a guest for some day. I will soon go and give Blacksmith Association exam for mortal weapon Smith. I Shen Tiancai would focus all my attention on becoming a Weaponsmith. "

Fairy Dai and Fang Jie were both shocked. he is so talented and he is also planning to become a blacksmith?

Fang clan was a powerful clan and as long as Ace was from Longshan Provence, they would be able to handle any enemy of his.

Ace knew this but he still didn't want to lose his freedom by joining a power.

" Mister Tiancai, if you don't want to join the clan then you can still become a Member of Thunder Storm society. It's a society run by my fang clan and any warrior can join it. you can do missions in there and earn contribution points as well as money. you can also get many resoueces for Cultivation if your rank is high enough. "

" Your freedom won't be restricted and you will get resources, but you won't receive Fang clan's protection. Consider this as Payback for the favor you did to fang clan by Saving my little sister. Only a Master rank member of my fang clan can recommend you to the Thunder Storm society But I am special and I can give you my recommendation letter"

Ace thought over it carefully as he liked the idea. There were no restrictions and he can earn much more money if he completed the missions. He decided to join this mysterious Thunder Storm society. His goal was to join the third rate sect first before coming to Misty Pavilion but now he decided to develop himself first.

if Ace joined the Misty pavilion as he was now, he won't even have enough capital to survive much less conquer the whole sect.