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 Ace stayed in Huiju village for a month as he collected all kind of information from village and he also hunted some of the fire attribute boars so that he can cultivate. this made his speed in Fire God's Fury to be a little faster than normal. There were Nine stages to Fire God's fury in which when you cultivate to ninth level, you will become God. The first level was called Mortal fire in which within the body, there will be special place near the chest which would hold the Fire energy.

The first step was so miraculous that it allowed user to have fire attribute. Attributes weren't something you can Cultivation as you like, Each and every single person's body would be different and would have affinity to different kind of attributes. There were few attributes which were common like Fire, earth, water, wind, metal and lots of variants of the same attribute. For example when someone has ice attribute, it's still in water category but a bit stronger than the original attribute.

There were also weaker variants like for Earth there was an attribute which was called Sand and the user won't be able to user most of the Earth attribute martial arts.

This of course made finding Variant attribute Spritual beasts much harder to find as like humans, attribute variants in beasts would be rare too so people like this either cultiveted by staying in suitable environment or by absorbing Spritual force from the same attribute. For example when ice attribute user can't find ice attribute beasts then he or she can hunt water attribute beats and would still be able to cultivate the Spritual force in it but the speed would be slower then when they cultivate with ice attribute Spritual crystal.

Normally you can absorb any attribute Spritual crystal in your body even if your attribute wasn't compatible with the attribute of the crystal but doing this had many risks as if you take in fire attribute Spritual force and your own attribute was water then you will be in big trouble. water and fire cannot exist with each other and you would feel a backlash in your cultivation or even if you were able to absorb it, your body would take long time to convert it in your own spritual force.

there are some attributes which are stronger than the common attributes. these attributes were light, darkness, nature, Yin, yang etc. there were also many variants in rare attributes and if one appears in a person than he would be called genius.

There were also some attributes which were called trash attributes. this was because when a person has one of the attributes like Thunder, time, space or Fate then there would be no way to cultivate for the person as Heven blessed them with super rare attributes but their Cultivation speed would be too slow. This was because they won't be able to find suitable Spritual crystal at all and even if they manage to find a beats with related attribute, they won't be able to hunt it! the super rare attribute Spritual beasts would also be super rare and super strong!

People like Ace who had one of the common attributes, one of the rare attributes, and one of the super rare attributes would be a monster! A monster among monsters! This was because there was a rare chance that a person would have two attributes in every 100,000 people! Even if a person had two of the common attributes, he would still be called a genius as having two attributes means you have wider variety of spritual crystals you can absorb energy from. For example if you had Fire and earth as your attribute, then you can cultivate with fire attribute crystal and refine it's energy in your body. once you breakthrough, the Spritual force in your body would be like fuel without any attribute and you can convert it in fire attribute Spritual force for fire attribute martial arts and Earth attribute Spritual force for earth attribute martial arts

For Ace this meant that even if he only cultiveted Fire attribute energy, he can still use Light and Lightning attributes at their full power. Ace was curious about all this as he only had superficial knowledge about this attribute thing. His thirst for knowledge was ignited as he wanted to rush to Mizo town right away after he got this information. He only stopped and didn't go because his identity wasn't confirmed yet and Fang clan knows about him. If he directly rushed there then he would have no power to control his fate and once his attributes were revealed to the public then don't even mention those third rate sects, those super first rate sects and super sects would go to war with each other for him!

He was truly scared that his fate might not be in his hand of he went to Mizo town without preparation so he decided to cultivate bitterly for a month to gain enough strength.


* Swoosh!! Swoosh!! Swoosh!! *

In blood red display, the cross aimed at a huge Red Boar as Ace pressed the button on his crossbow and in just two seconds, his magazine which contained 15 arrows was empty. All of the arrows were Aimed at eyes of the Boar and as boar didn't have time to dodge, it closed it's eyes. it's skin was Tough as it wasn't called Red Iron Boar for nothing and normal arrows won't be able to hurt it much.

Ace smirked as he had seen so many boars get overconfident just because his arrow looked normal. In fact, this arrow wasn't Normal at all! It was made from normal wood but the tip was made by cutting a hard rock with laser! It was Photon Disintegrator which was used to manufacture this thing. Ace would always concentrate his Spritual force near his eyes and as if his eyes were natural laser beams, they would release light. This light wasn't normal but was mixed with fire attribute Spritual force and as it passes through various lens inside the Photon Disintegrator, light would be concentrated into half millimeter thick beam.

Arrows which were aimed at the eyes and mouth of the boar didn't disappoint as the boar was instantly became a hedgehog! it's eyes, mouth and nose were all bleeding. Ace fired a laser from his eyes and split the belly of Boar in two from which he took out a pebble sized Red Crystal. This was a rank 8 Mortal level boar but it was still killed by his crossbow which shows the power of this Recurve Flux!

" Finally, Alice put the crossbow on sentry mode, I'll cultivate on the spot " He ordered as he sit down and took out seven Other crystals of the same size from his bag. There was special technique to make absorbing speed faster then normal by using appreciate number of Crystals for a level, he would be able to increase his Cultivation speed like a rocket!

He had Eight of those crystals now which were all from rank 8 boars! if anyone see him cultivating like this, they would gasp in shock because this was extravagant! Normally people would be extremely happy if they can have even one Crystal worth them for Cultivation but this guy was using eight altogether!

Ace put all of the crystals in different places on his body, two in both hands, two on shoulders, two on his lap near his stomach and two on his head. There was no special way to do this as the Fire God's Technique didn't state to do this. he was Cultivating like this because he found out that if he just keeps the crystal in his hands then most of the power would go inside his hands and then spread to his whole body through his meridians. This way the traffic in his meridians of his hands would be too much and Speed would be slow, he then tried different ways and found out that absorbing energy from different parts of the body would reduce pressure on his meridians and it would also help speed up the process.

Those old man probably just didn't do it because it looked a little stupid?

[ Master, if they do it like this then they would have to pay attention to eight different places at the same time which you can do because of your huge brain but they cannot do it ]

" Oh, I see, let's break through then, I am dying to visit the Mizo town. "

He said as he started circulation of energy which he absorbed from Crystals and all the energy started circulating from different passageways in his meridians. Slowly, in the process the red energy was refined by him and it was then absorbed by his brain, bones , muscles, meridians and blood. He was able to feel all the energy which felt like his body was full from eating.

* ktcha! *

Something broke in his body as his cells which were unable to absorb any more Spritual force, now started absorbing the energy super fast! All the Spritual crystals which were constantly providing energy became white powder!

" Spirit Mortal level 8. Not bad, it's a huge increase in strength and I feel like I have enough energy which can be campared to eight times the 7th level Spirit Mortal. "

The advantage of the Internal Cultivation in mortal level was stamina, when your Cultivation was at higher levels of Spirite mortal, you can fight for longer periods of time. This also applied to speed and strength as you force out more power with each and every punch infused with Spritual force.

Ace was now ready to go to Mizo town as he had got information about it from village. Village Chief told him that only in the Misty pavilion, you can find apprentice level people. Various families of the Mizo town might have one or two people in Apprentice level and he can be considered Strong fighter even in Mizo town if he cultiveted up to level 8.

Village chief almost collapsed when he saw Ace attaining level eight Mortal Realm in just a month. Keep in mind that Tei Wu also hunted Spritual beasts to cultivate and was already at level 3 Martial mortal. Although Internal Cultivation was easier but it wasn't faster, both had same principals in which External Cultivation technique would use Spritual force to permanently strengthen the body where Internal Cultivation techniques would use spiritual force to store it in body and let user use it in times of need.

Tei wu broke through three levels in one month by relying on Spritual crystals. Ace broke through Seven levels in a month with pure slaughter! He also wanted to cultivate External Cultivation Technique named Rebirth through Flames but it required Apprentice level strength so he just focused on Fire God's fury.

Unfortunately, the technique was really hard and it can't be rushed or else the foundation won't be strong so in the issue of comprehension of the technique, he can only take it slowly. When a Flame size of a fist was ignited in his chest area, the first level would be considered successfully completed but right now it was pure white flame only size of nail of his pinky finger floating gently near his heart in center of Ace's chest.