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 Ace looked around the shop and he saw various weapons in Mo He's shop.

Most of them were Melee Weapons and some were good quality ranged Weapons like bows and crossbows, he even saw a disk like boomerang type Weapon and another slingshot type Weapon.

There were two Melee Weapons which attracted him the most in which one was a huge mace and other was a silver colored sword which was as thin as cicada's wings.

He inquired about the weapons and found out that the sword was called Wind butterfly and it was actually only Mortal level weapon Mo He had.

Ace wasn't interested in Weapons as he can make hundred or thousands of time stronger weapons with his 3D printer, what he wanted to know about was different types of meterials like metals and various chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

" Can you tell me where I can get this information? I need them urgently " Ace sure was able to make many super powerful machines and weapons which can destroy planets and even whole galaxies but to make them from only one metal was impossible. A single machine might have ten to hundred different kind of metals and alloys in it's body and it's Electronic circuit would demand even more complex alloys.

He can't always use his old metals which he got from Juggernaut prime to manufacture things as sooner or later he would run out of his stock of metals. He would have to learn about metals of this world as soon as possible.

" Well if you need basics then I can sell you a copy of my own book for one gold. If you want even more detailed explanation then you can go to blacksmith association in inner city and purchase The book called Basic Metal encyclopedia. that'll cost you 10 gold. "

" that's so costly! well I really need them, how can I earn money here? " Ace looked at the Weapons on the rack as he got an idea to manufacture weapons.

" Mister you can give blacksmith association exam and if you pass then they will give you the book for free " Little Hai looked at Ace as Mo he nodded his head at Ace " If you pass in apprentice blacksmith exam then they will give you intermediate metal encyclopedia and Advance Blacksmith guide. "

Ace looked at Mo he as he thought deeply on the thing " Can you explain more about this blacksmith association? "

" Sure, there are three levels of test you can give in Mizo town, Mortal level test, Apprentice level test, and Master level test. Anything above you would have to go to the state level Blacksmith Association "

Mo he was mostly alone In his workshop so getting a new friend to talk to in a while was good. Ace even bought a plain looking dagger from his shop so he decided to explain a few things to Ace.

" In Mortal level test, you have to manufacture a Mortal level weapon. if you are successful then they will give you basic metal encyclopedia and an intermediate level Blacksmith guide so you can learn about Apprentice level Blacksmith skills. "

" All the other tests are same and the level rewards scales with level of exam. "

Ace got general understanding of the Test from it as he though about giving it a try later. Today he needed to scout Fang clan first and find Fang Dai. He also found out that basic blacksmith guide sold for 10 gold and you can buy it even if you were a normal person, if you become a mortal Blacksmith then you would be able to read it for free in the blacksmith association.

" Friend, you didn't tell your name. "

" My name is Shen Tiancai, Thank you for the information brother He "

Ace left the shops and inspected the dagger he bought from the shop. This was a mortal level dagger but due to it's size, it's price was cheap and he was able to exchanged it with some boar skins and boar tusks. He had few of those in his bag and all of them sold for 1 Gold coin and 35 silver. He was able to buy the dagger for 1 gold and 20 silver. He also had some Spritual crystal but the price would fluctuate for Spritual crystal of beasts, for example s fire type beast's Spritual crystal would be important to a fire attribute martial artist but a water attribute person won't buy if even if you sold it for cheap price.

the reason he bought the dagger was to understand different between a normal Weapon and a mortal Weapon. He carefully scanned the Weapon but he wasn't able to find anything new.

[ Master, the dagger is made of A special alloy material and there is some Spritual force inside it. This Spritual force can make dagger stronger than ordinary daggers. If you hurt a Mortal level Cultivator with this dagger, it would be able to cut their though bodies. ]

" I see, so a normal Weapon unless crazy strong or sharp, won't be able to cut through a body with Spritual force. This means only a weapon which can threaten a mortal level Cultivator can be called a Mortal level Weapon but it should also be able to cut Spritual force flowing through the Cultivator's body"

He found out from Mo He that there were some kind of Stones which contained Spritual energy in them in pure form and they can be absorbed by any attribute martial artist. Spirite stones were thus used as higher level currency above gold.

So for few hundred fire attribute Spritual crystals he got from boar's body in the Forrest would only be sold if he can get better connections. This was one of the reasons he decided to find Fang clan.

After inquiring about fang clan from Mo He Ace found out that Whole Fang clan was situated in the east part of the Mizo town inner city and their houses were scattered near the river. Fang clan owned many shops and fishing and hunting business in Mizo town and it was a branch of the Main Fang clan which was a major power in Wulin state. Reason for this was that the Head of the Fang clan was a Magistrate of one of three Provence.

His authority was huge and he was once a part of Misty pavilion. He was old core disciple who was able to step into master rank and become a Magistrate of the Longshan Provence.

In Longshan Provence there were many state in which Wulin state had several towns under it's control. Mizo town was just one of the town and this really shocked Ace to the core! If only a single Fang family was so powerful by only governing over a single Provence then what about the third rate sect Misty Pavilion? The third rate sect Governed over three such Provence! this was only third rate sect!?

Then what about second rate sect? what about first rate sect? what about hose super first rate sects and super sects!?

Ace finally understood how insignificant and powerless he was in this new world. He still didn't lose his arrogance! So what if you govern more land? My family alone had it's own star sector! A star sector is not just bunch of stars, it's a huge group of galaxies! around the cloud of stars, there will be many galaxies scattered around and there will be thousands and millions of planets in a star sector! there were only 7 star sectors in which two were impossible for humanity to conquer and out of remaining five, his family owned one! This meant He alone owned one fifth of humanity's territory!

Ace was really proud of his family but he was more proud on the work of his father and grandfather. They were both weapon specialist. Don't mistaken The weapon specialist with the guys who play with guns. No, his father and grandfather were specialist in the weapons of mass Destruction! No one in this new world would be able to stop him!

He was determined to develop even more scary weapons. There were tales of someone being at Demigod and god level so his ultimate goal right now was to develop a weapon that can kill a God!

Ace payed the fees and he was finally allowed into inner area. He looked at guards and was shocked to find that each and every guard was at least rank 1 or rank 2 Martial Mortal.

This was because you can not achieve Rank 1 Spirit Mortal if you didn't have a manual but you can reach up to rank 3 if you just trained your body everyday.

it wasn't much surprising that all the people at the gate were Martial mortals.

Ace quickly got into line of people who wanted to enter the Inner Town. Soon it was his turn as he noticed that there was a strange blue ball in hands of a guard and everyone was putting their hands on it.

[ Master, this is a security check, they are checking if there is any hidden Cultivators in the line ]

Ace frowned as he looked at the blue crystal ball. He already joined the line and if he got out now, it would be weird, they would surely be suspicious.

[ Master, you can just admit that you are a Cultivator and are new in this part of the town ]

" Yes lets try "

After a while it was Ace's turn and he looked at the guard, Guard swiftly told him to put his hands on the globe.

" This brother here, you don't have to bother. I am a Cultivator. Actually I am new here in Mizo town and Fang clan miss named Fang Dai knows me. "

The guard was stunned.

" Are you talking about fairy Dai? Where did you meet her? " Suddenly a middle aged man wearing green robes spoke from side. he was looking at Ace and he was even sitting with Other guard and chatting with them before.

" Indeed, she is called Fairy Dai and I met her in Black boar Forrest "

" What was she wearing at that time and what happened? "

" She was wearing yellow cloths and Wen Hui was attached by Bandits in which his son betrayed Wen Hui, Fairy Dai and other were saved by me and that is why she invited me "

As soon as Ace said this, all the people started discussing with each other. Fairy Dai and Wen Hui were famous people of Mizo town and they were even like celebrities.

" Okey, I confirm your identity. Follow me, mistress didn't even know your name back then but she knew that you would look for her so she asked me to stay here and look for you. "