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 There was a river which was named Red carp river as it had many species of fish in it and all the towns on the shore of this river benefitted from it. There was a bustling town near this River which was called Mizo town.

It was Ace's first time seeing such a town as it was much different than what he imagined it to be. He thought that this town would also have small houses and wooden buildings but instead this whole town was made of bricks and woods.

There were no small houses, instead there were many tall buildings which had three to four floors. He even saw a seven story building in the town.

Ace was wearing normal cloths of a villager and all of his equipments were in his bag. He didn't have a spatial storage space called Interspatial ring but he did knew it existed from his memory. He didn't get one from Tian cui because experts of their level won't need an Interspatial ring.

Ace was still wearing the Photon Disintegrator and now he had made some modifications to it with the help of blue metal that he got from the sword of Xiong hu. The metal was good conductor of spritual force and it was even stronger.

There was an alloy called liquid metal in which by special process, metal would be able to change shape and take any form user wanted it to.

In huge Spaceships, there will be liquid metal display which would perfectly show battlefield in 3D. Ace got an idea from this and tried the same method on the blue metal.

Method to make liquid metal was simple and any metal can be changed into liquid metal, there was a downside to this as metal won't be as strong as it was before.

He just had to change it's molecular structure with his 3D printer and to his surprise, he was able to change the blue coloured metal into Liquid metal. He found out from a former miner in the village that blue metal was called Ocean Cobalt.

It was valuable material which can be used to make weapons stronger than iron.

When he transformed liquid metal Ocean Cobalt, he changed all of the iron from Photon Disintegrator with this new metal.

When he test his Photon Disintegrator again, it released a beam of red light which had blue tint to it, liquid metal Ocean Cobalt had enhanced the laser and now he would be able to precisely control intensity and heat of the laser.

He also added a disguise function in which the whole liquid metal would cover his face and change shape of his face. He would look like a different person but Photon Disintegrator would still be there.

Ace was disguised as a teenage boy of 16 years of age and no one would suspect him because his height was short campared to natives of this town. boys of his age would be 3 to 4 inches taller than him at the age of 20.

Ace was only in outer city where most of the farmers and traders who didn't want to pay money to enter the town stayed.

He was surprised as if only outer area had three to four story building, then what about inner are? that would be even more awesome.

Ace decided to go to the inner area because he found out that the Fang clan he was looking for had their headquarters into inner area of the city.

There were five major powers in the city which were Misty pavilion, Blacksmith Association, Alchemy Association, Fang clan and Dragon palace.

Misty pavilion was master of this town as the Magistrate of the city was from Misty pavilion and as this city was under Misty pavilion, they were strongest power here.

After that were Both association which didn't take part in power struggle but they were still comparable to the Magistrate of the Town. Every town would have a Magistrate which would rule over the town and Several different villages around it. He would have chief of police who would be in charge of helping Magistrate to establish the law and power in a region.

Above Magistrate was governor who would be in charge of several such towns and the area under his rule would be called a state.

Several such States would make one Province which would be governed by a Minister. There were three such Provence under Misty pavilion.

This was somewhat similar to Ancient China but there was no emperor.

Ace decided to find out more as he sit down in a restaurant near the gate to the inner city. The restaurant was a high class one campared to other restaurants and even cheapest dish here started with silver Coins.

He knew ranking system of the various sect's where there will be outer disciples, inner disciples and core disciples. After that would be Teachers and elders.

some of the sects had special titles for few of it's strongest elder for example peak masters.

Above that would be vice sect leaders and sect leaders. There were also ancestors who were even stronger than sect leader which were generally former sect leader and were strongest force in a particular sect.

From the information he got at the village, he knew that once an outer disciple became an apprentice level expert, he would normally get a good position in local police who would work to reduce crime rate in the area.

Some would give Official Exams and become higher rank officials like Magistrates. Any inner disciple, when retires can become a teacher at the sect or become a governor of a state.

Only a core disciple can become an elder or A Minister in the Provence. Of course they would have to pass an Administrator Exam.

Exams were of three levels which were for Magistrate level, Governor level and Minister level.

Ace knew this much but he didn't know what kind of strength the current Magistrate had. He was also shocked when he first heard about how much strength Misty pavilion had! they Governed so much area that there would be at least a billion people under their rule!

Ace had 1256 copper coins which he exchanged for 12 silver coins and 56 copper coins and this money was given to him by villagers for food. He also got 30 silver coins from Tei wu as payment for upgrading her weapon.

He thus now had 42 silver coins and 56 copper coins. He ate some food for 7 silver coins in the high end restaurant so now he only had 35 silver and 56 copper remaining. Surprisingly, the cost of living in a high end inn was cheaper than the high end food.

He only had to pay 6 silver coins which would let him stay in a huge room with a bed and all kind of good furniture for a month. This high end inn even had complimentary food. Although it wasn't as good as restaurant's but he would be able to eat better food if he was willing to pay.

Ace booked the restaurant for a month and. was left with 29 silvers. He heard that the cost to enter inner area was 20 silver and Normal people won't be allowed to bring weapons. he was a Cultivator so he didn't have such restrictions as power was still the most important thing in this world.

Ace decided to visit inner city the next day but today he was going to visit different shops in outer area and see if could find anything useful.

He was taking a stroll through market in which all the kind of different herbs and fruits we're being sold. Ace was surprised to see so many different plants and vegetables.

He walked through the area but nothing caught his eyes.

Ace was even about to be robbed by a thug when he caught the snake like hand from the crowd before it can reach his bag. He gently twisted the hand as a scream like a pig was heard and the poor guy ran away as fast as he came.

Ace changed his mask again and disappeared before anyone can even notice what happened.

The thing that attracted his attention the most was a small blacksmith shop which was two story tall.

Ace went inside and saw a muscular bearded man heating a sword in the furnace. A little girl of six to Seven years of age came out and looked at Ace with big round eyes " Big brother, what do you want to buy? my father makes perfect Weapons! you will like them "

Ace smiled as he went inside " I am just here to take a look "

Bearded man smiled as he looked at Ace " sure, go ahead. Hai show the weapons to him please "

" Okey, come with me big brother "

Little girl was Mo Hai and her father was called Mo He. He was a normal Blacksmith who made normal weapons for ordinary people.

Ace was surprised to find out that he still earned quite a bit even though he only made ordinary weapons.

" I would like to see crossbows and bows, also some throwing weapons " Ace wanted to see ranged Weapons because they at least had some mechanics, the cold weapons didn't even have any extra feature and he considered them boring.

Mo Hai Pointed at a shelf in the corner on which there were various bows and crossbows were arranged neatly.

" Big brother, many hunters from nearby village perchase bows and crossbows from my father's shop, he is famous around the Mizo town and if you can provide meterials, he can also make Mortal level weapons! "